Chromium picolinate: impact of the drug on the body, instructions for use, reviews and price

Many people who want to lose weight, I would like to do it without much effort. A varied diet is very often cause a feeling of hunger, and to overcome it — always remains a challenge for most dieters. Not everyone can have the perseverance and persistence in achieving your goal. The idea is to eat something tasty to constantly spin in my head, but to break the diet can not be, otherwise all will be in vain. In this situation there is a way to take advantage of Badami. They will help to dull the feeling of hunger and overcome cravings for sweets.

Capsules chromium Picolinate

The drug was created to maintain chromium in the body. He refers to the dietary Supplement, used for weight loss. Judging by the numerous reviews, it can solve many problems and helps:

  • to blunt the feeling of hunger;
  • not experience the craving for sweets.

Picolinate capsules are well absorbed by the body, they are not toxic, therefore, have wide application for prevention:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • of diabetes;
  • disorders of carbohydrate metabolism;
  • obesity.

The preparation included the usual chrome and it is supplemented with auxiliary ingredients. BAD comes in the form of capsules or spray. The main component of the drug — chrome in combination with picolinic acid. This combination helps to lose weight easily absorbed by the body. Thanks to the chrome drug has useful properties, because it positively affects stereoformat insulin. The result after taking the capsules normalizes blood sugar and decreases cholesterol.

Of chromium picolinate after the research was recognized as a medical drug. It normalizes metabolism in the body, after which achieved the desired result — reducing weight.

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Usage instructions

Original chromium picolinate is produced only in the USA and it has a high price of about 1300 rubles. In one pack of 100 capsules and in spite of the large number of capsules, the drug is expensive. According to the instructions for use of chromium Picolinate should be taken 1-2 capsules twice a day. The main thing that the daily dose does not exceed 1 ml or 200 mcg of chromium. The drug must be applied within 10-25 days and no more.

In the opinion of many women, weight loss is observed only after receiving funds. Craving for sweets is terminated after the start of drinking Bud and very long is not refundable after the deadline.

Under certain health problems the dosage should be reduced. According to the instructions for use dosage reduced if the patient has the disease:

  • the Central nervous system;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • of the brain.

Picolinate should be taken at mealtime with liquid. Daily rate will depend on the concentration of the active substance and depending on the readings.

The mechanism of action and indications for use

The main component of the drug chromium takes part in many processes in humans and animals:

  • improves metabolism of carbohydrates and fats;
  • regulates the level of glucose in the blood;
  • with its lack of people have insomnia, depression may be obesity.

The results of studies and reviews of the people who took the drug has a positive effect on the body. It is used in sports medicine, actively enhances action of insulin, causing the glucose utilized. The stimulation energy, including fat. The result is gradual weight loss.

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Thanks to the ability to dull the hunger, after treatment the person is not experiencing a constant feeling of hunger and it is easier to stick to a diet, nutrition. It can assist in muscle growth, so combined with exercises remedy will give effective results.

Chromium picolinate is considered to be difficult Bud, and drug, and only the doctor should appoint. Despite the fact that it is harmless, it is impossible to self-medicate and make their own decision about its use. It is recommended to take in some diseases:

  • hormonal failure;
  • anorexia;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • stress;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • obesity;
  • disorder of the nervous system;
  • muscle and headaches.

Contraindications and precautions

Despite positive reviews and a successful medical study of chromium Picolinate has its contraindications. Its dosage should be reduced if the patient has problems with the cardiovascular and the nervous system, brain. After applying can manifest an allergic reaction, and kidney and liver failure. Excess of chromium causes toxicity of the body, so the correct dosage is very important.

In rare cases, patients may begin flatulence, be nausea because of individual intolerance means. In a lengthy admission may begin an allergic reaction in the form of urticaria or itching. In the worst case, angioedema or bronchospasm.

Feedback about the welcome Bud

It is important to remember that Picolinate unusual medication, but rather of BAD. To get rid of excess weight, you must not only make a means, to exercise in the gym. An integrated approach will give a positive result. Judging by the reviews of people who took the tool, it effectively shows its actions with the active lifestyle and proper nutrition.

For 3 months drank chromium picolinate and my sugar cravings stopped. I was much thinner and this makes me very happy. For dessert practically pulls.

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Natalia Ufa

My sister suffers with diabetes type 2 diabetes it was discovered recently. The doctor prescribed a strict diet, but she was constantly reaching for starchy and sweet. Chromium picolinate is very much helped her to overcome this feeling. Now it is much easier to adhere to your diet and its weight is gradually reduced.

Zoe, Voronezh

This spring, I very well have lost weight. Took chromium picolinate and exercise. Appetite became less, sweet is not so anxious as before. Don’t know how long this or not, but the result is still positive, try to keep in shape and relax.

Tatiana, Perm