Counting calorie: principles, use the table of caloric content of food and calorie calculator

Every person who tries to eat right, need to follow the calorie consumption of products. This also should worry the people who have diabetes mellitus. Given the importance of this indicator, you must know how to compile a list of useful and ready meals.

What is a calorie?

First we need to understand what is meant by the term caloric. It is used to denote a metric by which to determine the nutritional value of a particular product and its ability to saturate the body. If, say, you need to make a diet for people with certain diseases, including diabetes, for them it is better suited to meals with a low degree of caloric content. They can be recommended for those people who want to lose weight.

In other words, under calorie should consider the caloric value of specific foods. This term was introduced by dietitians, can use it as a regular people who are trying to lose weight and those who have identified the disease associated with the following bodies:

  • Gastrointestinal tract;
  • the endocrine system.

Therefore, if these categories of people will want to eat at McDonald’s or just to taste the candy, they will feel uncomfortable after eating this food.

Much less harm to the body causing foods with zero calories. That’s why they make the basis of the diet for diabetics as well as those people who very carefully count the energy value of dishes that make up their menu.

During the flow of sugar diabetes of the second type of cells contain an overabundance of fat, so the insulin and its constituent components can’t affect sugar levels when they are inside the cell.

With this in mind so people recommended special measures to reduce body mass. This will help to release the cells from a significant amount of fat in a result, it will return to normal insulin response. When the body can absorb this component in full, this will help to avoid crises. Everything you need to do is to follow a proper diet, avoiding trips to McDonald’s and similar establishments. It is also necessary to eliminate from the diet alcoholic drinks and to follow the recommendations of doctors-dieticians.

If a person is diagnosed with diabetes first type, then creating menu, you need to pay special attention to the carbohydrates, and to be precise, by means of which products, they enter the body. Diabetes of the second type necessary to consider not only the carbs but also the level of caloric intake. Therefore, people with the disease both types useful to include in the diet foods with zero calories.

Whatever the man lived on, in any case he will get with her energy, the amount of which in each case will be different. If a person has set a goal to lose weight or just wants to preserve good health, he should have an idea about the consumption of any foods or ready meals he should limit due to high levels of their caloric content, and what to increase. It is the latter that will be the least caloric. To determine the number of calories of any dish or product can anyone, what can be done even without special knowledge.

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More important here is just how less likely to be in McDonald’s serves junk food.

How to calculate?

The easiest way to determine the level of calorie raw foods and ready — to use a special table of caloric content of food. Alternatively, you can use a reference book or calculator. This information will be useful to anyone who wants to lose weight in a short time, as well as people who are trying to recover from diabetes.

Observing the physiology of the male body, scientists managed to establish, that men must get from food around 2500-3500 calories. For a more precise definition of this indicator should consider the following factors:

  • The age of the person;
  • Body type;
  • The energy costs. They allow to correctly determine the energy value.

As for women, they need to get a day about 2000-2500 calories. Adhering to such recommendations, you can not only lose weight but also improve your health. Invaluable help in this matter will have table calorie foods, regardless of what problems in human health. It is always possible to simplify the task of determining the energy value of the diet, if you use a calculator calorie foods.

Rules of calculation of the calorie

If the person is in a depleted condition, for example, after the disease, make for him the diet should include prepared foods and meals, the caloric which must be increased not less than 20%. Definitely need to compare the figure with the calories at optimum weight. The opposite would be the recommendation for those people who have pronounced obesity. It’s not surprising, because if the person is a frequent guest of such institutions as McDonald’s, they call it impossible.

Deciding to take the calorie table to determine energy value of consumed food and products, you need to remember that they give approximate results. For more accurate information you should take into account the individual characteristics of a person. This is especially true for those people diagnosed with diabetes. But first not hurt to know more about the products with zero calorie content, their health effects and in which cases we can speak about the negative value of products.

The negative calorie foods

The process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients that enter the body with food, requires the maintenance of the body a certain number of enzymes. Naturally, the body has to expend a certain energy to it. So it turns out that when the body digests foods, that is burned much more calories than they contain. And this applies to any product.

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Many unhealthy foods and also meals rich in fiber, and foods are consumed in raw form, cannot be completely digestion. Because of this, it is very difficult to understand what is meant by the term «negative calorie foods». More correctly to name their products with zero calories.

The presence of products with negative calorie useful properties should not mislead: if they add to the diet, in any case they will not be able to burn calories acquired resulting from the consumption of hamburgers purchased in McDonald’s. Such products cause serious harm to health and does not promote weight loss.

To understand whether certain products are considered negative calorie foods, the presence of the following signs:

  • Low level energy values, which must not exceed 30 calories per 100 grams.
  • A high level fiber content, which is actually undigested food fibers. Its amount should be more than 1 gram per 100 grams. We need to remember this to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Properly considered negative calorie foods herbs and some vegetables, e.g., lettuce, cabbage. To more accurately determine which foods are not, and which cannot be assigned to this category by using the analyzer calorie foods. But speaking of diabetics, not to mention the diet Bormental, about which there are different opinions.

Diet Bormenthal

This method of weight loss is very popular, but the desired result with its help it is possible to achieve only in compliance with the recommendations. Man not only needs to form the correct mental attitude, they must also adhere to established nutrition standards. They mainly have a positive effect on metabolism, maintaining good health with diabetes and helping to lose extra pounds.

Principles of the diet

The basic idea of the diet by Bormental involves the reduction of the daily proportion of active calories. And it is very important not only for people who put before itself the purpose to lose weight, but also patients with diabetes.

People who adhere to a sedentary lifestyle, it is recommended to set the norm of the energy value at the level of 1000-1200 calories. For those people who are trying to get rid of excess weight or deal with diabetes, while exposing themselves to physical stress, is permitted to increase the quota by 200 calories. Therefore, starting a diet, Bormenthal, you will easily be able to reach the desired weight and improve your body.

For this you need to ensure that the caloric level of the diet did not consider certain methods of the frame. Therefore, it is sufficient to maintain the level of the energy value of the foods you eat at no more than 1000-1200 calories, and you will be able day after day to lose weight. But keep in mind that eating junk food is banned. Therefore, if you decide to afford such relief, then the responsibility for this lies solely on you.

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Are there any disadvantages?

Every person who suffers with diabetes, should begin their treatment with a definition of the optimal level of caloric products. This will create the most favourable conditions for the organism that will be able to fully process and digest insulin.

If the person has diabetes or other diseases that might explain his weakened condition, to make it menu based on the calorie foods you should not.

For other people, the proposed technique can be applied without restrictions. Therefore regardless of, a person suffers from diabetes or just want to strengthen your health, it can rely on this theory when composing your diet. By continuously monitoring the level of calorie foods and ready meals, it is possible for a long time to maintain good health.


Each person needs from an early age to pay more attention to their nutrition. But,unfortunately, only in adulthood we begin to think about what they eat. For people suffering from various diseases, is a very important issue. Especially if they have been diagnosed with diabetes. They have to be very careful when preparing the menu, include only the most useful and low-calorie foods.

Therefore, the caloric level is one of the main key points which should be taken into account by every man who cares what he eats. The food selected with regard to its total energy value, allows you to provide the body with all the necessary elements and to avoid violation of any of the bodies. So with this attitude to the food we take care of ourselves, which allows us for many years to stay healthy.