Cleansing the body of toxins: the safety of use, the list of drugs for the treatment

For each person it is very important food, because it directly affects not only the intestine but other organs. While staying in areas with unfavorable environmental conditions and not using very high quality products, we are increasingly concerned about various ailments, and it happens because of accumulation in the intestine in larger quantities of toxins, which are one of the main causes of diseases. But today it is in our power to bring these harmful substances. You need to know how to do it correctly.

Traditional medicine repeatedly has proven its value, but there are still people who trust more medicines for bowel cleansing.

Intestinal cleansing of toxins

Slag is an integral part of the body of any adult person. They are present even in those people who are trying to eat right. However, the concentration of these substances in them is much lower. So, whatever action a man may take in his body there will always be toxins. They cause serious harm to the body, because it violates the metabolism and allows the body systems to function normally. Best known negative effect of the presence of these substances is the accumulation of excess weight. Therefore, at least for this reason, people should think about how to begin to clean your intestines.

Since all medications have specific contraindications, before using them you must consult with your doctor. Safe and harmless way of cleansing bowel is the large consumption of cereals, which allows to achieve impressing results.

The course duration is 12 days, but this time is enough to see significant changes in your condition. For cleaning the bowel this way it is necessary to cook porridge on the water without adding salt.

Cleaning of intestines for relief of kilograms

Most people think about cleaning the intestines, to normalize your weight. Given that increased concentrations of toxins disturbed digestion, respectively, slowing down the process of breakdown of fats that remain in the body.

To restore the normal operation of this body is possible by means of cleaning the bowel. You just have to accept the fact that this method will not help you to relieve you dozens of kilograms. However, if you decide to take this step, you will be easier subsequently to achieve the perfect weight.

Today for bowel cleansing to lose weight, you can use one of the following ways:

  • juice;
  • water;
  • vegetable;
  • the enema;
  • medication.

Whichever of these ways you choose, you will be able to lose weight, and in addition to this clean your body from harmful substances, restoring it work.

The correct choice of drugs for purgation

One of the most popular ways to clean colon — enema on a variety of decoctions and infusions. Several otherwise has to operate with the small intestine, which requires the use of medications. Among modern imported medications well-proven preparation of the French production of Fortrans. Shows good results and its domestic analogue, Lavacol.

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When a person takes it, drinking plenty of fluids, it is sent to the small intestine, cleansing it of toxins. The main active component of the aforementioned medications is macrogol. Also quickly heals the intestine without serious side effects Duphalac. It includes no threat to the health of the components, so it can be applied even to children.

How safe are our drugs?

It seems that many would like to know before using drugs will not hurt if they health. Immediately you need to understand that if you use any drugs you must comply with the instructions for use. Otherwise, they will bring not benefit, but harm. Therefore, before deciding on the use of a drug, you should be familiar with contraindications to it, and to know the opinion of a specialist. Among all contraindications that may be present in modern drugs, the most important is the poor permeability of the intestine.

During bowel cleansing medicines must limit the amount of food eaten. If your diet is wrong medicines can trigger the appearance of heaviness in the stomach, nausea and vomiting. Failure to comply with recommendations for use to cause harm to the body even those drugs that contain natural ingredients.

Preparations for bowel cleansing

Of currently available drugs for bowel cleansing have proven themselves Fortrans and Lavaca. They are often used for therapeutic procedures prior to conducting operations on the intestines and a colonoscopy.


The drug from the French manufacturer is available in pharmacies in powder form. The first time it was positioned as a means for deep cleaning of the intestine that is used for patients who were scheduled for surgery, colonoscopy and other procedures. After a while, doctors began to prescribe it to patients as a laxative. For the preparation of the means used one packet of drug which must be diluted in a liter of water. Once inside the intestines, the drug is retained in the lumen, contributing to the normalization of its work. With regular use disappear growths and improves bowel movement.

Fortrans differs from analogues that affects biological processes and the microflora. It only prolongs the time during which the liquid is in the intestine, not being absorbed. It helps to get rid of intestinal toxins.

Tablets for bowel cleansing may use in their own home to everyone. He almost has no side effects, so it is not harmful to health. However, some people can appear allergic because of individual intolerance of one of the components of the drug.

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But Fortrans should be used with caution, as it has some contraindications:

  • Crohn’s disease;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • abdominal pain;
  • ulcerative colitis.

Therefore, in order not to hurt the body, it is advisable before using any medication to consult with your doctor.

So this tool worked, it is recommended to use separately from other medications. Otherwise his admission will be to cleanse only the colon, as water will not be able to stay in thin.


Due to the high cost of Fortrans, not all are ready to use it to clean the intestine. That is why among the Russians great popularity of its domestic analogue, Lavacol. Its structure is not different from other drug, but certain features he has. In drugstores it is available in pack containing 15 sachets. Because of this it is easy to use. For the preparation of detergent needs 200 ml of water. Therefore, it is possible to prepare the solution directly before the use.

To take liquid every 30 minutes for one glass. For the complete course requires 3 liters of solution.

Lavacol similar to the Fortrans fact that it provides the same contraindications. Some people while cleaning the bowel this medication may experience abdominal pain. Also not everyone may like the taste of this solution. However, given its more affordable price, people are willing to tolerate such inconveniences. This drug is indicated for use prior to colonoscopy and surgery.

However, not everyone can apply Lavacol for bowel cleansing due to the characteristics of the organism. In such cases it is possible to use other drugs, which are no less effectively clean the intestines of toxins.

One such remedy is Epsom salt called magnesium. It is applied in aqueous solution on an empty stomach, is very purifying blood.

Most people are often dissatisfied with the results from the application of Lavacolla and other similar drugs due to the fact that they expect to use it to lose weight, why spend several courses of treatment. However, they harm your body, since the intake of the drug is washed out from it useful microflora, and the body begins to get used to, that requires an increase in dosage.

The desired effect can be achieved using a variety active food supplements. Equally effective and special herbs:

  • buckthorn bark;
  • leaves of Senna, etc.

The purgation of the popular methods

Not all people are suitable drugs, so many stop the choice on the people’s ways of cleaning the intestines of toxins for weight loss.

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The choice of methods is wide enough — you can use vegetable oil, enemas or herbal. They can be safely used, without having to go to the doctors for advice about the appropriateness of their use.

The use of enemas

Is one of the most well known ways to clean the intestines, while providing a slimming effect. However, apply it in moderation, otherwise instead of profit it can bring harm to your health.

This method is dangerous due to the fact that as a result of frequent use from the body begins to leach the beneficial microflora. It is therefore undesirable to use this method more than three times.

Cleansing salt

To help to establish the bowels may cleaning saline. However, you need to use them in moderation. Although this method may bring some benefit, if too frequent use raises the risk of developing various diseases.


When a person feels unwell, he usually turns for help to the doctors. However, many do not realize that in their illness they are guilty. Few people watching what he eats, even though the patient body can always help. For this it is enough to clean the intestines. The choice of means and methods today is quite wide, it is possible to use not only traditional ways but also medication. However, they need to apply with caution because they have contraindications.

If you want to lose weight with the help of a cleaning method, then you definitely must first consult with your doctor. Without knowing the state of your health and using one of the modern drugs, people can create new problems, and this will require additional treatment.