Chocolate diet and its results: emaciated photos before and after, chocolate diet for 7 days and the reviews about it

Not all people can give up on candies and chocolate, even for a short period of time and even in order to lose weight. For such a sweet tooth and are so-called shock diet, which is based on exactly chocolate. In just a few days, you can lose weight by eating only sweets and coffee.

What is good about chocolate diet as people look at photos before and after weight loss when you can see the results and what they write in their reviews about it, that’s all you will learn below.

Key features of the chocolate diet

Of course, Choco diet is not provides that during each day of its observance you will eat chocolate in unlimited quantities. For one day, allowed only one tile.

Why chocolate promotes weight loss? Scientists from the U.S. came to the conclusion that if you consume this product every day within reasonable limits, decreasing the amount of fat in the body. And accelerates metabolism. The composition of chocolate include cacao beans, which contain flavonoids. In their effect they are like the antioxidants that help get rid of excess weight and also have a rejuvenating effect.

It is better to choose for weight loss bitter dark chocolate, it has more cocoa butter and powder. And white chocolate is such a useful and results in terms of weight loss will bring.

Any chocolate diet should follow the following principles:

  • chocolate replace one or all of the meals;
  • drink per day 300 ml milk (milk bring to a boil and combine with cocoa powder and sweetener);
  • if one of the meals involves the use of vegetable salad, fill it with something low fat;
  • to prevent dehydration, drink 2 litres of water a day.

How to lose 7 pounds in 7 days?

The reviews of this diet say that it brings pleasant results. And yet it is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Daily caloric content in the chocolate diet is about 580 kcal. Weight loss lasts for a week, noticeable results are visible after three days. During this time, you can get rid of 3-4 pounds. Rejection of salt also affects weight loss. During the week you can lose up to 7 kilogram. After the end of the limitations the result will not disappoint.

Daily diet consists only of chocolate and nothing more. The norm is 100 grams of chocolate, some tiles weigh less, please note this. You can eat the whole bar at once, but better to divide it into two or three parts.

We have said that slimming you cannot use white chocolate, it is also not advisable to take chocolate for diabetics on sugar substitutes, which are then stored as fat.

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Each reception portion of the chocolate you need to accompany a Cup of coffee without sugar allowed coffee with milk low fat. This requirement applies not only to the chocolate diet, but to others, which can show quick results of weight loss. Coffee can speed up metabolism from 1 to 4 per cent on the value, and it gives better results. However, in large quantities is not recommended to drink it.

Calorie and bdim chocolate

Simple milk chocolate is a high calorie product, its calorie content is 545 kcal per 100 grams of product. If the chocolate is clean and there are no additives, the calorie content will be slightly lower – 540 kcal, respectively. Chocolate diet it is advisable to practice on the bitter dark chocolate, but the caloric content, it will not be much different from the rest. Much more caloric chocolate with different additions such as nuts or raisins. Information always read the label of the product.

In terms of the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats different varieties of chocolate are not much different from each other. As a rule, bdim chocolate is:

  • 7 percent of proteins;
  • 36 percent of fats;
  • 55 percent carbohydrates.

This figure is very far from the accepted norms in mixed feed. When the chocolate diet, the body will be removed from regular diets, but on the other hand, all diets restrict calories and will always be a stress for the body.

What is and what is not when the chocolate diet

Known as the watermelon diet, the chocolate diet completely prohibits the consumption of sugar and salt. Also banned will be these foods and drinks:

  • juices, even natural;
  • carbonated water and other drinks, which, unlike plain water, so as to improve the appetite;
  • all vegetables and fruits;
  • alcohol in any form.

It is worth remembering that acceptance of any liquid (water or green tea) need to carry out at least 3 hours after chocolate and coffee. The amount of liquid per day should be at least 1.2 L. For rapid salt-free restrictions, this requirement is common.

So after three hours after a meal tea or you can drink the water in unlimited quantities.

Chocolate diet consists of arbitrary power mode, ideal for an active lifestyle.

Repeatedly carry out this practice, you need at least a month after the first. For the body it can deliver a strong blow, though some nutritionists say that the gap between the diets can be only 7 days.

Sample menu food

This diet is a seven-day observance, or a fasting day. Within seven days menu looks like this:

  • Breakfast – 30 grams of dark chocolate without additives, coffee;
  • lunch and dinner – similar.
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Menu handling of the day from the previous is no different, except that the body will suffer less damage, since lost at least 200 g of adipose tissue.

The positive side of the chocolate diet

The key advantage of this diet is the quick results in a short period of time. Only 7 days and you will see notable differences between what was before and what happened after the restrictions. For example, this technique can be a lifesaver before a trip or an important event.

Another positive side is the opportunity every day to feast on chocolate. Most diets, for example, rice provided a complete rejection of the sweet within seven days.

This product is a good stimulator of the brain activity, know that even the students. You will not only quickly get rid of extra pounds, but will be able to think and solve complex problems.

If you do not talk about dietary the diet, the chocolate is very good for colds and anaemia, and is still present in it antioxidants prevent aging.

Disadvantages chocolate diet

Despite the fact that this technique of weight loss has many benefits and positive reviews on the excellent results, it still has its drawbacks.

A key disadvantage of this diet is a large number of contraindications. Before you will plan to start it, be sure to consult with a nutritionist and dieting under the supervision of a doctor.

Another drawback is that this diet normalizes metabolism, promotes no diet ( you can eat at any time of the day), however, such disadvantages there are many other quick weight loss systems.

And a third important disadvantage of the chocolate diet is that there is a huge possibility of rollback without switching to the normal power mode. During the week your body will get used to the fact that the calories will be minimal, all this can cause the rapid weight gain after the diet.

To separate and highlight the lack of a balanced diet that should include an optimum amount of fats, carbohydrates, and fats, and also vitamins and minerals. But if the lack of minerals and vitamins can be replenished by the administration of specific drugs, in terms of the lack of all the necessary substances, then more and more seriously, it may be better to choose another diet for weight loss.

Contraindications to the chocolate diet

This diet is contraindicated in diseases:

  • diabetes (congenital or acquired);
  • allergic to chocolate;
  • liver disease;
  • stones in the gallbladder or ducts;
  • hypertension.

In the latter case, the prohibition applies not chocolate, and coffee, which is not recommended to drink with hypertension in large quantities.

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Reviews about diet

Despite these contradictions and deficiencies, the chocolate diet has a lot of fans who share reviews and photos how they look before and after a diet. Bring to your attention a few reviews.

I often play sports and have an athletic figure, but still have a tendency to be overweight. With the growth of 170 cm and I weigh 65 pounds and decided to lose some weight before the wedding at least 60 kg. I read the description many diets and chose chocolate. Its observance combined with Jogging in the morning. Week on the diet was not easy, we were pleased with the result – a minus of 4 kg. But there are spots on the face, and the skin became dirty. Consider the implications.

Olga, Samara

I decided to try the effect of this sweet diet. A few days was to eat nothing like it, but one night was so bad that it seemed that here-here will faint. Of course, I lost weight, but most diet practice will not, still an Amateur. Now I will practice the fruit and cheese diet.

Tatyana, Minsk

From time to time practice chocolate diet. I love it madly, but was not tried, as the only fasting day. After it dumped up to one kilogram. Weight fading away, like everything. One day I’ll try a little longer «sit» on the chocolate.

Elena, Moscow

Such a diet can very to please sweet lovers and those who lead an active lifestyle and do not have the ability to count calories and eat according to the clock. However, everything has its own characteristics, it is best to consult a doctor before to begin this diet.

The chocolate diet for 7 days