Classes Hoop: types of hoops and how to turn benefits and harms, effects and reviews

One of the effective methods of losing weight and reducing waist size are the classes with the Hoop. Torsion of the Hoop is very popular amongst dieters because it is able to correct the shape and to tighten the stomach and waist. According to some reviews, without dieting, just using this shell for a month to lose weight and get healthier. But to become the owner of a wasp waist, you need to choose the right Hoop and learn to spin.

The types of wraps and their applications

To reduce weight diets is quite difficult and not to everyone under force. A break in a few days. To lose weight through various fat burners not safe, because many of them have side effects. And practicing with the Hoop, you can not only lose weight but also to tighten the skin, and to acquire the tone. The result of training is fixed and will not fluctuate.

There are several types of wraps:

  1. Hoop with spikes on the inside or the hula Hoop provides a massage effect, struggling with deposits at the waist and abdomen. It is good for those who want to lose weight and become the owner of a supple and smooth skin. Hula Hoop with massage effect activates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Inside it special balls massage the abdominal muscles and back, driving subcutaneous fat your body needs and removing toxins and wastes. This improves digestion and joint mobility.
  2. Weighted hoops used by those whose body have become accustomed to the loads. They promote weight loss and improve the condition of internal organs. Weighted hula hoops can be elastic, and curl or folded. They can develop the muscles of a corset, using a hula Hoop with weights as the expander.

Compared to other sports equipment, hula-Hoop does not take much space, easy to use and improve the General condition of the body. In 10 minutes the torsional lost about 100 calories. To strengthen the effect of weight loss can be, combining classes hula Hoop and diet.

How to hula-Hoop?

To make the activity brought the result, you must follow certain rules:

  1. Twist the Hoop is recommended twice a day. Beginners first week should be one lesson per day for 10-15 minutes. After the muscles get used to the loads, twist hula Hoop can be twice a day for 20-30 minutes.
  2. During class, you must follow the breath. When the muscles tense to take a deep breath, and when you relax – exhale.
  3. Starting to spin a hula Hoop, you need to slightly tilt the enclosure, and pull the stomach.
  4. To the contact of the wrap on the body was left with bruises on the waist recommended to wear elastic waist slimming. A dense fabric will spread the load, and the therapeutic effect of the belt will contribute to fat burning.
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Such exercises with the Hoop will cause the muscles to work and helps burn calories.

Classes wrap – the benefits and harms

For the female body exercises with a hula-Hoop does not only help lose weight but also bring enormous benefits:

  • increase the flexibility of the spine;
  • develop good posture;
  • strengthen the muscles of the body;
  • train the blood vessels and the heart;
  • do deep massage of the muscles and internal organs.

At the same time, twist the Hoop is contraindicated in pregnant women, during menstruation, the elderly, diseases of the abdomen and the problems of the musculoskeletal system. So, before you start exercising with hula Hoop, it is recommended to consult with a specialist and get tested.

Exercises with a Hoop – reviews slimming

In attempts to eliminate the consequences after pregnancy started with a Hoop, and I’ll be honest – I can not get enough. Wrap bought from a polyethylene tube which is dressed in a shock-absorbing shirt. It weighs 3.5 kg. In the package with the shell came the instruction manual and belts of different sizes. Twist it is possible not only at the waist, but belts and cementing, use to train legs and arms.

Already the first class surprised me. Hula Hoop is quite heavy, so to promote it, you need to stretch the legs and press. And that’s when I twisted it, it just felt like skin and abdominal muscles are warmed up! You feel warm, and then starts burning. The first day I overdid it, so for tomorrow I have on the sides were impressive bruises. To training back was unreal. Twist the Hoop again, I started only three days later. Then such problems do not arise, and I was doing daily. The resulting effect is just stunning! The body pulled up, and bought a beautiful relief of the «ears» on the sides disappeared. Classes with hula-hoops really clean waist extra inches.

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The sides and belly I have always had a problem, so the fight with them were long overdue by various means. I believe that the most effective are exercises with a Hoop and power shower. A hula Hoop is good fitness load and doing massage, breaking up on sides of body fat.

After the muscles much stronger, and laterally quite quickly leave extra centimeters. Twist the Hoop needs in the two approaches a day for 15 minutes. A longer session will be unhealthy. To do better in two hours the food. Below the waist turned out to be symmetrical, you need to twist in both directions for 10 minutes.

Hula Hoop heavy, so in the early days of it, I fell. Not to beat the legs of the first classes I recommend next to a sofa or bed. To achieve greater effect before the beginning of the exercise to the sides, you can apply anti-cellulite cream or massage oil. And the most important secret is that you need to engage in tight pants or other clothes so tight, on which «hang» side. During training body fat will start to go up, and the Hoop will massage not only the waist but also hips, which also have a lot of excess fat. If you want to lose weight, to hula-Hoop have in conjunction with fitness and diet.


Never thought to twist Hoop hazardous to your health! Happy doing every day for 30 minutes. I was not even stopped by the bruises on the waist. And now, after about a month I woke up at night from severe pain. The next morning ran to the doctor, but the thing could not understand for a long time.

The test results are all normal and the pain in the waist and the temperature was not. Not confirmed either cholecystitis, ulcer or pancreatitis. Made it clear that imaging of the abdomen. On the abdominal muscles proved to be purulent cyst. It turns out that the Hoop left bruises and also inside the abdomen, which began to fester. It went after taking antibiotics. But how much nerves, time and money has been spent on different examinations! Now the Hoop is just lying around the house, and deal with him, I’m definitely not going.

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About the wrap, I have conflicting opinions. To studying with it to get the effect you want to twist it should be every day for 30 minutes. Of these, 15 minutes and 15 minutes in the other direction. After three weeks of such exercises my side is decreased by 4 cm and frozen at this point. If in the classroom to take a break, then all will be back and more dynamic exercises will help again to lose weight.

I roll a Hoop very boring. It is heavy, so during classes stagger, and impossible to read. Helps to just have fun viewing videos. The first days were the bruises, but I still did the exercises. In the reviews I read that the hula Hoop still works as cardio, but to myself, I didn’t notice it. To date, that the Hoop was not idle, use it to warm up before the main exercises.


I so wanted to write about the wrap a glowing review and put pictures to sessions with him and after. But, unfortunately, to do this I can’t! Hula Hoop I bought last winter, but the twist more than two minutes it does not work. Contraindications to its use I have, but from the fact that it is very heavy, I do start to hurt the sides and belly. Don’t know why, because I do crunches with muscles I have everything in order. Apparently, fit exercise with the projectile not all. So before you buy, try to work out what some acquaintances, otherwise you can just throw money to the wind.