Colon cleanse at home: indications, laxatives for bowel damage

Intestinal cleansing is necessary not only to restore the normal functioning of the digestive system. Also, this procedure is useful for those people who are assigned to surgery or comprehensive examination of the body. Among the large number of available drugs that can be used for bowel cleansing, it is best proven laxatives.

The basis of their work based on different principles of exposure, and if the drug was tailored to the individual characteristics of the organism, it has the desired effect, causing the least harm. If you soon plan to conduct the procedure of bowel cleansing by laxatives, then you should better get to know them, to know which ones are the most effective.

Is it possible to cleanse the bowel laxative?

The basis of laxatives based on the following mechanism: when released into the intestine, they in a special way affect the contents, which begins to move faster and get out of the body. Despite the high efficacy of these drugs, use them with caution, given indications:

  • if scheduled for surgery or a diagnostic study, which calls for the withdrawal of the intestinal contents.
  • Poisoning;
  • Constipation;
  • For patients in the body which discovered the worms.

Modern drugs that have a laxative effect, can be categorized by mechanism of action:

  • Remedies that specifically affect the contents of the intestine, increasing its volume that as a result of appearing on the wall of the pressure leads to the bowel;
  • Drugs, which have a softening effect on the stool, which facilitates their withdrawal;
  • Medicines, providing the effect of emptying due to the impact on the receptors of the intestinal mucosa.

Not recommended for too long to use laxatives, otherwise disrupted intestines, which subsequently becomes constantly need more stimulation.

Overview laxatives fast action

All offered today laxatives differ from each other in the mechanism of action of the body. For quick emptying usually using drugs that cause increased intestine. However, in some cases patients may be prescribed contact, osmotic means. Among the variety of laxatives that provide a quick effect, you can select both artificial and natural origin.


It is a laxative for bowel cleansing is available in pharmacies in the form of powder, packing contain individual bags weighing 14 grams each. For preparing a laxative, you need to mix it in a glass of pure water the contents of one sachet. A full evacuation of the bowel occurs if you drink 3 liters of diluted preparation on a glass at a time with breaks not less than 20 minutes.

The main effect of laxative ensures a special substance — the polymer is macrogol. The liquid is kept longer in the intestine, which leads to an increase its volume. As a result, and accelerates emptying. Using similar a laxative, you need to remember that during the day, you need to refrain from eating.


This tool is one of the most common resorted to for cleaning the bowel. It is often used by doctors for patients who are scheduled for surgery or examination of the intestine. The effect of emptying provides substance macrogol, which together with salt allows the water longer to leave the intestine and thus does not affect the electrolyte balance.

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Pharmacies is available in powder form contained in sachets. To prepare the medication you need to mix in a liter of water one Cup and drink the entire amount within a few hours with an interval of one hour. As a rule, after five hours of reception 2-3 bags of the drug comes complete emptying of the bowel.

Castor oil

In cases when you need to clean the small intestine, can help castor oil. Before the procedure the patient needs to be prepared: he may not eat for 5-7 hours before cleaning and after it. To correctly determine the dosage of the medication should follow the scheme: on 1 kg of weight should have 1 gram of drug. If necessary, you can enhance the laxative effect, if after his admission to drink lemon juice, taken in an amount 2 times as much volume of drinking castor oil.

Some patients may experience a feeling of nausea, but this symptom can be easily removed, if you chew on a few raisins. The first urge to defecate occur within a few hours after ingestion. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to prepare for this and cancel all the important things, especially if they are scheduled outside of the home.

Senna leaves («Senadeksin» and «Senado»)

Excellent cleansing effect can be achieved using dried leaves of Senna, as well as funds made from this plant. When the pill you must strictly adhere to the instructions. For cleaning the bowel using Senadeksin need to take one tablet a day. Usually within the next three days restores the function of defecation. For artificial evacuation by the leaves of the Seine broth use: for its preparation should take one tablespoon of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water and cook on low heat for several minutes. Next, the broth must be cooled, after which it is filtered and drink throughout the week.

The best mild laxatives and how to take them?

Among the offered in pharmacies of drugs with a laxative effect, there is a certain category of funds, which effectively clean the intestines and at the same time cause minimal harm to the body.

Magnesium sulfate has a strong cleansing action, getting inside the drug temporarily restores the function of evacuation of intestinal contents by stimulating contractile activity of the organ. This remedy has no side effects, but before using it you need to perform the following: three days before the colon cleansing is necessary to exclude from the diet of junk food and also reduce the amount of consumption of sugar and salt.

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Folk remedies for cleansing the colon at home

Not all may be suitable drugs for bowel cleansing. In such cases, they can use traditional recipes, with which you can make equally strong drinks that have a laxative effect.

  • Laxatives products

Frequent constipation effect of emptying can be achieved if you regularly take the usual foods that positive effect on the intestines, causing its evacuation. Such are the qualities of rich in fiber foods. Also quickly clean the intestines with the help of bran, pumpkin, prunes, prune juice and oats.

  • Flax seeds with yogurt is a natural laxative

Flax seed is a very useful product, which has different healing properties: anti-inflammatory, wound healing, expectorant. He also has a mild laxative effect. To clean the intestine using flax seeds, you need to take a tablespoon of seeds, grind them, mix with a Cup of yogurt low fat. The prepared drink should drink instead of dinner.

  • Salad panicle — an effective tool

The name of this dish has got a good reason as it in its action resembles a real broom that cleans the intestines from all the excess and unnecessary. Its recipe is quite simple. It will require such available vegetables like turnip, radish, celery, cabbage, carrots and beets. Vegetables should be grated on a grater, after which this mixture you need to eat without adding the dressings or spices.

  • Herbs with laxative effects

Many fans of folk medicine have appreciated the healing properties of herbal medicine for cleansing the body. Due to the presence in the composition of the herbal active ingredients they can locally affect the body. Strong purgative properties are teas, infusions, decoctions, made from the following herbs:

  • Senna leaves;
  • buckthorn bark;
  • dill;
  • the century plant;
  • aloe;
  • sorrel.

How to do an enema for rapid bowel cleansing?

For all time man has failed to think of anything simpler and more effective than an enema for bowel cleansing. Anyone can undertake this process yourself, but you need to be aware of some rules in order not to harm your health.

First we need to get a device — a mug Esmarch. Before use, the tip need to boil. For the enema you must use a liquid, whose temperature should be slightly above body temperature. Otherwise the desired effect when the intestines begins to decline, is reached. Before doing the enema, you need to get on all fours, the head should be down.

The tip of the tube to be inserted into the anus, and with the right body position the water will naturally flow into the intestine. After when all 2 liters of water will be inside, of the anal opening remove tip. Next, you need to do everything possible to keep water inside the bowel as long as possible — at least 10 minutes. After the lapse of a specified time or before you need to go to the toilet and allow the liquid to come out.

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Harm and contraindications for cleaning the intestines with laxatives

Drugs that have laxative properties and are not suitable for all people. Most of them are General contraindications that must be considered when applying:

  • Inflammatory disease occurs in acute form in the digestive tract;
  • Special state of the organism from which it is impossible to carry out the evacuation of intestinal contents;
  • The bleeding of the uterus;
  • Fever;
  • Renal dysfunction.

To resort to using laxatives is necessary only in the case when all other methods do not solve the problem of bowel movement. You must keep in mind that using drugs to cleanse the bowel they cause serious harm to the body:

  • When the content begins to move quickly through the intestines, the body has no time to absorb nutrients;
  • There are some medications that can harm the cardiovascular system;
  • If the operation is wrong dosage can result in unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhea, pain and atony of the intestine;
  • While taking some laxatives can interfere with the uterus that can lead to complications for pregnant women.

In principle, nothing terrible will happen if you use a laxative once, especially if taken on the recommendation of the attending physician. Much careful you must be when you have often to apply the solution or tablet with laxative effect. Due to frequent artificial weakening of the intestinal wall cannot subsequently restore its normal function, so they require regular additional stimulation.


In every person’s life there are situations when you need to quickly hold a bowel movement. The easiest way to do this using laxatives. However, apply them should be cautious, given that not all of them are safe. To rule out harm from use of laxatives, must be considered contraindications. But you can completely eliminate such risk, to use the popular ways of colon cleanse. They not only have not less efficiency, but do not harm the body.