Diet after surgery gallbladder removal: the essence of the diet that you can eat, recommendations

When the gall bladder accumulates too many stones and the body can not work normally, the patient will have to agree to the proposal to remove the gallbladder. However, is it necessary? To answer this question only after reviewing the function of this organ.

How does gallbladder?

The appearance of the stones is the result of the development of chronic cholecystitis, which is usually divided into two types: with a tendency to stone formation, and without it. Even surgery does not resolve the problem, and the reason for this is that bile is still broken physico-chemical properties. The gallbladder is an important organ in the body, acting as a storage device, which receives a small portion of the bile from the liver and stored there until the meal.

The correct operation of gallbladder the bile begins to flow into the intestine just at the moment when he makes the next batch of food. If your gallbladder, bile will regularly in small portions to flow into the duodenum. Against the background of emerging irritation of the bowel will be disturbed digestion, which often leads to the development of specific symptom, which among specialists is known as postcholecystectomy syndrome.

Those patients who agreed to the operation, have to keep after her on a special diet, the main goal which is the prevention of postcholecystectomy syndrome and the creation of conditions in which the bile ducts regularly will get rid of content that will help to prevent the appearance of liver stagnation and the formation of stones in the hepatic ducts.

General description of the diet

First of all, it is necessary to form a correct attitude towards the diet after surgery. Such changes are introduced not for a certain temporary period, the diet should become a way of life. Only then can quickly detect the abnormalities in the diet and to take appropriate measures to prevent such in the future has not happened.

The essence of the diet is reduced to the following two main rules: frequent meals and small portion sizes. We are talking about the fact that people who have undergone gallbladder surgery should increase the number of meals to 5-6. The closest intervals between meals should not be more than 4 hours. Schematically depict the meal as follows:

  1. 8:00– Breakfast;
  2. 11:00– lunch;
  3. 14:00– lunch;
  4. 17 :00 – afternoon snack
  5. 20 :00 – dinner.

To maintain a healthy weight is recommended to reduce the calorie content of foods. In accordance with the recommendations of the experts, dinner should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime. But, given the specific condition of people who have undergone removal of the gallbladder, they are contraindicated such big breaks between meals. Therefore, to carry the dinner at this late date is not worth it, better 2 hours before bedtime drink a glass of yogurt or to eat the cracker.

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Removal of the gallbladder means that from this moment in the body food is digested in a different way, because the bile will continuously flow into the gut, not accumulating in the gallbladder.

Processing, as before, a big lump of food, it will not succeed, because the bile now flows a bit, and it only got to handle a comparable volume of food.

Thus, after operations on gallbladder the patient needs for at least the first six months to stick to a strict diet, fulfilling all of the recommendations of the attending physician. In the diet are allowed to add only the dishes that are prepared by the method of boiling or steaming. For better assimilation of the foods should be cut smaller, and the meals have the consistency to be close to the liquid as porridge or thick soup. Gradually, when the body will get used to split meals, you can start to add new dishes regularly to monitor the body’s response. If health is all right, the selected dish can be left in the daily menu.

Rules of diet after cholecystectomy

The majority of patients after surgery for gallbladder you can add in the meat and fish with low fat, porridge from cereals, low-fat dairy products, vegetables and fruit. In the list of allowed drinks include natural juices, herbal teas, fruit drinks, herbal infusions and teas. Meals and drinks prepared for consumption, should have a temperature close to room. If you eat cold food, it can cause pain in the upper quadrant.

  • When menus diet after cholecystectomy it is necessary to consider that the selected foods should provide the body with the necessary amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • The daily intake of carbohydrates should be no more than 400 grams.
  • The menu should be vegetable products, prepared by the method of boiling or baking.
  • Really need to be careful when eating raw vegetables, as a result of their use may increase bile secretion. If a person has chronic constipation, this problem will not touch him.

To include in the diet menu after cholecystectomy fresh fruit and berries is permitted only under the condition that they possess neutral properties — low sugar content, medium acidity, and so Very you need to be careful with acidic products, which in any case can not be eaten raw — they must be used to prepare steamed and baked dishes, you can also make jellies, compotes, etc.

In principle, any food, including fruits, can be prepared using various methods of heat treatment — cooking, braising, roasting, but frying must be eliminated.

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Within diet after gallbladder removal have to give up alcohol, smoked, fried and fatty foods, sausages, pickles, spices, marinades, hot dishes. From the first day you have to forget about fast food, mayonnaise, ketchup, processed foods, etc. think Several times before to eat the foods that bile flow.

Also from the diet will have to remove animal fats because of their ability to provoke stone formation. For this reason, in the first six months after removal of the gallbladder, you must limit the intake of butter to 20 grams per day, and vegetable — to 40 Until the body gets used to the new diet, a day must come no more than 80 grams of fat.

Recommendations for diet after gallbladder removal

After the operation, the liquid can be drunk in the same quantities. In other words, its consumption rate should also be maintained at the level of 1.5-2 liters.

Considering surgery people recommended to include in the diet juices, compotes and decoctions of rose hips, chamomile, apples, apricots.

It is useful to include in the diet of mineral water Essentuki № 4 and № 20, Slavyanovskaya, Smirnoff, nafta due to their ability to prevent the formation of stones and restore normal consistency of bile.Mineral water should be at room temperature. To maintain the state, it is recommended to drink a glass of mineral water in small SIPS before eating for 30 minutes three times a day. This measure will help restore the normal texture and chemical composition of bile, if you pass the full course, which is one month and provides for a three-month break.

Welcome presence in the menu, bran, which are excellent option of a second Breakfast.

Among the bakery products, it is recommended to give preference to the following varieties — wheat bread yesterday’s baking, biscuits, pies, tarts, buns from dumpling dough.

Recommended soups prepared on weak vegetable or meat broth. As a dressing, use a good seethe or pureed cereals, small noodles and vegetables.

In the preparation of the first dishes are allowed to use small quantities of butter, eggs or low-fat milk.

Availability of milk in the diet soup skimmed milk, cooked rice or pasta. This dish can be served no more than once a week.

To meet the body’s need for protein is recommended to include in the diet of fish and meat, the minimal fat that can be prepared in different versions — boiled, baked or stewed. A great source of protein is beef, Turkey, chicken, rabbit, bream, perch. Before the use meat chicken and Turkey need to be peeled, which is not recommended for use in food.

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For the second it is possible to prepare vegetable mashed potatoes of various products (potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.), soufflés, vegetables baked or boiled, cereals or vegetable casseroles.

Patients who have undergone removal of the gallbladder, especially recommended:

  • potatoes;
  • zucchini;
  • carrots;
  • broccoli;
  • beets, etc.

Features of cooking for patients with a remote bubble

After the surgery people should be very careful in selecting a method of cooking vegetable dishes. Of them are cooking, steam cooking, stewing and baking. Preparing a particular food, you should limit the use of fats and very carefully handle the products.

Do not expose to heat treatment method selected large pieces of food. First, they must be cut into small pieces, and during cooking to bring them to full soft. You must also restrict your salt intake — the daily intake should not exceed 4 g. For those dishes in which salt is required, it is recommended to use marine or stone.


Removal of the gallbladder is an easy decision that we have to agree a lot of people who have this body already can not work normally. And after this they need to prepare for what they will be forced to switch to a new diet. It consists of taking into account the new behavior of the organism: since the bile will flow in small amounts, the main principles of the diet should be fractional and frequent meals. People who have had gallbladder removal should eat five to six times a day, eating at a time the portions are small in size.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the method of heat treatment products should be given preference to everything except frying. No less important is the composition of the products of which will be prepared daily menu. It should not be with high fat products and vegetables can only be consumed after heat treatment. Some of them can cause unpleasant symptoms, so to avoid such discomfort, it is advisable to seek help from a doctor, that he was the individual menu.