Calorific value of natural honey: how many calories in 1 teaspoon in 100 grams of product

We all know that natural products are the most useful for health. They contain many useful substances that can give the body strength and energy. Such natural products include honey. Most of us know about its many useful properties.

Many fans of this sticky and sweet product care about the calorie content of honey. Let us look at this question and find out: how many calories in 100 grams of bee product?

Ancient delicacy and its beneficial properties

This product people learned to use since ancient times. He saved many ailments and diseases, was used as a delicacy. Honey was always appreciated for the wonderful aroma, the incomparable taste and useful properties. It has a high caloric content, so the abuse of honey can lead to excess weight.

Sweet tooth should know that the product of beekeeping to 60% consists of the following components:

  • glucose;
  • sucrose;
  • sugars;
  • fructose.

It also contains nitrogenous substances, consisting of protein and non-protein compounds. They get into the product from the body of bees and pollen. In its composition there are also a number of vitamins, lipids, mineral, aromatic and coloring substances. Caloric content of honey depends on its grade. It is believed that in the dark the sorts of more calories and carbohydrates as well.

The product has a bactericidal action due to the content phytoncids. It enhances the metabolism in the body, improves tissue regeneration. Honey has a tonic, anti-inflammatory, resolving the action. With proper use, the product improves the functioning of many important organs. It can be used to improve sleep, the nervous system, strengthen the immune system.

There are also honey product of artificial origin, which has healing properties. It is produced on the basis of sugar.

Varieties of natural product

Any honey is produced by hard worker-bees from flower nectar. It is divided into several varieties, has a different color and consistency.

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Floral — it refers to dietary varieties. Most often used acacia honey. The color is the lightest of all varieties is light Golden color. Bees it is produced with white or yellow flowers. It isn’t a strong flavor, not bitterness. For consistency it is liquid and transparent, these properties are the variety keeps for a long time. It is easily digested, contains few calories, so it is recommended for dietary and children’s menu.

Buckwheat has a rich aroma and a viscous reddish-brown consistency. Has a low calorie content. This sort of quick sugar forming large crystals. Its uniqueness lies in high content of protein and minerals. It has a large iron content, so the buckwheat variety is recommended to drink with anemia.

Lime is considered the highest quality grade. It has a sticky texture and lighter color, and sweet taste with a touch of light bitterness. He has an incomparable flavor. Pollen from acacia trees, which the bees collect, has a strong expectorant, antibacterial and antimicrobial action. This bee product has a good effect on the heart, has a slight laxative effect. It is often used in cosmetics.

How many calories in a teaspoon of honey?

Nutritionists recommend the use of honey in many diets. Natural product improves the intestinal flora, accelerates the metabolism in the body. It supplies the body with nutrients, yields of biologically active substances. 100 grams of raw product contains 314 calories:

  • protein — 0,8 g;
  • fat — 0 g;
  • carbohydrates — 80,3 gr.

The percentage of PFC will be as follows:

  • proteins — 1,7%;
  • fat — 0%;
  • carbohydrates is 32.6%.

High calorific value gives a high content of carbohydrates in natural food.

The ratio of proteins and carbohydrates affects the content of fructose and glucose. For example, the bright varieties of calorie is 280 kcal, lime and floral. In the dark varieties, the calorific value is higher, 320 kcal. This is due to the high content of glucose. Among the dark refers to buckwheat and Heather variety.

In a teaspoon holds 8 grams of a viscous substance. If you take the light beer, the teaspoon, the average is 22 calories. Dark varieties of product have a greater calorific value, so 1 teaspoon of dark honey, the calorie will be 26 kcal.

Most of us like to drink tea with honey. Drink without it calorie not have, and honey, this indicator will look different. It will depend on the caloric content of viscous product.

Is it possible to lose weight with honey?

If you compare the sweetness of sugar with honey, that honey is much sweeter. This property does not prevent him from being a diet product when used correctly. Due to the high content of minerals, amino acids and vitamins in the bee product promotes weight loss. It is the only sweet product, which does not gain weight. It can be consumed in many diets.

In ancient India local healers recommend to use honey in obesity. It was used as a therapeutic product. There are many recipes of dietary dishes with the addition of sweet «amber». Most of the time with him drinking tea, especially helpful with green tea. This drink is effective with weight loss if it correctly to prepare and add honey in the hot and warm tea.