Calorie sunflower seeds: how many calories are contained in 100 grams of fried product

Fans of the diet have probably heard about the diet on seeds. It is quite popular because you can eat tasty and healthy product and not spend money on expensive delicacies for weight loss. Very often, the nutritionists are the people who are trying to lose weight and eat a little, but the weight virtually remains in place.

Most of them in the daily diet, use nuts and seeds without thinking about calories. It turns out that such a popular product, such as sunflower seeds, can become a serious obstacle on the path to weight reduction.

Useful properties of sunflower

Thanks to Columbus the Europeans learned about the sunflower. It has long been cultivated by the Indians and was called the «sun flower». The local population in food it is not used, and only used as a dye for tattoos. The Europeans at first, only admiring the beautiful flowers. Years later they were able to evaluate the taste of the fruit of the sunflower, and since then loved by many.

Nutritive value of sunflower seeds sunflower can be compared with meat and eggs. Unlike these products the sunflower seeds are better absorbed by the body. Only 100 grams of sunflower seeds the body is able to absorb a full day. The kernel of sunflower seed valued for its high content:

  • fats;
  • proteins;
  • amino acids;
  • vitamins E,C, A, b, D.

If you compare the sunflower kernels for vitamin D with cod liver, they are much more valuable. Of magnesium they contain 6 times more than in rye black bread. Only 50-60 grams of product can satisfy the body’s daily requirement of unsaturated fatty acids.

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It is believed that by using raw sunflower seeds you can speed up the healing of soft tissue injuries. They can also help restore damaged bone and strengthen the body during convalescence after infectious diseases. Contained in the nuclei of vitamins improve skin condition and normalize the acid-alkaline balance.

Sunflower seeds are a great preventive measure for the problem of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, biliary tract and liver. They improve the appetite, the healthy amino acids.

Sunflower seeds: calories

Most of you know that sunflower kernels are a very useful and tasty product. Despite these properties, the seeds can not be called a diet because they are high in calories. For this reason, sunflower kernels not suitable for those who want to lose weight. The content of vegetable protein seeds are superior:

  • meat;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • milk and other protein products.

According to nutritionists, per day it is advisable to eat a maximum of 30-40 grams of seeds, then they will be able to properly absorbed by the body. If you eat more of this rule, the excess will accumulate in the body as fat.

Fans of the sunflower seeds definitely need to know how many calories are in roasted seeds. In 100 g of product caloric value is 565, 92 kcal. Depending on the origin of the original product’s nutritional value and caloric content can vary from below:

  • proteins 23,68 g — 35%;
  • fats 49,45 C — 67%;
  • carbohydrates — 6, 25 g — 2%.

Kernel sunflower seeds belong to the group of high-calorie foods. It is believed that they calories are in 2 times more than in cereals. The difference in the caloric content of seeds will depend on the form in which to use them. In the raw material — 601 kcal, and fried a little lower — 578 kcal.

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Judging by such indicators systematic use of seeds in any form are unlikely to succeed to lose weight. A high calorie product will sooner or later lead to extra pounds.

The benefits and harms of sunflower

Sunflower kernels contain large amounts of vegetable fats and fat-soluble vitamins. All fatty acids promote the excretion of cholesterol from the body, slow the aging process. As a prophylactic, they must be included in your diet in small amounts, but knowing all measure.

They contain a lot of magnesium, which is also important for maintaining health. The process of clicking seeds always calms the nervous system, therefore, helps to relax after a hard day.

The harmfulness of the product is excessive amount of absorption. Often a delicious nucleoli can so captivate that he consumed much more acceptable norms.

Caloric product, you can compare: 1/2 Cup of kernels with a bar of chocolate and 1 full Cup of pork or 2 loaves of bread.

Nucleoli may irritate the mucous membrane of the throat, which is very dangerous when the inflammation. For fear of damage to the vocal cords, many people refuse to use them.

If sunflower kernels to use carelessly, it’s easy to damage the enamel on the teeth. The best way to clean their hands and then eat it.

Large amounts of potassium can damage the kidneys and nervous system if you eat large amounts of product daily.

Nutritionists recommend eating the seeds, combined with fruits and vegetables. You can prepare salads and add to the dish’s core, then they will definitely benefit the body. Such meals in the diet will contribute to weight loss and health improvement.

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