Damage gluten: what is a danger, a list of what foods contain, symptoms

Cereals are one of the most common products used for making different products. Many are not even aware that the composition of cereals is not as safe as he can be submitted. If more closely acquainted with the composition of wheat, barley and oats, then it is possible to detect a complex protein called gluten. This substance known as gluten.

Her presence makes the dough elastic and allows the cakes to rise. Consequently, all types of bakery products, for the preparation of which used wheat, rye, oat and barley flour, contain gluten. So, if your table has a regular bread, biscuits, cakes, pasta, beer and other products, you will find yourself at risk.

The dangers of gluten

Special hazards this substance is for people with a genetic predisposition to the gliadin fraction of gluten that is inflammatory reaction. Particularly unpleasant sensations have to endure people diagnosed with celiac disease. Present in the body protein, the immune system begins to consider the aggressor to be discarded like a dangerous virus. But the attacks suffer and tissues, not only protein, triggering a similar reaction of the immune system. This leads to the fact that the walls of the intestine begin to receive small injuries of various degrees.

Making such attacks to eliminate the protein, the immune system harms the digestive tract, cardiac system, brain and other organs. In many cases people do not even realize that he had a hidden intolerance to the protein. Usually this process is asymptomatic, and to determine this condition is possible if to deliver timely informed about the unpleasant phenomena of the attending physician. And in this case, you will have to make a special test, the results confirmed the diagnosis.

Fortunately, this disease is found in a small number of people — about 1%. But according to the results of the conducted research it was concluded: one-third of the observed patients was noted a certain reaction of the immune system to the protein.

To understand whether the deterioration of health with the ingestion of gluten, is difficult, including due to the fact that not always using test the tolerance of the substance, it is possible to obtain unequivocal results.

In this situation can help a special experiment, in which the patient is instructed to change your eating habits and start to eat gluten-free products. If this step gives a positive change and the person is restored to health, in the future, it is strongly recommended to minimize the use of harmful products, which contains hazardous gluten.

Intolerance to products with gluten

This problem arose because the wheat used today for the preparation of bakery products, different in composition from that used by our ancestors. After all, to achieve the best properties of wheat carried out on her various experiments. For many decades, plant breeders have worked with wheat, changing its structure to turn it into a rich source of protein, and this, in turn, has led to an increase in the content of gluten. It is therefore unsurprising that over the last several centuries the trend of increasing cases of celiac disease.

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The assimilation of these beans in human body is not entirely unlike the birds, who have all the necessary enzymes for this. And if you begin to observe at frequent stomach pain, impaired stool, weakness and signs of anemia, it may be worth it to look for the cause in a latent celiac intolerance.

The only reasonable solution in such a situation, the transition to food which has no foods containing this protein complex. And then maybe you will understand what was the cause of poor health. Here you need only to find out that contains gluten.

But don’t expect that, starting to eat gluten-free products, you will be able to lose weight. Such a diet is not intended weight loss, and elimination of unpleasant symptoms due to the individual characteristics of the organism. However, if your diet will be missing flour products, you will certainly be able to reduce the size of your waist.

Most foods that contain this protein, and are very high in calories. Some companies that manufacture gluten-free products use high amount of sugar which increases the calorie content of the product. But you can protect yourself if you before purchase, carefully examine the packaging.

Table of gluten free products

If you were able to get confirmation that the cause of poor health are products containing gluten, you may be interested to know what foods should be consumed to feel the joy of life. In the list of foods containing gluten, you can include:

  • Products of animal origin — meat, fish, poultry and eggs;
  • Fruits and berries;
  • Vegetables;
  • All kinds of nuts that have not been subjected to heat treatment.

Also you can safely include in this list oatmeal, which has the appropriate markings, certain types of flour — rice, buckwheat and corn, and natural dairy products.

Interesting facts

Sometimes it may be a situation where the individual products contain gluten, though it should not be in them in principle. Such is the fault of the individual manufacturers who are trying in this way to increase the elasticity of the product or to give form to the mass. Therefore, it is a dangerous substance can be detected in the ketchup, dressings, candies, bouillon cubes, frozen vegetables and other products.

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Many manufacturers are in no hurry to abandon the use of gluten, as for this complex protein from grains is not necessary to spend a lot of time and money. This protein is almost insoluble in water, and the technology of its production is reduced to the kneading of wheat flour in starch.

We must be particularly attentive to those products whose packaging contains a PostScript such as «modified starch», «hydrolyzed vegetable protein» or «textured». Seeing any of these marks, know that they contain gluten. Also the protein used to prepare some cosmetic products, primarily for powders and lipsticks. And because you need to be very careful when choosing creams and lotions.

Enjoyable for all will be the news that gluten is not absorbed through the skin. But if you have to use lipstick that contains this substance it can easily get into the stomach. And if you have individual intolerance to the gluten, once it becomes clear what consequences it may bring.


To protect yourself from possible harm that can induce gluten you or your family, you should follow the tips given below:

  • Highlight in your kitchen Cabinet or shelf where you will keep safe products that do not contain gluten;
  • Get the special crockery and Cutlery that you will use for gluten-free food. To make it easier to distinguish them, you can make them relevant notes;
  • Also, your kitchen should be special boards and knives for gluten-free bread;
  • If during cooking lunch or dinner you have to work simultaneously with products containing gluten and without it, then be sure to wash your hands before you begin to use dangerous products.

Be especially attentive to the child who has a gluten intolerance. First you need to prepare designed for his dishes, and then we can move on to cooking meals for other family members. If you decide to save time and simultaneously will bake products containing gluten and without it, this food can harm the baby.

Dangerous products you should be stored in places that can’t get your baby. You should not believe in the word friends, claiming that a child can be given food from those who are in the banned list. If you are unsure of the composition of the food, which is designed for your child, it is not worth the risk.

Symptoms of sensitivity

To find out whether you have individual intolerance to gluten and whether you should revise the list of products of your diet, you only need to closely monitor their condition. Usually this is indicated by the following symptoms:

  1. chronic diarrhea or constipation.
  2. chronic pain and bloating.
  3. any unexplained weight loss, chronic excessive thinness.
  4. anemia.
  5. chronic fatigue.
  6. infertility.
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If you have any doubt that protein is unsafe for you, you should not hurry to replace your usual products to gluten-free. First, you need to discuss this with your doctor. Sometimes these symptoms may indicate the presence of other diseases that gluten can be and uninvolved.

I am afraid of gluten?

In light of the fact that people began to pay more attention to their food, they looked for products containing gluten. Many began to remove them from your diet, even after a preliminary assessment of his condition. This step they decided because of the misconception that if they stop eating dangerous foods, this will help them not only to avoid celiac disease, but also to cope with other common diseases — migraine, chronic fatigue and irregular bowel movement. Although after a while some began to note improvement, this does not mean that the new diet will relieve them from other diseases.

If the person has a gluten intolerance, it must go on a diet. If you decide to start to eat it and expect a gluten-free diet will help you to get rid of extra pounds, it is unlikely that you will achieve your goal. This protein is found not only in bread and pasta. It can be found in many foods — mayonnaise, mustard, sausages and others.


Usually for many people with gluten happens when they start wondering what to eat. Up to a point they are not concerned what foods contain gluten. But it is necessary to compare certain facts, as it becomes clear that he is guilty of many problems.

But often home-made conclusion about that is not true. To understand if this is possible, if long time to eat gluten-free products and note the changes. Therefore to fight existing health problems is necessary, as in most cases with specialist.