Diet and menu for each day, for high blood sugar for men and women

Diet with a high quantity of sugar in the blood implies limitations in the power menu. The implementation of certain recommendations will help to normalize sugar and prevent various diseases, as well as serious problems in the whole organism.

The basic principle of the diet food – restriction received by the body of carbohydrates or a complete rejection of them. It is forbidden to eat light carbohydrates. Calorie diet required is low and the products have a great quantity of minerals and vitamins, you also need to avoid foods that raise blood sugar.

General information

For a healthy person the optimum sugar level is 3.2-5.7 mmol/l. during the day the figure is undergoing some changes – it is quite natural.

You also need to consider the fact that the amount of glucose in the blood is influenced by certain additional factors such as severe stress, severe illness, pregnancy. Most often, the sugar comes back to normal without taking any action.

Hyperglycemia is increase in blood sugar level of more than 5.7 mmol/L. to Judge the disease of diabetes is possible only in the case when 2 of the analysis done with a certain interval, revealed a level of 7.1 mmol/l and more.

Even with a small increase in blood sugar it is necessary to reconsider the menu of the diet. Recommended to be examined, including to determine the condition of the pancreas.

Very often, when increased amounts of blood sugar issues occur with excess weight and diet gives a great opportunity to reduce the rate and also to normalize the metabolism.

The food menu at an elevated level blood sugar must be balanced, meals for the day should be divided into 6-7 meals that should be consumed in small portions, avoiding eating.

During the preparation of the menu, great attention should be paid to the total weight, existing disease, individual intolerance to certain products, and the concentration of sugar in the blood. Equally important is the activity of the patient to determine the energy costs that appear in the diet.

Symptoms of high sugar levels:

  • Dry mouth, constant thirst;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Reduced weight coupled with a high appetite;
  • Weakness, fatigue;
  • The formation of boils;
  • Prolonged healing of wounds and scratches;
  • Itching;
  • Immunosuppression;
  • Blurred vision.

The basic rules of the diet

The amount of sugar in the blood by the hormone insulin. A small amount of insulin leads to diabetes. In order to «prediabetics» the state is not developed, it is necessary to control the level of sugar in the blood, it needs to follow certain rules:

  • Healthy lifestyle – avoiding alcohol and tobacco.
  • Movement is life. Pick the «their» sport. By strengthening and developing the muscles, the body increases the burning of fat and use glucose.
  • Food must be regular, small portions. Make snacking every 2 hours. Don’t forget, overeating is not necessary in the same way as starve!
  • Consumption of foods with low calories, control the amount of fat. Protein plant foods adds vitality and energy. Dairy products and cottage cheese can help to normalize the microflora of the stomach.
  • The basic principle – carbohydrate diet. Calorie reduce to 1600-2100 units (including required energy). Easy carbohydrates (bread, sweets) are prohibited. Do limit the amount of sugar from fruits. Vegetable proteins (beans), complex carbohydrates (cereals), sour fruits, curd maximally included in the menu.
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Diet for high sugar level

For each patient, diet must be the doctor. The basic rule is regular meals. The menu must be low-calorie foods, drinks and herbal teas, fresh vegetables.

Food with high glucose level does not mean that you need to completely be confined in a sweet every day, but need to control the amount of sugar in all products. Will certainly need to pay attention to the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein in daily menu. Balanced daily diet should contain 36% fat, 21% protein and 43% carbs. When this balance is possible to achieve a normal amount of sugar in the blood.

Diet with high sugar makes careful control of the used fruit, because there can be not all. You can eat apples, watermelons, but the dried fruit or bananas to eat is prohibited.

In addition, the diet consists of, and frequency of eating. You need to eat often and small portions, the day you need to eat 5-7 times. Consumption of salt should be limited, but better to completely abandon it.

The main part of the menu must prepare fruits and vegetables (fresh, boiled, baked). Is important and drinking regime, it is necessary to drink at least 2 l of water.

Diet for high blood sugar during pregnancy

Women pregnancy leads to the fact that at an elevated level sugar food should be consumed often. Any skipping meals causes harm to the future baby and mother. Pregnant women need to constantly monitor it and make sure that the cholesterol is not exceeded.

Why you can buy a special device, by which a drop of blood we can determine the amount of sugar in the blood, it is necessary to measure only on an empty stomach.

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You need to eat food within 2 hours, and the night period must be not more than 10 h. Some fruits and dairy products before bedtime is forbidden to consume? Absolutely everything!

Pregnancy means that the main focus of the diet is required to be done on vegetable food, which is low in spices, oil and salt.

What you can consume porridge? The most useful is buckwheat porridge, and with it fresh vegetables, salads or chicken soup. Sweet fit a biscuit and foods with low sugar content. It is undesirable to consume mushrooms, red meat, very spicy or sweet food.

Sample menu for high sugar

Sample menu for diabetes should be tailored to a patient’s age, weight and sugar level. Diet is the only way to normalize the sugar, because diet need to choose carefully, and know what is are products, be sure to observe the instructions of the endocrinologist and nutritionist. Aside from diet, you can use light exercise to make a comprehensive program.

It is important to consume seasonal vegetables, while the volume of fruit necessary to control, as most of them have a lot of sugar and cannot be used at elevated blood sugar levels. Huge benefits of cereal, because they impede the appearance of cholesterol and reduce the amount of sugar. As a side dish can be cooked buckwheat, rice and oatmeal.

Permitted foods with high blood sugar

The question of what can be consumed in the diet, care about the many people who have elevated sugar as well as hormonal disturbances in the body or a malfunction of the pancreas. The following is a list of foods allowed for high sugar that allow you to normalize its concentration and the production:

  • Fruits – you can eat only those where there is little glucose and sugar. They should be consumed after the main meal.
  • Vegetables – the Foundation of a diet menu. It is advisable to consume it raw, you can also boil or bake. Roasted vegetables is unfavorable.
  • Meat – it certainly has to be diet. Choice beef, chicken, veal, and fish. All of these products preferably steamed or boiled.
  • Flour products. These products must contain a minimum of carbohydrates. A good option would be bread, whole grain, rye bread, protein bread or made with bran. Undesirable consumption of pies, cupcakes, muffins and cakes.
  • Eggs – you can eat up to 2 pieces daily.
  • Dairy products – cottage cheese pudding, cottage cheese, casseroles. Yogurt, sour cream or yogurt can be consumed no more than 2 cups daily.
  • Cereals – the most useful component in the diet, as they reduce the amount of cholesterol that have lots of vitamins and vegetable proteins. The most beneficial cereals is oatmeal, buckwheat, millet, barley and rice. But semolina is prohibited.
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Prohibited products

This is a pretty topical issue at the time of writing diet. With increased sugar in the blood need to limit or completely abandon the consumption of foods that contain a lot of sugar, glucose and carbohydrates.

Completely from the menu it is necessary to exclude alcoholic drinks, and some kinds of fruits, sweets (apart from honey) and mushroom dishes. In General, we emphasize that alcohol and blood sugar — are incompatible!

Food that helps to reduce the sugar, should contain a lot of fiber. Forbidden to eat spicy and salty meals, bananas, grapes, pork, as all these foods will further increase the amount of sugar.

Sample menu

To normalize the condition of the body, it is necessary to make a rough menu and stick well. If the menu develop a list of prohibited and allowed foods, the diet can be easily corrected.


  • a decoction of rose hips or green tea;
  • 120 gr. green beans and scrambled eggs from two eggs;
  • Second Breakfast:
  • bread with bran;
  • vegetable salad.


  • boiled breast chicken;
  • soup with vegetables or buckwheat;
  • water with honey;
  • salad from fresh cabbage and carrots.


  • tea;
  • the bread of bran;
  • apples.


  • a glass of herbal tea or yogurt;
  • vegetable salad;
  • boiled fish and rice.

In this diet will not feel hunger, because it is transferred is quite simple.

In determining the person high blood sugar levels, diet menu must be the doctor, given the characteristics of the disease and prescribed treatment. People diagnosed with diabetes, it is desirable to have the meter device instant definition amount of sugar, it will give the opportunity at home to control the situation, and timely adjust the composition and food, along with your doctor. Properly chosen diet will improve the health of the patient hyperglycemia and will keep sugar level within the boundaries of required performance.