Contraindications and useful properties of pickled ginger

Ginger — a unique plant. It is home to Central America, Japan and China. In Russia ginger for a long time did not find the proper application. Most Housewives knew about it as seasoning as a dry powder and is rarely used in cooking. Pickled ginger has become well-known thanks to the popularity of Japanese cuisine.

The Japanese use pickled ginger for sushi jamming. He removes the aftertaste from eating sushi and prepares the taste buds to a different kind of sushi.

Pickled ginger has a unique spicy aroma. The young root with pickled plum or rice vinegar and it becomes a delicate pink colour. Sometimes for a more saturated color to the marinade add the beet juice. How useful pickled ginger in Japan, even a baby knows.

Pickled ginger is a storehouse of nutrients. It contains b vitamins, a huge number of micro and macro, and a set of amino acids, if calorie only 63 kcal per 100 g of product.

It is difficult to overestimate the beneficial properties of pickled ginger for the human body.

How useful ginger

  • wonderful tones
  • can thin the blood, thereby causing a strong flow of oxygen to the cerebral cortex
  • calms the nervous disorder
  • helps to get rid of depression
  • has a bactericidal effect
  • cleans the oral cavity from infections and promotes fresh breath
  • boosts immunity
  • a great antioxidant, promotes the excretion of harmful substances and slows the aging process
  • it contains the gingerol breaks down fats and promotes weight loss
  • a huge amount of potassium and magnesium has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels

Daily consumption of a small amount of this amazing product able to increase human performance.

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Reception of a piece of pickled ginger root during the fall and spring epidemics of influenza can protect the body from virus and cold infections. Morning tea with ginger can cheer all day and cheer up.

Use pickled ginger in the composition of diets for weight loss. His useful ability to break down fats and at the same time remove toxins from the body makes ginger one of the most popular products for weight loss.

Due to the shape of the root of this plant, it jokingly referred to as the root of women. But seriously, it has a significant impact on the female body and its reproductive functions. This unique root can help with the disorder of the menstrual cycle and decrease sexual desire. It contained lysine and essential oils that increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and tone the muscles of the genital organs. Even in the treatment of infertility recommend eating pickled ginger root.

Despite this abundance of positive qualities, pickled ginger, and he has contraindications as with any medication.

Contraindications pickled ginger

  • An intolerance can cause an allergic reaction
  • Excessive consumption causes a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. Vomiting, diarrhea,nausea
  • Completely contraindicated in diseases of the gallbladder and liver, gastritis and gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer
  • Limited use during lactation
  • Blood diseases
  • Even the slightest bleeding from the nose necessary to stop its use

Like any product or medicine, the root is able to cause great harm to the human body with excessive use.

Traditional medicine offers lots of recipes using root of this useful plant. most of them you can prepare yourself at home.

  1. Toothache should chew a small piece of ginger root. Its ability to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and calm pain.
  2. For pain in the joints is used a warming property of the root. The ointment prepared from two tablespoons of ground root with sesame or mustard oil, used as a compress on a sore joint.
  3. The blend of aloe leaf and a pinch of ground ginger root will help in the treatment of hemorrhoids. You need to take 1 teaspoon 1 time per day during the month.
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To preserve the useful properties of this plant for a long time, it is marinated and kept at a cool place.

Method of preparation pickled ginger root

A pound of the root, you will need 4 tablespoons of dry pink wine, 2 tablespoons vodka 4 tablespoons of sugar,200 grams of rice vinegar. Root washed and peeled, cut into thin round slices, boil in boiling water for one minute. Drain the water and root to dry out. To prepare the marinade. To do this, mix vodka, wine, sugar and vinegar and heat to dissolve the sugar. Root pour the marinade and put into a cold place. Three days later the dish is ready to eat.

Its beneficial properties, this marinade keeps for three months.

You can use it as seasoning for various dishes. Beautiful pink color of the marinade and pleasant aroma will give ordinary dishes a unique flavor. Don’t be carried away this slightly burning seasoning. Despite all the beneficial properties, to forget about contraindications not. Even the most delicious and healthy product can cause irreparable harm to the body, if you make use of it excessive.