Diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas: a description and approximate menu for a week

Proper nutrition in pancreatitis is the most important therapeutic factor. This is because some products are much strain the digestive function of the pancreas, and some, on the contrary, spared. So you need to know exactly what to eat with pancreatitis the pancreas and what is not.

Diet for pancreatitis of the pancreas

Other methods of treating pancreatitis the pancreas does not yet exist. Because diet is the most important thing. Knowing what to eat and what is not, is quite simple to develop a sample menu, to normalize digestion and keep you healthy.

In this case, doctors suggest the right diet to add additional enzymes such as Pancreatin, CREON, Mezim-Forte. These drugs can ease digestion, and also reduce its burden.

Diet for pancreatitis and sample menu vary depending on the stage of the disease. During chronic pancreatitis allocate remission and exacerbation stage of the disease.

The aggravation also has certain periods in which it is quite important to follow the necessary diet. In turn, the diets are separated according to the following criteria:

  • Diet in subacute as of acute pancreatitis;
  • Diet for acute condition;
  • Diet in the phase of remission of the pancreatitis;
  • Diet in the initial stages of rehabilitation.

Diet and nutrition in acute pancreatitis

You first need to provide complete rest to the pancreas, in order to minimize the synthesis of digestive enzymes: amylase, lipase, and some other. As it is prematurely activated enzymes create the destruction of the mucous membrane of the pancreas and inflammation.

Diet and nutrition in the initial phase of acute

By and large, at this time the patient can’t eat. This is correct, as doctors recommend to refrain from eating any food. You can only warm to drink Borjomi mineral water or boiled water, in small SIPS, about 2 liters a day. As a rule, this strict diet is prescribed for a few days.

Diet and nutrition during the acute phase of pancreatitis

When the aggravation is severe and the patient hospitalitynet, drinking diet is maintained for a longer period. At this time, the patient was prescribed a feeding with intestinal or probe is introduced into the bloodstream nutrients.

Diet for acute phase of pancreatitis

After a few days after the start of pain syndrome, if early signs of the forthcoming health improvement, the patient is allowed to begin to eat.

The main requirements for food in the subacute stage:

  • Food should not be cold or hot, only warm;
  • Food must be polugustoy or sometimes liquid consistency;
  • To eat very often, just once in 3 hours, small portions;
  • Cooked food must be free of grease, protein should be a minimal amount.

Diet during pancreatitis the pancreas is obliged to include carrot or mashed potatoes on water of uniform composition, a semi-liquid porridge on the water, made without oil, as well as compotes and jellies. A minimal amount of sugar and salt. For jelly it is forbidden to use sour berries (cranberries, cranberry). Compote of dry fruits are used as drinking throughout the day. It is desirable to use a decoction of rose hips.

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The caloric content of the food are more 600-1100 calories. Patient this is enough. Because the most important is to dramatically reduce the synthesis of enzymes of the digestive system and to ensure the security of the pancreas.

The medical treatment only under the supervision of a physician. The main goal of treatment is to activate the secretion of juices from the pancreas, to remove the inflammation and swelling and reduce the synthesis of enzymes for food digestion. Because medications can use – a must!

Diet for early stage rehabilitation

Eventually, after about a week, the diet is a little expanded. What can be eaten with 8-12 days after acute pancreatitis?

The patient is allowed to consume new varieties of food. Perfect fresh, low-fat dairy products: natural yoghurt, cottage cheese. You can eat meat Patty, steamed or steam omelets.

For Breakfast porridges on water with addition of a small amount of milk. Grains must be milled, quite good to eat oatmeal polugustoy Kisel, a puree of different allowed types of vegetables: zucchini, carrots, potatoes. Cabbage drink is prohibited, because it is difficult to digest.

The meat menu is possible only easily digestible food: Turkey, chicken, calf, rabbit. Pretty good ground mousses or jellies from not sour fruit, vegetable soups. Advisable to drink large amount of water, stewed fruit, broth hips. Of bakery products allowed hard biscuits, Maria biscuits, dried bread.

Strictly prohibited spice, alcohol, sour, salty, fried, fatty foods, pastries, sweets, beans.

The patient is still under a doctor’s care and required to take special medicines. Challenge diet, and a complete treatment still lies in the maximum limit from active participation in the digestive process of the pancreas, reduce inflammatory symptoms, rapid healing and restoration of its tissues.

Diet recuperating pancreatitis

If you are recovering a patient’s ability to work, improves health, clinical recovery is observed, then over time the disease passes into the stage of remission.

But at the morphological level, of course, the defects of the pancreas are: reduced blood flow, attenuated the formation of their own enzymes, certain areas sklerosiruta and transformirovalsya in connective tissue scarring, and some patients and even decreases the formation of insulin.

Any disease of the pancreas and, in the first place, chronic pancreatitis, affects the General health of the body:

  • Reduced body weight, suffering General physical condition of the patient, the skin becomes dry and flabby, atrophied muscles, fall and thinning hair, the early wrinkles appear on the face, develops extensive periodontal disease and dental caries, appears brittle nails.
  • You may receive diabetes, due to insufficient production of its own insulin to digest glucose.
  • The pancreas is affects the nervous system, leading to fatigue, irritability, reduced thinking and memory, emotional breakdowns.
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That is, the state – «goodbye youth», the total loss of health, friendship with chronic diseases of many organs. If you do not adhere to the diet menu and further, that is almost a lifetime, then you can pretty quickly grow old, to pick up diseases.

It may even be a malignant tumor of the pancreas. It will not happen immediately, a couple of decades people will be able to live, but to live to old age – is unlikely to succeed.

Because next we look at the diet menu at the stage of remission. What products can I use to patient with chronic pancreatitis and what is prohibited.

Diet at the stage of remission

Soups in chronic pancreatitis, this is the most healthy dish to the pancreas. They need to be done on the water, low-fat chicken broth or vegetable broth. You can use other kinds of meat, but not necessarily easily digestible: veal, rabbit, Turkey.

Fill the soups preferably of cereals (except millet) and vegetables. Well, when you love soups with ground meat and vegetables. They are prepared very simply – in just a few seconds using the blender! Not many people like, but it makes easier the digestion of incoming food by pancreatic enzymes.

Main dishes – you can eat as usual: fish or meat with vegetables. The most important is how prepared all products! Banned smoked, fried, very flavored with spices and pepper fish or meat. As a garnish it is best to use steamed vegetables: potatoes with cabbage and carrots, pumpkin, zucchini.

For dinner or Breakfast fit porridge (oatmeal milk half water, broken rice or buckwheat-slipped), low-fat yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese. Milk is not desirable to consume, often causes dysfunction of the stomach, even in adults. Several times a week, you can use one egg, and prepare an omelette on pair (if needed, removing the yolk) either boiled.

Drinks: table alkaline carbonated mineral water, weak black or green tea, kissels, from not sour berries, broth hips, stewed fruit. For sweetness you can add honey. Great jellies from not sour fruit and berries, which, by and large, are not so much a drink as a meal.

Of bakery products it is best to choose whole-grain bread whole wheat, toasted. Tea you can drink with nesdobnoe rusks or biscuits.

Sweet, for patients with pancreatitis, you can choose baked apples, dried fruit, honey, sweet fruits (bananas, melon, peaches and apricots, pears and apples, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries). Consume fruits and berries only in small quantities.

Vegetables – it is desirable to give preference to boiled or steamed vegetables. They should not be consumed in raw form or in the form of salads. So , they are more difficult to digest in the stomach. Quite useful zucchini, all kinds of cabbage, pumpkin and carrots. You should not eat radish, radish, garlic, onions and green onions.

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Forbidden foods for diseases of the pancreas

First course – mushroom or pea soup, strong meat soups, cold soup, soup and soup.

Main dishes – do not just the option of cooking: all kinds of food fried.

Drinks – soda, coffee, strong tea. Of course – alcohol.

Sour berries and fruits, mushrooms, vegetables, like radishes, rutabaga, radish – adversely affect the condition of the pancreas.

Fans of ketchup, hot spices, pickled and salted vegetables, spices, meats, fat is essential to keep these foods to a minimum or completely removed from your menu.

Food that is contraindicated in pancreatitis

All the sweets, flour products and sweets should be completely avoided from the menu.

You also need to eliminate all fast-food: sausage, sausage, canned food, sausages, mayonnaise, prepared ketchup, prepared foods, chocolate glazed curd bars. They are all various additives from GMOs, MSG, TRANS fats and many other dietary supplements.

Diet while pancreatitis is the most powerful healing factor, which allows to reduce the load on the pancreas. Knowing the list of products which are permitted for use in food patients with pancreatitis is very simple to organize for a week of sample menus.

Recommend anyone, there are certain problems with the pancreas, to be as attentive to their dietary intake. Properly cook food and eat only healthy. That would be enough to restore the pancreas, and along with it you will get lost health.

These recommendations and all the young and healthy people. We live in a difficult time. Monetary appetites of manufacturers of food do not stop any forces. In such circumstances, maintaining the health of you and your loved ones is on your shoulders.

Diet in chronic pancreatitis is the primary method of treatment, which cannot be replaced by any pharmacological drugs, as only a proper diet can help to unload your pancreas.