Cocoa beans: the benefits and harms of raw materials for the production of the drink, helpful or harmful cocoa

A drink of vegetable origin, such as cocoa, in terms of fame not inferior to the coffee. It is made on the basis of beans, cocoa with milk is often described as a healthy drink for kids and not only.

What are actually cocoa beans? How valuable is it to drink on their basis to children, not whether it has a negative impact on our body? Let’s try to find answers to these questions together.

Features of cocoa

The taste of cocoa with milk known to everyone from early childhood. It is assumed that a glass of it for Breakfast or afternoon tea of great benefit to our body, no wonder they are so often given to children in the gardens.

The benefit, of course, is, after all, cocoa with milk there are a number of vitamins that really requires a man, especially a growing body.

This product is mainly sold in the form of a brown powder sealed, it is often difficult to determine whether quality is its raw material, which must be these beans.

If the drink is really made on the basis of beans, not chemical compositions, it is useful for the body. So, the beans include more than 300 elements, or otherwise providing the benefit. This includes:

  • vegetable protein;
  • fats;
  • carbohydrates;
  • organic and unsaturated fatty acids;
  • dietary fiber and more.

Through the beans the body is able to get enough of such vitamins as:

  • folic acid;
  • provitamin A;
  • beta-carotene;
  • vitamin PP;
  • tocopherol.

Some of them include mineral elements as fluoride, copper, zinc, and more. Cocoa beans are very useful for those people who lack in the body of magnesium and calcium.

Nutritional properties

A drink based on cocoa beans and milk is distinguished by its nutritional value, also it fills a man with energy in the morning than coffee, and much more useful to him. It is not dangerous for those who want to lose weight, provided that, if during the day to drink no more than one Cup. It is best to drink a beverage with milk in the morning.

The benefits of consumption for health

As already mentioned, cocoa beans contain a variety of vitamins and other components that have a positive effect on our body. For example, it contains bioactive substances that have the ability to block the effect on platelets from sticking together. And antioxidant property of beans is much higher than in foods such as:

  • green tea;
  • apples;
  • orange juice.
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Present in the composition of beans planely help to improve metabolism, and prevent the phenomenon of damage to the integrity of blood vessels. To recover the muscles after heavy physical work or sports training, you can drinking a glass of cocoa, which was beyond boiling. It is in this visible it contains anandin is a unique substance that stimulates the synthesis of endorphins, the «hormones of joy». Because of this property of cocoa helps to add strength in the morning and improve a person’s mood.

This beverage combined with milk contains epicatechin, a substance which has such properties:

  • helps prevent heart attack and stroke;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • some cancer;
  • a stomach ulcer.

Scientists concluded that cocoa has the ability to accelerate the healing of wounds and promotes cell regeneration, it is recommended to drink for those who want to rejuvenate their skin.

And in the product is present melanin is a natural pigment, which makes it even more beneficial for the skin as it protects it from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.

Useful components

Cocoa incorporates theobromine is the element that effects and is similar in structure to caffeine. Thanks to the use of drink in the morning will be backed by a strong invigorating effect, even stronger than that of strong black coffee. In addition, this drink is good advice to girls it is recommended to drink it to regulate the menstrual cycle. In addition, according to experts is a rich source of a large number of bioflavonoids, capable of neutralizing reactive oxygen species, which can be harmful to the DNA of cells and cause the growth of malignant tumors.

The cure for cancer and other diseases

Was conducted a number of studies, which proved that cocoa is actively fighting against oxidative stress, which cause colon cancer. Because each of us in one way or another consumes unhealthy foods cocoa will have benefit regardless of age. The benefits of this drink is that it can permanently maintain normal brain function and to maintain a clear mind regardless of age. Blood circulation in the brain improves, good working memory and concentration. With regular consumption of the beverage older people they will not be afraid of age-related dementia.

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Can cocoa cause harm?

So, we have listed the beneficial properties of cocoa, we’ll see whether this drink can be dangerous.

The presence of caffeine

This product contains caffeine in small amounts ( about 0.2 percent). This is for an adult not scary, but since cocoa is a part of children’s diet, the consumption of the child must be strictly controlled. Also need to know whether you should avoid caffeine person in General. If so, even cocoa him to not drink. It is worth saying that the use of drink is not yet completely proven fact, so abuse it is not worth it.

Cocoa beans: the benefits and harms

About the benefits of beans we have said, and within them there is nothing dangerous. The damage represents how they are processed. The fact that the countries where they grow beans, known for its poor conditions in relation to sanitation and harvesting. This affects the beans later, some of them settle the cockroaches, from which to get is extremely difficult.

It is worth saying that the cultivation of beans in the tropics is often accompanied by abundant treatment with pesticides and fertilizers, which is not always a positive effect on the quality of the product. Also cocoa beans, which are used for the further manufacture of chocolate and chocolate powder for preparing a beverage, in most cases, are subjected to radiological treatment, with the aim of getting rid of pests.

Most manufactures claim that raw materials in the production are always carefully purified and processed. However, to test this in practice is not always possible.

Precautions when consuming cocoa

The consumption of cocoa and products based on it is highly undesirable:

  • children up to three years;
  • people suffering from multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, diabetes and diarrhea;
  • people who are overweight (products of cocoa is very high in calories);
  • in the presence of stress and other nervous diseases.

Also in the cacao are purine compounds, and their overabundance in the body can cause the accumulation of uric acid and contribute to the deposition of salts in the bones. Therefore, products based on cocoa is not recommended for use in the presence of renal diseases and gout.

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Method of preparation of chocolate milk

Most people know the recipe of the drink, because everything is simple: brew a drink in boiled water and add milk. But that drink has brought considerable benefits, it is best to cook with milk.

To prepare this version of the drink, you need to take the following ingredients:

  • cocoa powder at the rate of 20 grams per two servings. Very, dose can be increased if desired;
  • water, 200 grams for 2 servings. Depending on the increase or decrease in the amount of powder amount of water are regulated;
  • milk – 100 grams. Is added after the powder, infused in water;
  • sugar to taste.

It is recommended to cook the beverage on low heat for several minutes. As a rule, the precise recommendations given on the packaging of powder.

So, what is cocoa for the body: harm or benefit? As you can see, the useful properties of this product very much, but the damage is associated not with himself but with the impurities and the conditions of cultivation. Some recommended for maximum preservation of useful properties of the product do not expose it to heat treatment, but here everyone decides for himself, in what form to consume the product.