Can I lose weight in the pool: reviews, results and exercises to properly swim and lose weight

Many doctors recommend swimming for weight loss. Reviews and results of this method surprise a large number of people, as it is burned not only fat mass but also adds lean body mass. But for an effective fight against excess weight, you must follow one rule: spend more calories than you consume.

But only one change of diet can not do, the body requires at least some physical activity. One of the best options for physical activity is considered exercise in the water.

The benefits of swimming in the pool

This method is perfect for weight loss because of water stress have many positive properties:

  • Load all muscle groups. This happens due to the fact that the water creates resistance. If you compare swimming with classical training, the water in this case plays the role of weighting. Muscles are developing quickly, and create a beautiful relief of the body;
  • Struggle with bad mood and depression. Water exercise increases the production of hormone of happiness called andorin, it reduces the formation of cortisol (stress hormone);
  • Increases efficiency of blood vessels and heart. Exercises in the water increase the arrival of oxygen to cells and tissues of the body. Normalizes blood circulation, it helps cleaning the blood vessels;
  • The health of the joints. To swim in the pool can even people with hip problems who have back problems, and pregnant women. In this case, the physical exercises not only will not cause harm, but also improve joint health;
  • Operational control of weight loss. Water exercise is particularly useful for those who weight significantly more than the norm. Active swimming can help to get rid of 330-450 calories in just an hour.

You need to have for swimming in the pool?

If you decided to do swimming for weight loss, it is necessary to purchase special equipment. Namely:

  • Swimsuit. For active swimming, women need to find solid, comfortable and practical swimsuit. Men should choose trunks on the same principle, so they do not RUB and do not fall;
  • Points. The main criterion for the choice point is the tightness. They should not pass water. There is a way that will help you choose high-quality glasses. In the store they should be pressed to face (not using gum). If they are «stuck» and resist for a few seconds, they are suitable for you;
  • Slippers. They need to be able to get to the pool. The sole should be non-slip, otherwise you can get injured;
  • Cap. Here we have to consider that you are not Michael Phelps, and give away hundreds of euros on this attribute is not necessary. Suitable even for the budget option. Edge of hat trimmed in waves, necessary to fill the inside.

Rules for weight loss in the pool

To exercise, in fact, gave favour and were completely safe, it is necessary to observe some rules:

  • Before we get into the water, the trainer is recommended to do some stretching to warm up muscles. When losing weight already in the water, it is also not necessary to immediately begin a difficult exercise. First, you need about 5 minutes to warm up near the rim. Rhythm training is bound to slowly rise to the middle classes, and towards the end of fall;
  • If a person is just beginning to swim, then the lesson should last no more than 30 minutes. Gradually, the duration of the voyage is required to increase to hours;
  • The person in the water should be comfortable. Of course, the cool of the pool increases the cost of calories, but for beginners we recommend a temperature of 23-27 g. If the temperature is lower, it is necessary to intensively move to reduce the session length to engage only in shallow areas;
  • So swimming was actually given the desired result, it is necessary to train constantly, about 3 times a week;
  • To the classroom to engage all muscle groups, it is necessary to combine the different styles of swimming. They all have certain functions;
  • Swimming in the pool includes not only the use of different styles. There are whole complexes of water aerobics. If you add them to your exercise sessions will be more varied and effective;
  • After a swim you can feel the desire to eat. This, of course, does not help weight loss. At least an hour after swimming it is necessary to abstain from food.
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How is the training?

Trainers recommend to train in this way:

  • 25-35 seconds to swim with all his strength, about 80% of what people can wring out of yourself. And it is best to swim butterfly;
  • 20-35 seconds then swim slow-paced breaststroke. These stages make up the cycle of studies that cannot be changed if you chose 30 seconds to load and 20 seconds of rest, then so should continue.

The lesson must be repeated approximately 6-7 cycles. If already at the last cycle of forces is almost there, the load level is correct. But if a person gets tired a lot sooner then you need to reduce the load. It is possible to reduce 7 seconds active phase and increase in the resting phase. Or to do less training for a number of cycles. If on the 7th round there are still forces, it is necessary to increase the activity of exercise. Through time the body becomes accustomed to the load, because gradually need to reduce the rest (15 seconds). The maximum duration of the active phase – 40 sec. and the largest number of cycles – 15.

Styles of swimming for effective weight loss

For effective calorie burning, it is recommended to use the following swimming styles:

  • Brass. It is necessary to swim on his chest, making his arms and legs parallel to the water surface symmetrical movement. Quickly swim this style will not work, but technically it is very difficult to do;
  • Butterfly. You need to swim on the belly. Hands make volumetric stroke, the body when swimming in this style, falls and rises. The pelvis and legs need to move in waves. Butterfly is a rather complex style, but is characterized by a high speed;
  • Krol. It is necessary to swim on the stomach and in turn to produce the strokes of the left and right part of the body. Each hand must perform a sweeping movement, and in turn to lower and lift the legs. The person must be in the water, and only breath, to seem out. Front crawl is the fastest style.
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Description of exercises for problematic body areas

Sometimes, it is necessary not to lose weight evenly, but paying special attention to specific parts of the body. To cope with this task, it is necessary to perform special training. You need to perform 5 sets of 20-100 times. A symptom of the correct execution of exercises is the tension in that body part you worked.

Classes for pelvis and thighs

Legs apart. Feet should keep together, and hands to take in hand. Then it is necessary for the sides to spread his legs and at the same time to keep his hands back to original position and repeat. The number of executions to choose the subject of physical training;

Walking in the water. You need to stretch his hands and stretch all the muscles. In this position you need to move forward and to raise high the knees. To enhance the effect, you can just accelerate and walking to move hands;

The strokes. It is necessary to pull hands in front of him and stand in the water at the depth of the neck. The tips of the fingers take turns to get each leg. This exercise is recommended to do 15 reps.

Lessons for the press

You need to lie on your back and hold the sides of the hands. Execute exhale and pull your chest with your knees. Then inhale and lower legs. If it is difficult to simultaneously pull two legs, you can do it at a time.

«Ballerina» for good posture

You should straighten your back, suck in your stomach and stand in the water up to the neck. Then you need to bend your knee and hug from the bottom of his hand (with the back to keep level). In this position you have to bend over backwards and harm, and then change the knee and do the same.

The main error in pool for weight loss

Often it happens that people start randomly swim in the pool and expect that it will be able to help them lose weight, which is hardly possible. To ensure that everything goes as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • Before you exercise in the water is required warm-up on land;
  • Training duration 40 minutes indicates that the majority of this time (approximately 85%) is necessary to actively practice and not relax;
  • Water temperature must be in the range of 23-27 C.;
  • If active swimming long distances is easy, the effect is not give. It is advisable to do special exercises;
  • After class it is necessary to refrain from eating for one hour.
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Training in the pool allowed people only if you have help from a therapist and a dermatologist about the absence of certain diseases. While women may require a certificate from a gynecologist. Disease, which prohibited swimming in the pool:

  • Venereal disease;
  • Any skin diseases;
  • Malignancy;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Hypertension;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Heart disease.

Reviews about losing weight in the pool

Despite the large number of positive qualities, not all are convinced that will lose weight, only exercising in the pool. Some doctors suggest swimming only as an additional burden. Experts in the field of sports nutrition and give a number of arguments suggesting that it is unlikely to succeed in the pool to lose weight:

  • Classes in very warm water helps burn energy. Because when you exercise calories are burned, and after it – no;
  • Swimming creates a load on all muscle groups and after a workout in the pool, many people prefer not to move;
  • Immediately after class there is a great desire to eat, and this «snack» in the body receives more calories than went to training.

But, swimming for weight loss is the safest sport for those who suffer from fullness. Adhering to a special diet and swimming regularly for 30 minutes each day, you can lose up to 2 kg in 2 months. After class, you can just swim for yourself, in such a style that suits you best. Others will tell you a coach.

For six months lost 8 kg. Swim crawl and breaststroke. The cellulite was gone, and muscles are pumped. Especially visible result on the volume of the hips and waist.

Natasha Moscow

To lose weight, swimming in the pool, you can, but you have to work. I was doing water aerobics three times a week, and even went thus on fitness. You can lose weight very quickly.

Lena Odessa

Classes in the pool for weight loss meaningless without dieting. If you have everything, then weight is unlikely to go away, but the muscle will be loaded.

Marina Kiev