Diet for high cholesterol in women: the diet, approved foods, menus for the week

In the body of any person is always present cholesterol, which is contained in the normal amount. However, if a person eats bad food, then inevitably there is an increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood. Most often this situation occurs when the diet is dominated by foods of animal origin.

Why dangerous excess cholesterol for women?

When the body accumulates too much cholesterol, it starts to penetrate the walls of blood vessels. Gradually, in this accumulation of connective tissue scarring that leads to plaque. This is dangerous because there is a narrowing of blood flow. So excess cholesterol is one of the common causes of slowing down of the blood supply. The greatest harm these plaques bring in cases when the clot breaks off and clogged the courts. The body no longer has the opportunity to blood in the required amount, which inevitably leads to the death of tissue.

It is especially dangerous if it occurred in the heart. Then there is the risk of heart attack. But if the blood ceased to supply the brain, a stroke occurs.

The body is young and healthy women has enough resources to produce the necessary amount of hormones to regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood. But during pregnancy or feeding baby is changing hormonal levels, and it is not enough.

If she is older the body starts to produce cholesterol to a lesser extent, the greatest risk to their health is in menopause, increasing the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks. This requires constant monitoring of the level of cholesterol in the blood. At the first sign of detection of deviations is necessary to reconsider the diet and go on the right diet.

Features of diet for high cholesterol in women

Women in the blood which discovered elevated levels of cholesterol, you should go on a diet in which there should be more products with a low content of animal fats.

Therefore, when composing a diet for high cholesterol in women it is necessary to pay attention to the level of cholesterol in foods. For situation correction it is necessary that the daily rate of cholesterol was not more than 400 mg.

  1. In day it is desirable to use not more than 100 g of meat products. Within the diet with excess cholesterol are advised to eat lean meat and fish.
  2. In the diet should not be fried and dishes that were cooked using butter. Instead of oil of animal origin, you need to use vegetable. Therefore, a good alternative to butter is olive, sunflower or linseed oil.
  3. In order to reduce cholesterol is recommended to increase the consumption of foods that contain fiber. You can include diet menu raw vegetables, greens, grains and fruits.
  4. Great help in the normalization of cholesterol in blood may have a pectin that has the ability to bind the bad cholesterol. Excellent sources of this substance are fruits and vegetables red: watermelon, carrots, pumpkin and citrus.
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Some foods will help the body cope with excess cholesterol?

Remove from the diet of fat-rich foods should gradually. Note that the female body needs to constantly certain types of fats:

  • Eating red oily fish, the body will be provided with omega 3 acids;
  • Vegetable oil is a great source of vitamin E;
  • To include menu nuts, the body will regularly to sterols and selenium.

Attention should be given and the selected method of cooking. Given the state of health it is recommended to choose for diet recipes steamed, boiled and baked dishes.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is valuable because of the high content of vitamins and useful fatty acids. Therefore, this product should be regularly present on the table. The easiest way to use it — add to salads or ready meals. While it is undesirable to apply oil for frying, as in this case, the fatty acid will lose all its beneficial properties and the body will get harmful TRANS fats.


Eating fish can provide the body with phosphorus and healthy fats. Often it is recommended to cook the fish and salmon, which has very high levels of these substances. These beneficial fatty acids in a special way affect the free cholesterol, allowing it to penetrate into the blood. Fish oil is a source of vitamin D that is needed by the human body. Within the diet when excess cholesterol must be included in the menu of boiled or steamed seafood.


Also to bring considerable benefits to the body, if the diet will include nuts. This is a great dessert that is more preferable than the usual sweets. Nuts are a source of monounsaturated fats, which, acting in the required amount, the positive impact on brain activity, as well as excrete excess cholesterol. To contained in the nuts of the substance was beneficial, it should be consumed in quantities of 50 grams.

Vegetables and fruits

Experts recommend to include in the diet men and women to lower cholesterol most vegetables and fruits due to the content of fiber that is particularly needed by women with high cholesterol. Therefore, the optimal menu for the week in which 70% accounts for products containing fiber. To ensure her body can cereal, fruit, greens, and some vegetables:

  • raw carrots;
  • cabbage;
  • raw beets;
  • zucchini;
  • squash;
  • garlic;
  • bow;
  • eggplant.

Use vegetables to lower cholesterol men can be in various forms: boiled, stewed, baked. However, you will bring even greater benefits to the body, if you eat them raw. It is not recommended to cook the carrots and beets, because after this treatment, they lose their useful properties.

Legumes and cereals

Legumes — a source of vegetable protein, which is essential for building cells. Given its value, it can completely replace animal protein. If a woman or a man must go on a diet that requires limiting the consumption of meat, legumes can be a great a substitute.

In this diet beans and cereals are recommended because their composition includes soluble fiber, thanks to which contained in food cholesterol is less digestible. Valuable fiber is doing what it can act as a sorbent, purifying the body from cholesterol, resulting in the intestinal wall cannot absorb it in large quantities.

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Mainly elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood is found in women who suffer from diseases of the kidneys and gall bladder. Consumption of foods rich in fiber, allows to bind excess bile and excrete.

Prohibited products

If there are clear signs of excess cholesterol, you should immediately change your diet so as not to aggravate the situation. This means that people with high cholesterol is prescribed a diet that excludes a number of products:

  • fatty meat;
  • butter;
  • mayonnaise;
  • fatty sour cream;
  • egg yolk;
  • semi-finished products;
  • sausages;
  • cakes and confectionery.

Take particular care with alcohol, sweet pastries and chocolate, which should not be in the diet menu. Choose milk or dairy products need with regard to their degree of fat. In order to minimize harm are recommended to give preference to those who have a degree of fat content less than 1%.

Sample menu for a week

The first day

  • For Breakfast you can cook steam egg-white omelette, drink orange juice and carrots.
  • A great lunch will be vegetable salad of tomatoes, seasoned with olive oil.
  • For lunch you can eat vegetable soup, prepared with olive oil, a souffle from beef, by submitting it with steamed courgettes, drink a Cup of tea with milk.
  • In the afternoon you can SIP a Cup of rosehip tea and eat the bread.
  • For dinner allowed to eat a serving of baked fish serve with boiled rice.

The second day

  • For Breakfast you can eat a Cup of buckwheat and drink a glass of tea.
  • At lunch you can eat a baked Apple.
  • For dinner prepare tomato soup and cereals, steam veal cutlets, vegetable stew. Allowed to drink fresh juice from one orange.
  • In the afternoon you can drink a glass of chamomile tea or low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner can be enjoyed baked with skin potato, boiled chicken breast, drink a Cup of tea.

The third day

  • For Breakfast you can eat a Cup of oatmeal, to drink the juice from one carrot and one Apple.
  • As a snack, allowed to eat a handful of any nuts.
  • Lunch can be soup, made of vegetables with a small amount of oil, steamed fish, oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, drink a glass of compote from dried fruits.
  • In the afternoon you can satisfy your hunger with low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of tea.
  • For evening meals you can cook braised eggplant with tomatoes, steam veal meatballs and drinking a Cup of herbal tea.

The fourth day

  • To start the day with a cheese casserole, the protein of one egg and a Cup of tea.
  • As a snack you can eat one orange.
  • For lunch you can submit a CCS made from fatty fish, and barley, boiled fish with steamed vegetables.
  • In the afternoon you can eat corn bread and a glass of low-fat yogurt.
  • A great dinner will be a serving of buckwheat porridge, which can be fed with steam cutlets of chicken, and a Cup of tea.
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The fifth day

  • For Breakfast you can eat a Cup of oatmeal with low fat milk, drink the juice of one orange.
  • For lunch you can eat a fruit salad made from half a banana and kiwi fruit, dressed with natural yogurt without the fat.
  • For lunch you can serve soup, cooked pumpkin with millet grains and garlic, in the second you can cook boiled chicken breast.
  • In the afternoon you can eat a handful of walnuts.
  • For dinner you can prepare vegetable salad of peppers, tomatoes, and onions dressed with olive oil, omelette 1 egg, drink a glass of tea.

The sixth day

  • As the first meal, you can submit vegetable salad prepared from raw pumpkin, Apple, carrots, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, meatballs of chicken, a Cup of tea.
  • At lunch you can eat one loaf, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch is cooked lentil soup, steamed sea fish, Apple compote.
  • In the afternoon you can enjoy a steam cheesecakes, drink a glass of herbal tea.
  • The final meal can be rice with vegetables, a souffle from beef.

The seventh day

  • For Breakfast you can eat a portion of porridge of rice and buckwheat, drink a glass of juice of celery and carrots.
  • As a snack you can eat one banana.
  • For lunch you can cook vegetable soup, to steam fish cutlets, a glass of compote.
  • A great afternoon snack will be rye bread, and yogurt.
  • In the evening you can eat vegetable stew, white chicken meat.


Excess cholesterol can be the cause of many diseases in women. So do not ignore this problem. The primary step should be the change of diet, where you minimize the use of meat products. To normalize cholesterol it is recommended to go on a diet in which there should be more foods rich in fiber because this substance has the ability to bind cholesterol and not allowing it to be absorbed.

Diet for women with excess cholesterol involves regular presence on the table of raw vegetables, greens, fruits and cereals. However, the measures taken have been effective, it is necessary first to consult a doctor who will create an individual menu taking into account characteristics of the organism.