Cereal for weight loss «Nestle Fitness»: the composition and caloric content, pros and cons, the principle of operation and reviews

Almost everyone has seen the ads for cereal nestlé, which promises just two weeks to bring the body in shape. As promised by the manufacturers, subject to the special diet of cereal, waist and buttocks can be reduced to 2.5 cm, and the weight reduced by 3 kg in just 14 days. On the composition of cereals nestlé and the various reviews on these you can read in our article.

The composition and caloric content of the cereal for weight loss

Breakfast from nestlé consists of familiar components:

  • wheat;
  • rice;
  • barley-malt extract;
  • sugar;
  • molasses;
  • dyes;
  • antioxidants;
  • salts;
  • acidity regulators;
  • emulsifiers.

This composition contains a lot of nutrients:

  • fiber;
  • minerals;
  • vitamins;
  • little fat;
  • proteins.

In one portion of the fitness Breakfast is included 30 grams, which provide the body with approximately 120 kcal. It is prepared from cereals that are filled with water, yogurt, milk or kefir.

The effect of the flakes «Fitness»

As part of the Breakfast for weight loss includes wheat, it is absorbed slowly. Due to this, not appears, rumbling in the stomach, an hour later, hunger will not come before lunch.

Due to the presence of fiber cleans the body. But you can’t eat cereal dry. In this case, the saturation comes later, and one serving may not be enough, leading to overeating and dieting not yield results.

Breakfast «Fitness» endorsed by the Academy of medical Sciences. This means that the product is recommended for people who are really overweight. At normal body weight results from weight loss diet Breakfast Nestle likely will not.

Advantages and disadvantages of flakes «Fitness»

The advantages of such breakfasts for weight loss include:

  1. The process of weight loss will be delicious, because the cereals contain sugar. But the percentage is very small, so calorie Breakfast, not to worry.
  2. To prepare the cereal, they simply pour the yogurt or milk which make it very simple. The result is a quickly prepared nutritious and healthy Breakfast. Much better range of sandwiches and snacks in a hurry.
  3. 14 days allocated for weight loss, Breakfast of healthy porridge will become a habit.
  4. Wheat, a member of the Breakfast is digested more slowly than other cereals.
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By cons Nestle Fitness applies only price. 230 g of the product cost more than 150 rubles, which is approximately two times more than other Breakfast cereals.

How to lose weight with flakes «Fitness»?

To achieve results, the manufacturer recommends to use 8-9 tablespoons of cereal for Breakfast, pouring them skim milk. You can add a Cup of tea and any fruit.

To achieve the best effect during the day is recommended to eat right:

  1. For lunch you can eat soup, fish or meat as a main dish plus a vegetable salad.
  2. Afternoon snack should be easy. It may consist of yogurt and some fruit, tea with a slice of bread, yogurt or low fat cottage cheese.
  3. Not very nutritious and should be a dinner. The menu may include a portion of cereal with skim milk, yogurt, yogurt, vegetables with broth.

In addition to proper diet in order to lose weight, increase physical activity and exercise.

Flakes «Fitness»: the reviews

About the cereal ads I’ve seen for a long time. But then I talked with a friend and learned that she eats these with pleasure for a long time. I decided to try and I, but without the various additives in the form of chocolate balls and fruit. Poured cereal with milk and ate them in the morning and evening. Do not only delicious, but also useful. Most importantly, they really lose weight. This is due, probably, to the fact that they save you from hunger until dinner, and so do not need any snacks that are the enemy of harmony. In General, Nestle Fitness, I want to recommend to all, especially since they are sold in almost every supermarket.

Maria, Russia

Like any girl, I want to always look good, so carefully monitor their appearance. However, quick snacks that do not contribute. I decided to try the Breakfast flakes «Fitness», and were very happy with them. Began to work well digestion, improved mood. As part of the cereal includes wheat, their use is not the least bit affected by the weight. In addition, I really like the taste. If the diet to include more vegetables and fruits, due to the large amount of vitamins and minerals the charge of energy just provided. So in your opinion I want to advise all to eat for Breakfast Nestle Fitness.

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Katherine, Samara

After birth, it was necessary to pull the stomach, especially ahead of the summer. Tried to download the press, but with the kids so tired that no physical activity to do not just wanted. And for Breakfast, didn’t always know that this tasty to eat. I read the reviews about the flakes «Fitness» and decided to try them. The first time I bought whole wheat, so they stopped. With different additives do not buy.

This Breakfast is suitable for those who loves milk. I’m 30 grams of cereal poured 100 g of warmed milk and eat with pleasure. We get a small portion, which is quite full. Exercises are trying to do, but not always. And Nestle Fitness does its job. Belly began to catch up. Yes, and children between eating my crackers have a snack. I like them very much – tasty, fast, useful.

Marina, Moscow

Flakes from nestlé are my favorite among the variety of cereals that can be eaten with milk. They are very tasty and they are composed of grains that saturate the body for a long time. Of course, they contain and additives, but their number is insignificant.

In order to accurately lose weight, the diet must enter the Nestle Fitness, and the total amount of food to cut. It is not recommended to eat fatty and highly caloric foods. Pour low-fat milk is better, then the slimming effect will be better. I have these flakes resemble the taste of the waffle cone from the ice cream, which I ate in my childhood. If you need a little to sweeten, then I add a spoonful of raisins. The result of this Breakfast makes me happy. After the feeling of hunger does not occur for a long period of time, which stabilizes weight and promotes weight loss.

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Veronica, Russia

Girls! Do you really believe that Nestle Fitness useful and help you lose weight? This is ridiculous! I will not argue, they really are delicious and can cook them very quickly. But to lead with their help the body is in good shape not sure.

To lose weight and look good is possible only by following a rational diet, doing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. This is what helps really. And no cereals can’t contain the your body needs natural ingredients and vitamins. Tasty and good to eat cereal for Breakfast, cereals, fruit and vegetables. Be beautiful and healthy!

Julia, Russia

To use the flakes «Fitness» as a quick Breakfast, but the hope is that they will help to lose weight, don’t. Specified on the pack weight loss program is just a balanced nutrition program. With its help you can lose weight on any cereal and no. Moreover, there also suggest to combine this product with exercise. The only plus Nestle Fitness is the taste. I like cereal with melted milk. They remained crisp and didn’t become limp, eat immediately after pouring. It turns out that using flakes, you can get quick and tasty, but a little expensive Breakfast.

Sophia, Ukraine