Diet for blood group for women menu every day, the products table to the first positive

Diet for blood group is very popular these days. It implies that the basis of the diet will be based on certain products. The first positive includes menu rich in protein. This method of weight loss by physicians as an effective.

The pros of the diet according to blood group

They proved positive effect of diet on the digestive tract, immune system strengthening, the development of microflora, the improvement of protective forces of an organism. Also noticed a positive effect on the skin, getting rid of allergies, detoxification, optimization of the internal organs, which is beneficial for overall health and figure. Weight loss is not caused by reduction of diet and restriction of food, but rather leads to normal all contained in micronutrients.

About blood group

The surface of the red blood cells contain antigens. Their combination is different, so there are 4 blood groups. There is also an antigen which is called rhesus factor.

The blood will be positive if it is present on erythrocytes. These indicators are considered when transfusion because incompatibility causes destruction of red blood cells.

Group and RH factor genetic goes by. The connection with nutrition and physical the exchange of a person was spotted by naturopathic physician Peter D* Adamo. The doctor has made recommendations to the diet and allocated three blocks of products, each of which has a certain effect on the body:

  1. A positive effect healthy foods. The cells absorb very well, when broken down, are converted into energy.
  2. Neutral. In the metabolism with the cells almost do not enter.
  3. Harmful. Emit harmful substances that affect cell toxicity.

This classification formed the basis of the diet for blood group. The menu is made from products having a beneficial effect on the body. While following this diet, in order to achieve the desired results, it is important to consider all of the recommendations.

Diet for the first group of blood

From the above it became clear that a diet does not imply going to the gym and severe dietary restrictions. Why losing weight will not be subjected to discomfort.

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The first group of blood the most ancient. People, in whose veins flows blood that, have the strongest digestive system, they have the highest metabolic rate. This is enough to the diet was effective.

Slimming this method implies a constant adherence to the chosen diet. This is a long term process, a life’s work. If diet for blood group to observe regularly, over time will be noticeable result — the body will start to get used to the regime. Seen, the body of people with the first positive blood does not react well to sudden changes in the diet. Therefore, they can suffer from gastritis and high acidity.

Diet the first positive blood contains a large number of proteins. Therefore, the diet should include meat, except fat pork, liver, all varieties of fish and seafood.

Should be a little to limit the consumption of flour products, wheat, oatmeal. A positive effect buckwheat and legumes. To lose weight with food on the first group of blood, nutritionists recommend to remove from the diet corn, canned, marinades, sauces, cabbage, the exception is broccoli and cauliflower.

When the first positive blood group by following this diet, focus on drinks based on chamomile, sage, rose hips, Linden, favorable green tea. Coffee should be limited as it provokes the appetite.

A positive impact on people with first blood will have the products the composition of which is iodine. Food rich in sea salt will have a beneficial effect on the endocrine system.

Enrich your diet with diet you can use vitamin complexes and minerals. Here are the most useful vitamins of group B. Also need calcium, potassium and manganese. Such a diet affects the production of thyroid hormones, which can provide products such as radish, radish and turnips.

Optimal nutrition

Specialists have created a classification of products that are best suited for weight loss. To make it easier to remember, made a table, where they were placed. Therefore, persons with 1st positive blood recommend you to see it. The table has two categories of products, which help to Orient people with excess weight and lack of it. The first are those that will help to gain the missing weight.

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If we talk about the set pounds, the corn of wheat slows the metabolism. To cause the appearance of diabetes lentils and all grains, causing not only excess weight, but also harm health. So be careful.

Dairy products for the first positive, if you want to gain weight, will have a negative impact. They are poorly absorbed, why interfere with the normal functioning of the body. You should not eat cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream. But rarely can afford the butter.

Vegetables for dieters are in the table as harmful products. Increase the weight of the gifts of nature are rich in carbohydrates: cabbage, olives, potatoes, avocado. Vegetable oil also adds weight: the olive, peanut, pistachio. Allow yourself a little sunflower.

Weight gain contribute to fruit and fruit juices. Quickly gaining weight due to tangerines, grapefruits, oranges. Avoid cabbage juice, since it contributes to the production of gastric juice, which provokes feelings of hunger.

Products that reduce weight

Another category of the table includes products that promote weight loss, elimination of toxins, support the work of the body. These include:

  • Liver,
  • Red meat
  • Fish
  • Seafood.

Diet for the first group of blood involves mainly protein foods. To eat can lamb, veal, beef, lamb. Do not recommend pork, fatty bacon and processed foods. In the diet can be red and white fish are halibut, tuna, cod, salmon. Once a week is allowed to consume squid and shrimp.

As products for a perfect slimming fit prunes, dried fruit, plums. When selecting a plant food should look at spinach, broccoli, artichoke. They strengthen the stomach, increase metabolism, why the extra pounds are burned.

The menu for each day

To get rid of the extra pounds should be to make a diet for blood group. Useful products allow you to make nutrient-rich, hearty and varied menu. For Breakfast you can think of a lot of options, among them there are:

  • Beef liver, garnish buckwheat. Pumpkin pancakes for tea.
  • Rye bread slices to the boiled egg, top with a spoonful of caviar from squash, tea.
  • Omelet with chicken chunks, whole slice of bread to a salad of fresh cucumber, tea.
  • Boiled rice, grilled salmon, a piece of wheat bread, cucumber, cocoa.
  • Veal, steamed on a bed of lettuce, pita bread, coffee.
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Lunch every day can be as follows:

  • Chicken broth rice soup, baked trout with rice, salad of fresh vegetables.
  • Soup, vegetable casserole, steak,
  • Solyanka, vegetable stew, chicken,
  • Soup with meatballs, salad and tofu and radish, rice,
  • Chicken noodle, stuffed cabbage, salad of sweet pepper.

Dinner will fit the following menu:

  • Lamb & vegetable cuts,
  • Baked salmon, rocket salad,
  • Vegetable stew with beef,
  • Rice, cheese salad, fresh greens and eggs
  • Vegetable casserole with chicken cutlet.

Thus, you need to remember that diet is the first positive group will lead to good results, if you follow her throughout life. Of course, to get used to the new menu, it will take some time, but no doubt, in the end the efforts will be successful and you will achieve weight loss.