Correct exercise vacuum belly what to do for good result

There was a time when people in Russia with curvaceous respected. After all, a big belly and extra weight were indicators of wealth. Such people are well fed and not worked physically. Today in our country the attitude to overweight and the big belly has changed dramatically. Fashion athletic, toned body.

To achieve the desired forms of people a lot of time and effort spend in the gym. That’s a shame, when the body is seemingly brought into the necessary condition, but it spoils a bit of a belly. The endless pumping of the press is not helping. Why? The fact is that, pumping press, we were forced to work only the direct and oblique abdominal muscles. But the problem lies elsewhere. We need to get to work the transverse muscle, which is hidden in the depth of the muscular system. Regular exercises it can be done.

Vacuum exercise for a flat stomach and narrow waist

To solve the problem of sagging abdomen and to tighten the muscles of the waist using exercises vacuum. While it’s execution is loaded, we need the transverse abdominis, which is responsible for good posture, flat stomach and an accurate waist.

With proper and regular performance of this exercise, the waist will shrink a few inches. It doesn’t matter what was originally a volume in humans.

By tightening the transverse muscle, we can forget about unattractive creases above the belt. The vacuum will ensure that the peritoneum, a natural corset that will not allow the internal organs to bulge.

It should be understood that beautiful cubes through exercise, the vacuum is not achieved. It will have to perform other exercises. But a flat stomach in a short period of time under the vacuum force.

What gives a vacuum?

Today, many people think that this exercise was borrowed from bodybuilders. In fact, it came to us from the practices of yoga. Last consider it one of the most important exercises to restore and rejuvenate the nerves of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to a flat stomach exercise is the vacuum allows you to:

  • to pump up the abdominal muscles;
  • to strengthen the back muscles;
  • to massage the internal organs;
  • to get rid of excess body fat;
  • saturation of tissues with oxygen;
  • to improve overall body tone.
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Unfortunately, exercise vacuum has a number of limitations. It cannot be practiced in the following cases:

  • In the presence of peptic ulcer disease of the stomach and intestines.
  • For gastritis.
  • When problems with the thyroid gland.
  • During pregnancy.
  • In diseases of the lungs and heart.

How to do vacuum belly?

Exercise vacuum belly can only be effective if proper technique execution. In addition, you need to consider physical training. So, people who are familiar with the serious physical activity firsthand, you can do this exercise standing up. For beginners the best fit option its execution in the supine position.

So, how to do how to do a stomach vacuum? Please note that experts recommend to run the vacuum in several stages, regardless of fitness level.

The basic step. You want to accept the supine position. Bend your knees, feet press to the floor. Take a deep breath. It is necessary to raise the diaphragm and reduce the volume of the stomach. Exhale. Then pull your navel as deeply as you can. Hold it in this position for at least fifteen seconds. If there are no forces to hold my breath, try not to let the belly button, but allow yourself to slowly breathe.

At a basic stage, you need to do no more than three approaches first. Then you can increase the number of sets to five. But it is only after we have first results.

Second stage. After achieving the result of complete retention of the abdomen drawn in the course of five sets, it is possible to complicate the task. The lying position we change the position on all fours. This position allows for the gravity to engage the quads.

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The technique of performing the exercise is simple. Adopting the position on all fours take a deep breath, then exhale and pull the navel to the maximum possible depth. Try to keep it in this position for thirty seconds.

Begin the second stage with the three approaches for half a minute and gradually brought to five sets at the minute. With a weakened or diseased the back can be limited to five short sets.

The third stage. And again we go towards the complexity of the work to achieve the best results. At the third stage, the work further includes the stabilizers of the back. This can be achieved by adopting a sitting position on a flat surface. Your body should be in a stable position, but do not rely on the surface. Next, you need to exhale air from the lungs and to involve the stomach.

At first it will be very difficult to keep the stomach in this position for sixty seconds. The goal is to ensure that our three approaches have ceased to be perceived by the body as the load.

If the third stage seems too easy, let’s complicate it by making the support unstable. For example, you can use fitball.

The fourth stage. In fact, you will begin to track the status of the transverse abdominal muscles. As soon as you remember about it, then immediately suck your stomach. This will allow you to find not only a flat stomach, but also additional control of the breath during movement. Continuous monitoring of the condition of the transverse abdominal muscles will not allow you to weaken the muscle corset, which eventually will happen if I throw the vacuum.

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The fifth stage. His technique is the most difficult. It is the alternating of exercises for transverse abdominal muscles and the pump press. That is, you will need to exhale, pull the navel and begin to swing press.

Thanks to the flat belly and narrow waist, your body will have the correct proportions. But this is only the case if the work you will be approached responsibly and exercise regularly.