Diet doctors 7 and 14 days: diet for each day, photos, reviews, slimming and results

Only one name this diet causes women to believe in the possibility of effective and quick weight loss. And the girls in front are way of diet, which has already passed multiple tests and was officially approved by physicians, and which, of course, is quite effective. Of course, this diet is effective, but about what she did some tests, it is possible to doubt. Medical specialist of such a plan, the power system just can’t recommend.

It is believed that the creation of this technique was conducted by doctors for patients who wanted to lose weight and get rid of fat, for example, before the operation. And accordingly, created the scheme for people who had a disease, such as obesity and, therefore, had a slow exchange process. But during the examination of the diet for acceleration of metabolic processes this menu is not suitable.

But, anyway, the doctors diet, which is designed for 7 or 14 days, for many people is very attractive. Although many challenges exist, the promise is still luring people in. But their veracity is questionable. And how many people could withstand this menu for 14 you can learn, having read this article till the end.

The distinctive features of the diet doctors

Diet doctors has the following features:

  • During the diet the body will get a huge amount of water, because the water go out of body to different harmful substances, including toxins. But since the first days of the diet the body practically will not receive nutrients, to withstand the fasting will be pretty difficult, especially when you get great pleasure from eating.
  • This power may not be suitable for all people. To comply with its strict requirements may be the most persistent and patient. You need to be prepared for the fact that throughout time the food will be very small, and in the beginning of the diet altogether you will need to starve.
  • Reviews about this diet, for the most part, positive. Many girls say that big feeling of hunger they experience only the first few days. Then the body gradually begins to get used to the small nutrient elements and the feeling of hunger blunted in a natural way.

Diet doctors the diet for 7 or 14 days

How poor diet this diet for 7 or 14 days is surprising, and it will confirm any professional physician. And though there are degrees, which eventually makes the diet more intense, in General, the calorie content is quite low, when compared with the rules that are enshrined in the world Health Organization. It is not necessary to use this power circuit during active physical exercise or while performing any difficult physical work because you will just be exhausted.

Diet menu for a week physicians

This diet includes the following menu:

  • The first day of unloading. You can drink only mineral drinking water (without gas) and nothing else. Moreover, you can also drink plain purified water.
  • For the second day you can drink 0,7-1 liter of milk and percentage of milk fat shall be not more than 2.5 percent. In addition, will be allowed one large but not very sweet Apple. And mandatory to drink purified water.
  • The third day is also fasting and again it is necessary to drink only non-carbonated mineral water.
  • On the fourth day you can eat salad. To prepare this salad use grated carrots and cabbage. In a salad, you can add 0,5 tbsp of olive oil. The day you can eat no more than one kilogram of this salad.
  • The fifth day is exactly the same as the second except Apple.
  • On the sixth day you can be a little cheer up, because this day will be a lot of things are allowed, in contrast to the previous days. You can have Breakfast one boiled egg and drinking a Cup of tea, but without sugar. As a second Breakfast, you will be able to afford a vegetable broth. And at lunch you are supposed to lean boiled chicken meat (120 gr.) and 120 gr. of canned peas. Then, during the rest of the day, you can eat three apples, but the apples must be sweet.
  • On the seventh day of cooked fermented milk products: for this day you can drink milk, in the amount of not more than 450 g., with a fat content of not more than 2.5 and any amount of yogurt. Also you can eat cottage cheese (120 gr.), its fat content must be not more than 9%.
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This is all the diet doctors for a week. Out of this diet it is necessary gradually, this occurs frequently for 4-6 days, adding to their menu steamed or boiled vegetables in small quantities, then you can add lean meats and cereals. However, diet can extend up to 14 days.

Diet menu physicians for 14 days

Diet for 2 weeks:

  • From the eighth to the eleventh day, the menu is absolutely the same as on the first four days, and to describe it we will not. And on the twelfth day you can drink a liter of milk, its fat content must be in the range of 1.5-2.5%.
  • On the thirteenth day, eat just till 15:00. The list of products at the same time is not very large – one boiled egg and cottage cheese with 9% fat.
  • The final, fourteenth day, again there will be fasting, you can drink non-carbonated mineral water (1 l).

As a result of this diet lasts 2 weeks, and staff doctors say you can lose up to 15 lbs. Because the diet is very hard, it is quite possible, but only for people who have excess weight. People who have no excess weight, and may throw off for them the maximum amount of weight.

Diet doctors: reviews and results

What about the actual results of this diet, it promises to match the numbers that turned out in the end. After one day it is possible to reduce weight by approximately pounds, and, respectively, for the three days you can lose weight by 3 kg, and then do the math. At the end of the second week it is possible to throw 12-15 kg, initially with a large weight.

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But leaving reviews about this diet, most of the girls wrote that in the first place, they didn’t have the willpower to complete the full course. Menu with such a low calorie content makes it impossible to pass the diet completely. The first week was able to withstand a lot, but only because of the growing rich menu, on the sixth day had already been a relatively decent Breakfast and also meals throughout the day. But the seventh day was again fasting for dairy products.

And all would be well, if an obstacle of this diet was not very low efficiency: there are many weight loss schemes with strict conditions for the weekend, but unimportant, which is observed while losing weight, doing this diet is not very acceptable. Typically, this is manifested by pain in the stomach.

By and large, reading the bulk of reviews about this diet, it can be noted that it is not worth the suffering. Though losing pounds is quite large, will be very easy to dial them again. Moreover, even when you are right out of the diet and will not consume junk food.

As a rule, reviews are divided into the following categories:

  • First sit on this diet and happily in the comments saying that want to lose weight once and for all. This often happens when weight is 65 kg and height 170 cm. These women a few days to eat according to the rules of the diet, about what they say in their reviews, and then disappear. Most likely, they did not survive more than 3 days.
  • Second write that you stayed on this diet and managed to lose about 11-14 pounds, but to repeat this diet no longer, as it is very hard, due to the fact that the weight comes back.

In addition, if you read the reviews of physicians, the schedule of eating and diet menu can cause severe stress of the body and even significantly lower the metabolism. But neither the first nor the second did not have a favorable impact on the figure. Consequently, taking into account all the negative factors that arise in the course of this diet, people suffering from kidney failure and now having problems with heart diseases, urinary system, and digestive and nervous should never use this diet. It can be used only by the person who has perfect health, and at the same time, he must all the time be observed at the doctor.

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Diet doctors

I have had minor weight, 67 kg. or rather I Read reviews 14 days and wanted to sit for seven days, because it seemed that it is rather difficult to withstand. Took off as much as 4 kg in one week. This is most likely because it was a little bit of excess weight. Continued diet and for two weeks were able to lose about 7 kg. This method of losing weight I strongly liked, I advise everyone to try. Though difficult to follow a diet.

Lera Voronezh

My sister and I decided, and sat down on this diet. I have a little weight – 63 kg, but my sister Chose 93 kg diet for two weeks, because for it to drop a lot, but I decided just to support it, though it was initially planned to lose weight in 7 days. Both are very happy since the diet doctors made thinner sister is 12 kg and I lost weight by 7 kg. Excellent results. The people around see these changes, doing a variety of compliments, which is very nice. I think after some time to repeat it, sorry that you need to follow a diet once for 2 months.

Natasha Kiev

My before weight was 78 kg. Read the reviews and decided on this scheme of weight loss. Now for the sixth day. Unlike the first five days, I’ve even overeaten. Today my weight is 67.8 kg, and this makes me very happy. But we still have eight days, I think by the end I will weigh about 60 kg.

Marina Moscow