Contains much of nutrients in wheat porridge on the water, its caloric value

Wheat is famous for the fact that even after processing and refining, there are all the useful properties. It is available and widely distributed around the world because of its usefulness and nutritional value is very high. Crushed wheat grain or whole wheat cereal are eaten, making them different cereals.

How many calories?

Cereals are a favorite product of people who are watching their health or follow a diet. Few people know that it is from soft wheat semolina doing. But semolina is much inferior to other wheat cereals useful. In addition, in the ladle more starch and for diet it is not suitable. For those who are concerned about the calorie content of the product, will be much more useful groats from durum wheat. Below you will see a detailed table of caloric content.

Wheat is 2 types:

  1. Artek. Finest polished grain.
  2. Poltava. Not crushed/krupnorazmernye, polished.

Not often nowadays you can see on the table the porridge from wheat flour. Popular other grains. But wheat undeservedly forgotten: not every grain contains many vitamins, fiber and minerals. And it is not necessary to cook cereals only wheat Breakfast cereal. This dish is perfect as a side dish.

The number of calories will depend on the varieties of grains, method of preparation and additional ingredients. The diet — porridge on water. The calorie content of such meals does not exceed 100 calories. Porridge cooked on water or milk in a ratio of 1:2,5.

Table of calories of wheat cereal

Method of preparation Wheat cereal, calorie Wheat groats «Artek», calorie Wheat groats «Poltavskaya», calorie
Dry cereal 340 316 329
On the water, crisp 80 95 105
On the water, viscous 50 55 65
Water + butter + sugar 120 130 140
Milk + sugar 145 165 185
Milk + butter + sugar 180 190 210
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In addition, you can even reduce the calorie content of any of these dishes, adding cinnamon, pumpkin or raisins.

Nutritionists recommend

Doctors advise to eat wheat porridge as the main course during the diet. This product has no contraindications. Rich nutrients Krupa will not leave the body without vital trace elements. Cereal is full of dietary fiber, accelerating the metabolism and improves the stomach. Also it will reduce the blood sugar and reduce cholesterol lipoproteins in the blood. This diet will prevent you from a couple extra pounds, but also improve health.

If you do not aim to get rid of extra pounds, and you’re not concerned with calories in food, use of wheat cereal as a way to cleanse and heal the body. You can add all sorts of products. Fruits, berries, sugar, even chocolate! Most importantly — eliminate fatty foods and sandwiches for Breakfast. Delight your body with nutritious wheat porridge in the morning. And after a couple of weeks you will feel the difference in my health.

According to doctors, enough 5 grams of soluble fiber daily. For a change of diet can add sprouted wheat berries to salads. Or bake scones, based on wheat cereal. To use them instead of bread, avoiding excess calories.

What lies in the composition

The composition may startle you: the amount of carbs in it about 70g. But it’s the other carbs. They are called slow and, befitting its title, the transformation in the energy from them lasts long enough. Energy is generated uniformly throughout the long time that helps a person all the time not to feel hunger.

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Protein — another advantage of this dish. It consisting of not less than 15g. Without protein our body cannot stretch and a couple of days.

100 grams of this wonder cereal will give your body more than a third of the necessary daily vitamins and minerals.

Wheat porridge quite quickly digested. But to follow a diet still do not eat later 6 PM. To pick out the menu for the day, take a look at our table of calories.

To summarize

What do we get by adding to your diet of wheat porridge?

  • strengthening the body with vitamins and microelements;
  • easy assimilation servings of porridge;
  • low calorie meals;
  • the opportunity to diversify and improve children’s nutrition;
  • the excretion of residues Lek. funds, salts, toxins;
  • stabilization of blood pressure;
  • the strengthening of the capillaries;
  • increasing blood clotting;
  • the improvement of metabolism;
  • the strengthening of hair and nails due to copper and silicon;
  • to increase the elasticity of the skin;
  • stabilization of the nervous system;
  • strengthen body tissues;
  • increased immunity;
  • stabilization of glucose levels in the blood;
  • the saturation energy.

No matter how many the benefits, contraindications are also. To limit the use of wheat cereal should people suffering from anemia, beriberi, cancer, obesity, tuberculosis. If you have a gluten intolerance, porridge is better not to use and to pay attention to buckwheat. Besides enhances the grain of wheat which began any allergies.

If you have no contraindications, you agree that the wheat — Queen of cereals. Despite the low calorie meals, the body will get all the things he needs throughout the day. With the dish in the diet of you will always be optimistic, cheerful, full of strength and energy!

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