Dancing for women: weight loss at home, rules lessons, tips and video

Today dancing for women act not only as a way of expression. Many have resorted to this means of necessity, because they want to use it to gain a slim figure. Even the experts agree: if you want to correct your weight, then start to dance.

Therefore, today many reputable fitness clubs hold dance lessons for weight loss. However, these programs have to pay a lot. But you can get rid of extra pounds, without incurring such high costs. For this, you can start taking classes at home.

Dances are very popular among women as a way to correct your figure and to get a glimpse of his inner world. There are several ways to learn how to dance: learn some of the elements on videos, one develops skills by attending group lessons.

Harmony plus recovery

According to psychologists, for efficiency, among other methods of losing weight dancing are not equal. The reason for this is that during the classes of people protected from stressful situations, which are the main drawback of a low calorie diet.

Therefore, when the nervous system can not withstand, he begins rapidly to eat everything that finds in your refrigerator.

Thanks to the dancing man is constantly maintained a good mood, because in terms of rhythmic and smooth movements by the body produces endorphins.

The positive effects of dance classes lies in improving blood circulation, enhancing lymphatic drainage and acceleration of the metabolism which allows the body more active to burn fat accumulation.

But correction is not the only positive effect of dance. People who have a lot of time to devote to them becomes more relaxed, you begin to better know your inner peace, find inner harmony.

In some cases it is necessary to proceed with caution

Almost anyone who has decided to dance, you may be sure that this occupation will not harm him. However, will not prevent to meet certain guidelines.

After the dance classes there is a definite physical load on the body, so individuals they may be contraindicated:

  1. To refrain from rhythmic movements should people who have disorders in the cardiovascular, respiratory system, high blood pressure and certain types of chronic diseases. Dancing can become a cause of relapse.
  2. Forget about dancing should pregnant women and women in the active phase of the menstrual cycle, high temperature and signs of poor health.
  3. Among the variety of dances there are such kinds which do not engage people with a displaced vertebrae, tumors, inflammatory diseases, hernias and varicose veins.
  4. To refrain from engaging in gender-dens should people diagnosed with first degree of obesity, and discovered the scoliosis, joint disease, knee injury.
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The rules of dance classes for weight loss at home

Acquainted with the contraindications and realizing that you can dance for weight loss, you can move on to consideration of the basic rules of dance lessons.

It is recommended to practice dancing for weight loss where you will feel inner harmony. Perfect for lessons in the room with the mirror, through which you will be able to watch their movements.

Make sure that in the room where you can dance, there was no external stimuli. Try to engage in those hours when the house will not be one of your household during lessons are encouraged to turn off cell phones and not think about everyday problems.

For these lessons you will need special clothing and shoes that should be comfortable. According to most, is not so bad to dance in an old worn t-shirts and zastupnik the loops.

However, this is a big mistake, because our ancestors during dances performed rhythmic movements, allowing them to tune into the energy of the cosmos. It is unlikely that cosmic forces will be happy holey pants.

If you look at this more mundane look, you dance more beautiful sexy clothes, because it sets the setting for gaining a perfect figure, and it already increases your chances to get the desired effect.

  • Hold classes at home, preferably every day but at least 5 times a week. In determining the length take into account the physical training. However, usually the duration should be between 30 minutes to 1 hour. After another class, it will not hurt to perform stretching exercises.
  • Do not worry if the first attempt to lose weight with dancing ended with failure. Never give up and continue to work on yourself, and as a result you will reach your goal.
  • If you just finished dancing, I will refrain for some time from a meal. The break should last at least one hour.
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The same amount of time must pass after the last meal, before you can start training. If you want to speed up the process of losing weight, try to eat more foods containing plenty of fiber and protein.

Flamenco, a plastic strip or belly dance – what to choose

Among all the variants the most suitable are single dances. Start learning this art with the pair of sessions is not recommended because it is necessary to observe the movements of a partner and memorize the sequence of the PA.

If your main goal is to lose weight, you should focus on working with certain groups of muscles, smooth movements, developing skills of control of individual muscle groups.

Types of dances for weight loss

From the variety of types of dances for weight loss, you can choose any of the following:

  1. Oriental dances. Useful for those that contribute to the restoration of metabolic processes, strengthening the abdominal muscles, back, shoulders, and also improve the sexual function.
  2. Latin American rhythms. Their main characteristic is the high energy. Making a quick movement during class, you will effortlessly be able to burn a lot of calories in one lesson. During class utilizes all muscle groups.
  3. Flamenco. They help to support the muscles of the back and legs in good tone and strengthen the heart.
  4. Modern jazz. This species is based on the movements of R&B, breaks, step. To maintain the necessary dynamics and energy, the man needs to have certain skills. The benefits of such studies lies not only in increasing the flexibility of the muscular system, but also to adjust the shape.
  5. The plastic strip. The main role is given to the Eastern and Latin elements. Make movement involves all muscle fibers that are involved in the formation of the abdomen, back, buttocks and legs.
  6. Pole dance. The benefit of these exercises is to maintain good muscle tone, improve their work, improve flexibility and plasticity of the body. With regular classes half provided great dance aerobic effect.
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In order to understand what kind of dance for weight loss will be right for you, consider your temperament, level of training and personal preferences.

However, if you rely on practical experience, it is best to start with belly dancing. As arguments in favor of dancing you can bring that they contribute to the formation of the feminine figures, allow you to learn smooth movements, and give an unforgettable pleasure from the contemplation of the flexible and beautiful movements.

Do not forget that through the belly dance in ancient times revealed internal energy and sexual potential of women. To start dancing is not only because it is very beautiful.

Many women attracted to them that with regular exercises can greatly to lose weight. With this method experts recommend as the best, naming as the main argument that people who are trying to learn to dance, not prone to nervous breakdowns, and with different diets is not uncommon.

In addition to the above benefits, these classes help you to become more relaxed and gain understanding with our inner world.