Detox diet 7 days: cleansing the body, customer feedback

Overweight women always brought a lot of trouble, not only aesthetic plan. Along with the fullness coming more and mood swings, skin diseases, headache, slow metabolism, fatigue. All the problems associated with incorrect alignment of the feed, which is the main causes of these troubles.

Start the protective function of the body, cleanse the organs of toxins, to restore and renew the blood stream can all do a detox diet «7 days». Its basis is the use of clean water and greenery with light products. Such a diet helps cleanse of toxins, addictions to food. It returns the body to ease and improves health, evidenced by numerous reviews.

Menu, detox diet for 7 days

Keep in mind that since the first day you need to forget about the sweets. From eight in the morning is recommended to eat light fruits – grapes, apples, citrus. Then you can drink herbal tea without sugar.

For lunch from twelve o’clock can be prepared baked or steamed vegetables, or eat them raw. You can also eat salads dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.

Allocate 7 basic products that help in the diet to keep the body healthy:

  1. Cucumber – healthy and tasty vegetable significantly improves the functioning of kidneys.
  2. Citrus – due to the content of ascorbic acid, help cleanse the body from harmful bacteria.
  3. Ginger – reduces the need for sweets and stabilizes the pancreas. Besides, it perfectly enhances immunity.
  4. Melon – has a beneficial effect on the liver and removes harmful salts.
  5. Bananas – enrich your body while dieting with minerals and remove excess moisture.
  6. Beetroot – improves the digestive tract.
  7. Grapes – promotes the breakdown of toxins.

Everyone who sees this list will be able to understand that detox diet «7 days» easy to carry in the summer, because in winter most of these products are hard to come by. While diet can not forget about the use of water – at least 1.5 litres per day. At the same time to start the day is with a glass of water, but the finish herbal infusions.

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Day 1: drink lots of water, fresh juices from berries, fruit and vegetables, tea herbs. The most healthful juices of celery, peaches, raspberries, apples, beets, pineapple, mango, pear.

Day 2: you can eat fruits that contain soft tissue (apples, apricots, grapes, pineapple, peach, watermelon, plum, mango). Do not forget to consume plenty of fluids.

Day 3: eat salads, fresh vegetables, herbs, fennel, fruit. Drink a lot of water and introduce a diet of root vegetables, containing a large amount of nutrients, which stimulate digestion.

Day 4: eat boiled rice with vegetables. Most useful for cleansing the blood of toxins are cauliflower, Jerusalem artichoke, carrot.

Day 5: add to the diet nuts, and also used any of these products except rice. Are allowed to eat lentils, seeds and beans.

Day 6: introduce cereal and yogurt to restore beneficial intestinal microflora and to get the energy boost.

Day 7: you are ready to eat lean fish, which is enriched in saturated fatty acids. You can also eat foods listed in the previous 4 days.

The end of the detox diet

The body requires training not only before starting the diet, but before closing. Agree, it would be unwise immediately the next day to satiety to eat fatty meals after a seven-day eating vegetables. Of course not, because your detox diet will be in vain, and this is evidenced in numerous reviews.

After the detox diet 7 days to be completed, even for a couple of day you should eat diet diet before gradually adding a few nutritious foods to the menu.

Physical activity

Following a detox diet involves committing some physical exercises, because movement helps to eliminate the poisons and toxins from the body. With the aim of cleansing the body, according to the reviews together with the diet can enjoy mobile dancing, Jogging, Cycling, basketball and volleyball. To speed up the excretion of unnecessary substances, it is necessary to drink a glass of water before and after exercise.

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During diet you need time to go to sleep and stop Smoking, at least during the detox diet.

Positive and negative sides of the diet

The emphasis in feeding is on fruits and vegetables, juices and berries, which contain vitamins. They are beneficial to digestion and overall health, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

However, this diet is characterized by some drawbacks:

  • the main problem is insufficient intake of nutrients in the limitation of supply. This can cause health problems.
  • sometimes the reduction in weight occurs due to loss of moisture.
  • hard detox diet 7 days can lead to fatigue, dizziness and malaise. This can be explained by the fact that the body loses harmful substances.

To exclude negative effects of diet the body should be well prepared for the upcoming shake-up. Somewhere like two weeks rebuilding the diet, namely, along with the usual food reduce the amount of meat and dairy products, and number of fruits increase.

To ensure the effectiveness of detox diets, it should read in advance .

After breaking up with a guy because of the extra weight decided to take for themselves. After a long search for a suitable diet settled on this one. Before beginning a detox diet, trained for a month after the beginning of the cleaning. Three weeks can get rid of 14 pounds! In addition, improved overall health! The only drawback is the caution that you want to show to all who have kidney problems.

Anyone who tries in vain to lose weight on a boring mono-diet is advised to pay attention to the detox diet. It is, in addition, ensures the maximum recovery. You want to confess, sometimes it is not restrained and the piece of chicken was eaten, but without the salt! It was difficult to cope with the craving for sweets because I have a sweet tooth. But the regime is, and I tried! On the diet, I stuck to the week, but at the end I try not to use harmful products. After 4 months I plan to go back to the diet.

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Given the fact, as of today all eat, this diet is a chic method of cleansing the body of toxins and impurities. Decided to try her and I, because we are firmly decided to follow the figure, and played sports. The result was just amazed! Not only that, I became slimmer, and even began to feel at 100%!