Diet Dr. Bormental slimming menu for a week and every day, free table calorie

So popular today diet Dr. Bormental, directly to the doctor from the book «heart of a Dog» does not have any relationship. This method of weight loss based on psychological effective technology that helps to identify the motivation of weight loss, reduces appetite.

During the work, to those who wish to lose weight, can be used various breathing exercises, meditation and neuro-linguistic encoding. In the process of these exercises provides a fairly stable and effective result diet. Directly a system developed in 2001 and since then it is gaining popularity.

Keep a journal and count calories

In addition to psychology, you need to understand certain aspects of nutrition of this diet, thanks to which activated exchange processes, leaving excess weight and improve your health. The principle of the diet Bormenthal is to reduce the amount of calories consumed each day.

The developers of the diet to assure that the optimal rate for a person with a sedentary way of life is considered to be 1100-1250 kcal. If losing weight is weight work the rate can increase by 250 kcal. Surprisingly, this diet allows to eat any products. So Bormenthal diet to lose weight is very simple. The most important to consume calories fit into a certain framework.

Thus, the total calories should be no more than 1250 calories. And quite important not to forget about psychological mood, not to forget what you want to lose weight and to understand that constant overeating can not only slow down the abandoned process of losing weight, but also to return extra pounds.

Bormental slimming on, the diary is required to be a constant companion. Buy a notebook and write in it everything that you have eaten throughout the day. Thus, you will have the opportunity at the end of the day to see eaten, to adjust your diet, if necessary, to remove some products.

Despite the fact that clear restrictions exist, still rich in carbohydrates and fatty foods should be removed from the diet.

Table calorie foods for Bormental

Deciding on a diet Bormental, the table of caloric content of products obliged to be at hand. You also need to buy a kitchen scale. First, products must weigh, calculate their caloric value table, written in a notebook and only then eat.

Nutritionists have calculated the calorie content of the diet in the table as follows: for women – not less than 700 kcal, for men – 900 kcal daily. But in the first few days of calorie can be increased, for women to 1200 calories and men 1500 calories.

In addition to the table calorie and kitchen scales, you need to buy more scales by which, you must determine your weight and as a calorie, to mark in a notebook.

How does diet Bormenthal?

The most important rule: always leave the table with a slight feeling of hunger. You need to follow a four-time diet. Time between meals should be no more than 4 h. Not observing the routine can in the body to slow the metabolic processes. Diet per day can be divided as follows: Breakfast – 35% of total calories for the day, snack – 15%, lunch – 35% dinner – 15%. Time every meal must take at least 20 minutes, as it is necessary to eat slowly, chewing well.

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Bormenthal diet involves an indispensable intake of protein, it is fish, meat, poultry, seafood and cheese. Also on the menu definitely have to be fresh vegetables and fruits, natural honey, dairy products and nuts. On the day you need to drink up to 2 liters of normal purified water. Coffee, tea, juices and other liquids are not considered. Before eating drink a Cup of water. It will not allow the emergence of constipation. Certainly refrain from carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

Slimming doctor Bormental did not imply physical activities because of limited caloric contraindicated large load. But, if one is used to sports, the developers of the diet suggest exercise instead of doing your normal walk, hold phytotherapeutic procedures to perform massages. When heavy loads are allowed to increase the calorie content of menu 250-350 calories. Approximately as many women spend on fitness.

After 2 weeks you can open your notebooks and compare the results. If the weight changes significantly, you should try to reduce their calories by 100 calories daily. But if declined, then you can go for securing this effect. What slowly increase the daily ration, be sure to controlling your weight.

If weight is added, it is necessary to reduce the calorie content. That is, a diet Bormenthal, count calories and every day on the scales.

Menu for the week and recipes

From other weight loss diets power system Bormenthal is characterized by a lack of strict diet restrictions, and even ordered to give up the fatty and high calorie foods. It is desirable to remove from the menu all varieties of dairy fatty foods, sausage, potatoes and white bread.

By eating a healthy diet Bormenthal, diet for a week need to make. Since menu Bormenthal just no, in this question it is necessary to use individual approach. In spite of this, this diet still has certain requirements. Menu you must make to the diet every day were protein products. It is also useful to add fruits and vegetables. Sweet, salty and fatty meals, you need to limit or exclude. Moreover, it is necessary to observe the established framework of calorie every day. Excessive reduction of calories menu diet are not welcomed.

Each dish should be considered once. Calculating and preparing, fix the result in your notebook. So, when a week will need to prepare this soup, you will not have to count calories. Then, when it is estimated the calorie content of your favorite dishes to simplify the process of developing the menu for the week. Will only need to weigh foods, not counting calories.

If you have to eat in a cafe, you need to book meals in which you know the calorie content. You also need to have a rule of similarity. That is, when in a Japanese restaurant you ordered snake, that counting calories can be very simple, based on the chicken.

There is one important caveat – no to forget to weigh the bones and substract them from the total weight of the food. It is not necessary to weigh each bone separately. For example, one time after eating a leg of chicken and weighing the bone in the future do not need to record the approximate weight. You also do not have themselves much to blame, when you suddenly get over or does not get calories. Most important, it was not systematic.

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If suddenly during the diet come any ailments, for example colds, you need to add 250 calories to the menu, and enter a generous fluid intake.

Do not forget that a constant weight can be maintained up to 3 weeks. So the body tries to maintain their health. Twice a week it is advisable to take a salt bath. Sea salt has the ability to absorb fluid from the body.

The approximate menu for one day:

  • Breakfast: poached breast of chicken 85 gr. (75 kcal) steamed 2 tsp soy sauce (7 kcal), 75 g. boiled buckwheat (65 kcal), papirosniki and unsweetened coffee (30 calories), small tomato (15 calories) – 210 calories.
  • Snack: 1 teaspoon 10% cream (7 kcal), 310 grams. soup (62 calories), 2 small loaves of bread (25 calories), unsweetened tea (45 kcal) and polcevera is only 150 calories.
  • Lunch: 120 grams of lean fish (55 kcal), 160 grams of boiled potatoes (55 kcal), 2 marmalade and tea unsweetened (45 kcal), 160 gr. sauerkraut (25 kcal) is only 190 calories.
  • Dinner: 85 grams of boiled beef (85 kcal), 85 gr. steam rice (90 calories), 110 grams. gherkins (23 kcal), 2 teaspoons sour sauce (9 calories), 2 slices of chocolate and tea without sugar (75 kcal) – 270 kcal.
  • Second dinner: 1 teaspoon 10% cream (9 kcal), 220 ml low-fat yogurt, 310 gr. sour soup (65 calories), banana (65 kcal), bread (12 kcal) is only 210 calories.

The whole day is about 1000 kcal.

Recipes for a diet Bormenthal

«Meat-a La»

The pan is poured 17 grams. vegetable oil, from above to put 170 gr. chopped onion. The next layer is 360 gr. finely chopped chicken breast plates and on the top 160 gr. mushrooms, 180 grams. cut slices of tomatoes. All filled with 75 gr. mayonnaise and 190 gr. distressed of cheese. Bake in the oven for about half an hour. Serving size is 1110 grams. A calorie count of 1310 kcal.

Thus, by eating 100 grams. this dish, in a notebook, you need to burn 131 calories.

Salad «Uganda»


  • 30 gr. raisins;
  • 110 gr. bananas;
  • 20 gr. oatmeal;
  • 55 gr. lean ham;
  • 55 g. leaf lettuce, lemon;
  • Half a Cup of cream.

The raisins are soaked. Bananas cut into slices, mix them with finely chopped ham, raisins and cereal. Lemon juice, grated lemon zest and cream mix. This mixture of seasoned salad and allow to infuse for half an hour.

The total weight of the ready-made meals – 420 gr. Calorie 138,6 calories per 100 grams.

Vegetable stew with eggplant and peppers

Ingredients: 1 onion, 310 gr. tomatoes, 320 gr. zucchini, 280 gr. eggplant, 1 tbsp flour, 1 bell pepper, olive oil.

Vegetables are cleaned from peel, finely cut onion, pepper strips, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes – diced. In a skillet heated oil, is laid out a little onion and saute, then put the tomatoes and stew for about 7 minutes Then laid out the other vegetables and prepare 4 min. on low heat. Salt and flour mix with a small amount of water and add to the pan. All thoroughly mixed and boiled until tender.

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The total weight of the ready-made meals – 990 gr. 28,7 calories per 100 grams. meals.

Fitness pancakes for Breakfast

Products: 550 ml of water, 550 ml of milk, 2 tsp sugar, Cup of oatmeal, salt, egg.

Milk is mixed with the cooled boiled water, poured the cereal. From this mass it is necessary to cook porridge, liquid consistency. Then, when it cooled off, grind it through a sieve, add the egg, salt, sugar, all carefully mix and bake pancakes.

100 gr. these pancakes are only 100 calories.


People who use diet recipes for Bormental, are required to follow certain recommendations:

  • Products such as sweeteners, hot spices and alcohol stimulate the appetite, therefore they should be excluded from the menu.
  • After meals is recommended to drink a Cup of tea. It can extend the feeling of satiety. Food also need to be taken in the form of heat;
  • Once a week to do a fasting day (kefir, cabbage, etc.). It will accelerate weight loss. These days you need to do, even people who never violated;
  • Try to use no more than 250 grams. food, a number of these techniques can be 6-7 times. Significant periods (about 5 hours) between eating junk.


As in any other scheme of weight loss, diet Bormenthal has some contraindications. Which include age category less than 18 and more than 65 years. Not recommended for people with increased physical activity and certain chronic diseases. Contraindicated nutrition system for people with mental disorders, metabolic disorders, and pregnant women.

Most importantly, that promotes the diet Dr. Bormental, is to get rid of psychological dependence on food and the destruction of wrong eating behavior. The person who realizes it, and goes through the system will be able to subsequently live a healthy and conscious lifestyle, controlling your habits and appetite balanced and reasonable.