Diet fat for weight loss: can I lose weight using this product, reviews

There are many products that recommend the use of nutritionists to lose weight. A variety of diets differ from each other in content, there are even diets on the water.

The existence of diet on fat for weight loss know not all, and when they find out, very surprised. Most people know that bacon – fat and high-calorie product, which, in theory, can not promote weight loss.

In this article, we will debunk the myth that fat is not a diet product, you will learn how to use for weight loss and read the reviews of those who have succeeded.

Calorie content of pork fat and its components

In this product of animal origin are present all the known fatty acids, essential for the body. And oleic and polyunsaturated fatty acid is present in it as much as there is, even in the best butter. It also arachidonic acid, this ingredient takes part in such important processes as:

  • building the cell membranes of our body;
  • hormonal synthesis;
  • the cholesterol metabolism.

And even in this product there are so many different and useful amino acids, how many no butter, no vegetable oil.

If we talk about calories, it is long and is 770 kcal per 100 grams of product. It may seem that this is too much, but need to compare with the value of other products. Curious, but has the same caloric kilograms of such products:

  • boiled potatoes;
  • green peas;
  • cod.

Useful properties

Fat is a unique product in terms of its composition and properties, it is properly consumed in moderation, it is very useful for health. So, are such properties of this product:

  • the consumption of other foods in combination with animal fat prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
  • at the first symptoms of cold bacon grease hands and feet, then bundle up in a blanket and lie at least half an hour;
  • if the front of the Banquet table to eat a small piece of fat, you will not be intoxicated by alcohol;
  • in moderate quantities it helps to cleanse the liver and the deficiency of amino acids and fats;
  • only 70 grams of fat per day allows to get rid of carcinogens, toxins and free radicals;
  • prevents the appearance and growth of cancerous tumors.

Diet fat for weight loss

Weight loss by fat has only positive properties. You activate the process of burning of the accumulated fat, but feel good anyway.

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Often enough when with weight loss sit on diets that suggest the intake of yogurt or raw vegetables, have to suffer from hunger and weakness. Diet on animal fat, in contrast, always gives strength and vitality, while you continue to lose weight. Lard, though, and has a high calorific value, however, contains a large amount of nutrients. Due to this, are the following:

  • aktiviziruyutsya metabolism;
  • increases resistance to viruses;
  • comes in order a hormonal background;
  • removes harmful substances.

Often, when the diet was observed or a cure, or remission pathology in such diseases:

  • multiple sclerosis;
  • Bechterew’s disease;
  • psoriasis.

When losing weight with the help of this product plays an important role to stimulate the breakdown of lipids. The weight loss is due to activation of the natural processes you are experiencing constant discomfort and hunger as in other diets, when saturation occurs for a while.

How to eat fat for weight loss?

There is a simple scheme that will easily allow you to lose weight. It’s very simple: eat the fat on an empty stomach. To do this, take a piece weighing about 200 grams and divide it into 10 equal pieces. Every day early in the morning (need to Wake up in 5 hours), you should eat one piece and eat Breakfast at the usual time.

The product must be of high quality. To lose weight, you can use it only in fresh form, as processed, it loses its beneficial properties. Therefore, in order to lose weight you can not eat:

  • smoked;
  • salt;
  • baked bacon.

However, not every morning will be able to force myself to eat a piece of regular fat, so even if it is salt, not too much, and not smoked.

Duration of the diet is 10 days, then you need to refrain from the consumption of this product for at least six months. In your diet is necessary to introduce as many vegetables and fruits.

For weight loss when consumption of fat you need to follow these recommendations:

  • eat it on an empty stomach regularly;
  • you need to eat it with bread only wholemeal;
  • you can drink red wine or vodka;
  • better to hold the product in frozen form.

It is recommended not to use not only smoked, but any other fat, at least give the heat treatment. As such, it contains a lot of useful components. But everyone’s favorite «greaves» is not only not useful but harmful, especially when losing weight.

Sebaceous diet Dr. Kwasniewski

A Polish doctor Kwasniewski did a lot of research about fat, and he came to the conclusion that any food, including this product, should be absorbed without problems, and thus have a high energy value. Under this description will only include animal fats and proteins. The doctor recommends to consume more meat and fat, and fiber, in his opinion, should be abandoned.

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Not recommending it, unlike other doctors, to consume fat and fat with vegetables because it contributes to weight gain. The more that vegetables and fruits consist mainly of water, so for best absorption it is better to drink fat normal water.

Kwasniewski says that eating need in a relaxed atmosphere and not to forget her good chew. After receiving need to rest for about 15 minutes, and only 2-3 hours to go back to active physical activities.

Menu oil diet Kwasniewski

On the basis of the rules of the diet Kwasniewski can make up their sample menu for the day. It can be:

  • Breakfast – 2-4 eggs, grilled bacon, wholemeal bread, obnoxi oil, tea;
  • lunch — chicken fried in breadcrumbs, boiled potatoes, bacon with bread;
  • dinner — grilled cheese and cream.

Dr. Kwasniewski says that in the day you need to consume at least 6 eggs in any form, more fat and meat and dairy products. In limited quantities are allowed potatoes and pasta.

In General, such a diet will be very interesting for those who are not used to limit yourself to something tasty and nutritious, and not willing to suffer from hunger, eating fruits and vegetables.

Diet for weight loss on fat.

A product like fat, must be selected carefully and be of high quality. The damage can cause the pork fat, which is a carrier of helminth eggs. Always when buying, check the quality certificate and ask the seller a veterinary opinion.

It is not recommended to try to lose weight and fat those who have diseases such as:

  • kidney and liver disease;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • complex disease in history (for example, AIDS or cancer).

Every body is unique, someone this power system will like it, and someone it can strongly not be suitable. Be sure to listen to yourself and feel free to try this diet for weight loss if there are no problems.

Reviews of the diet fat

A diet based on fat rather unusual and specific. So before you try it, many are interested in reviews of other: look for them on forums on the Internet or consult friends.

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Here are just some of them.

It was hard to believe in the efficacy of this diet, but still decided to try myself. I have an active job, so they often have to suffer from hunger. But this was not here, was not hungry, and I lost 5 pounds very quickly.

Oleg, Kazan

I know people who do this diet very much, and they actually lost weight. However, when I read the paragraphs diet Kwasniewski, it is hard to believe that with this diet you can lose weight and not earn any stomach problems. But here we have only to try, otherwise, just do not know.

Olga, Serpukhov

I tried different methods of weight loss, but not all suited me. Diet fat seemed interesting, although I do not like it. But in order to lose weight, I resolved it. In the end, the result is obvious, and yet not have to suffer from an empty stomach during the day and no spending on all sorts of pills.

Hope, Pskov

Diet fat is significantly different from many others, where a greater number of products falls under the ban and the diet is very strict. If you really want to lose weight but can’t give up meat and fat, you should try this diet, and what happens?