Classes for weight loss at home: composition of a fitness program and selection of necessary equipment

The human body should always maintain in good shape and good physical shape. At the same time to go to the fitness club is optional, because even at home you can achieve significant result. In the Internet you can find videos of lessons at home that allow you to achieve maximum effect in training, without the use of special equipment. All you need to do is to follow the rules and schedule.

A set of exercises for home fitness

The basis of a fitness program for training at home includes exercises that don’t require equipment or weights. To maintain shape in shape, burn extra fat and create terrain body enough to practice regularly at home. Aerobics — this is the section that includes a lot of exercises for different muscle groups without using dumbbells, barbells and other weights.

When compiling a stand alone program it is impossible to forget about a workout, which is very important in fitness. Warm-up allows not only to protect the body from various injuries during training, but also to promote blood circulation and tone what to do because it will be much easier and more productive.

Fitness uses a standard warm-up, which includes 4 stages.

  1. Begin warming up by running for 5 minutes.
  2. After the distance was completed, it is necessary to take a rope and jump in for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Next are squats combined with lunges.
  4. The last 5 minutes are devoted to running with zahlest feet.

Such a procedure for an untrained person can be difficult, so even in the warm-up you need to pick up the intensity to suit your features, not to spend all forces for this stage of training.

Exercises for all muscle groups

Make a training program, not necessarily to consult with a qualified trainer. Nowadays there are lots of online lessons, which can allow not only to choose the necessary exercises, but also clearly to see, that will allow then to follow the correct technique.

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Most often in online classes is recommended to choose a five-day complex training, which includes exercises for weight loss and development of all muscle groups.

To the basics lesson on aerobics includes a range of exercises that require no special equipment.

  1. To strengthen the back muscles used the technique of push-UPS. Here is alternating pushups from the wall and the floor. Usually, one chooses for themselves the intensity, but for beginners it is recommended to do push-UPS no more than 15 times.
  2. For the development of the back strap is also used of the body for 2-3 minutes with a consistent increase in time to 5 minutes.
  3. Twisting right after back training, because at this stage the press has to be in good shape. For women it is recommended to use a fitball, but if not, simply lie on the floor and perform sit-UPS 15-20 times in 3 sets.
  4. When training legs use squats, lunges and leg swings. All of these exercises can be used in combination. First squat 15-20 times, then attacks with the same number of repetitions and leg swings 20-25 times.
  5. Exercises for triceps and biceps require weight 1 kg, but if there is no dumbbell, fit a regular water bottle. For training biceps, hands lowered along the body and lift 10-15 times. When training the triceps you need your hands to raise over a and lowered them to the cervical vertebra.

How many times a week you can train?

When drawing up your own training program at home, many don’t know what schedule it is best to choose. Unlike exercising in the gym, at home need to work harder, therefore training should take place 5 times a week. Only such intensity can help to lose weight in a short period of time, because to burn fat you need to spend more calories than the body consumes in a day.

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In addition to aerobics, it is important to include in training session additionally Jogging or jumping rope. These sports are the most effective for weight loss, so they better not be neglected. We can not forget about cardio training, which are aimed not only at preserving the shape and toning, but also on the stimulation of the cardiovascular system.

How much time is required to achieve the result?

Even the most experienced coach, you will not be able to tell when you see the result during training. After all, each person has an individual organism, and if some missing 2-3 workouts to get started to receive press others to have to deal intensively for many months.

One thing is for sure, that compliance with all rules and workout intensity will eventually yield results. In classes should be included warm-up duration of 7 minutes, cardio activity, or Jogging for 25 minutes and strength training for 45 minutes. Only by following such a program you can talk about weight loss or muscle gain.


When you watch the lessons, aerobics can be replaced, as the specialists pay special attention to the inventory and this, despite the fact that all classes are held at home. This is not surprising, because of the clothes and shoes depends on how productive he will work the body, especially if we are talking about the warm-up and cardio, which includes elements of running and jumping rope.

For home exercise will need still to buy a small number of items. For example, this includes jump rope for cardio. You will also need 2 dumbbells for developing hands, but they can be absolutely free of charge to replace a simple water bottle. For the development of the press doesn’t hurt to have a special rubber pad to prevent damage to the spine. The girls are also advised to buy a fitball for items twisting.

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Sport not only helps to keep fit and be in good shape, but also to monitor their health. For example, the burning of excess fat helps to decrease sweating, which decreases the load on the body in the summer. It is not necessary to spend money and time on gyms. If you make the right program and abide by all training rules, you can engage in at home, because at home it is possible to achieve results not worse, than using simulators.