Diet for weight loss for sauerkraut: reviews, photos, and results of the firms up on cabbage

Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli. Cabbage there are many varieties, but it has one purpose: to heal the body, or rather to clean it of toxins and, very importantly, from fat! The most popular for this purpose is cabbage, where the 100 gr. the product is only 25 calories. Most nutritionists even call cabbage the product of a negative energy content. In other words, the cabbage you can eat all day without gaining weight or per gram, as in this product a small amount of calories, and in their processing of the body spends much more energy than it receives.

Of course, if you eat vegetables, greasy chicken, with harmony will be to say goodbye… the Cabbage soup diet involves other recipes that can help get a desirable figure. Adhering to this diet can be a week to lose 6-8 kg.

But before we move on to diet recipes to lose weight, first look at the beneficial properties of cabbage and contraindications for certain categories of people who shouldn’t eat this vegetable.

Useful properties

This vegetable has a large amount of vitamin C. Here is a lot of phytoncides, potassium, enzymes, that is the prevention of heart disease. Cabbage is particularly beneficial to those with gastritis and stomach ulcers. Take the cabbage in the food you to those people who want to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, normalize the work of liver and kidneys.

Cabbage is useful during colds, pain in the spine and joints, during mastitis and gout. Highly sensitive students, it is recommended before exams to use coleslaw in this case is nervousness, and the exams will be conducted without stress. Taking the cabbage in the food relieves feelings of apathy and headaches.

Recently the doctors have found another positive feature of the leaves of this vegetable. As it turned out, cabbage, laminating in the gut, gets the ability to slow down the formation of cancer cells!

Contraindications to the use

Before going to the market for the product, you need to remember not only about the typed weight, but also about the condition of the body in General. People who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, this diet is contraindicated! As the frequent consumption of vegetables is not very good for the stomach. Thus cabbage diet is contraindicated for people who suffer from diabetes, for patients with impaired renal function and with significant obesity.

If there are no contraindications, then you need to consider these drawbacks: the cabbage soup diet is poorly balanced, since it has no need for the body of minerals and vitamins and is composed of the desired fatty acids. Because it is likely that in the process of weight loss you can experience fatigue, weakness and headaches that can interfere with your work activities. Preferably, for a time, the cabbage diet to take a vacation when it’s not urgent and urgent cases that require quick response and attention.

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If the holiday has already passed, and gained weight still brings grief, the doctors recommend this diet no more than once in a few months.

And one more thing: a week after the beginning of the nutrition the body uses as a fuel muscle mass. And without it the body becomes flaccid and loses elasticity, so do not get involved in long cabbage diet.

In addition, this diet needs a lot of willpower, as alleged foods on the menu of this diet quite a bit. And people who can endure to the end, we must not forget that the most important thing is the diet, when there is a great temptation to «pounce» on their favorite dishes and to provoke the return of the dropped pounds. And let’s just return! May appear and additional pounds.

However, cabbage diet there are variations that have the ability to alternate. Traditional cabbage soup diet is not very long (no more than 1.5 weeks) and strict. The mechanism of weight loss the following: cabbage fills the stomach, and, accordingly, satisfies the appetite.

Description and prescription diets

Traditional cabbage soup diet

Classic diet looks like this:

  • Breakfast – unsweetened coffee, high you can use the sweetener.
  • Lunch – salad of unlimited amounts of cabbage, you can add 1 tbsp vegetable oil; in a day, you can add one egg, cooked hard-boiled.
  • Dinner – 250 grams of boiled fish or lean meat or a Cup of yogurt (or Bifidok or plain drinking yogurt).

All prepared without salt. Between meals you can unlimited use the cabbage, but without any spices or additives. The cabbage is, you need only fresh. Of fluid you can drink herbal tea or water to 2.5 liters daily.

Duration of the diet no more than 1.5 weeks. Sitting on it the people in the reviews say that during this time, you can lose up to 8 and even 12 kg. Diet is very difficult, as quite low in calories (250 grams of meat is approximately 450 kcal, a spoon of vegetable oil — 180, 1 kg of cabbage – about 220), and low-carb. But strong hunger in the dieting process is not much pain, because the stomach can always find something to fill the amount of cabbage used is not limited.

Diet sauerkraut

We also offer another version of the diet you are using, but in this case the basis is sauerkraut, but not cabbage. This diet is much softer, it takes place over four days and involves a full meals 3 times a day. However, to lose weight using it not more than 4 kg, but it is much more useful traditional cabbage diet.

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  • Breakfast: 180 gr. low-fat cottage cheese with watercress, a slice of bread from wholemeal flour.
  • Lunch: 220 gr. sauerkraut, 120 g fried pork and one pear (to make a roast).
  • Dinner: Salad 160 gr. sauerkraut, 5 radisav, half of a radish and a cucumber. Sauce – 80 gr. yogurt with a half tablespoon of chopped nuts.


  • For Breakfast: one banana with a 160 gr. low-fat yogurt, you can add 2 teaspoon of oatmeal.
  • Lunch: soup of 220 gr. sauerkraut (add 120 ml of broth and 60 ml of fresh juice from apples for a few minutes until cooked add to the soup two finely chopped sweet peppers).
  • Dinner: salad with 220 gr. sauerkraut with 160 gr. fillet of salmon (fried in the pan, sprinkle with lemon juice, add salt).


  • Breakfast: salad of 160 grams. cottage cheese and orange (from the top you can sprinkle sunflower seeds).
  • Lunch: 160 gr. sauerkraut and 160 gr. fried Pollack.
  • For dinner: pancakes made of potatoes (4 potatoes) with salad – 120 g sauerkraut and 5 grapes.


  • Breakfast: bread of coarse flour, a few slices of Apple and Gouda cheese (35 oz.).
  • Lunch: 220 gr. beef fillet (fried) with pineapple and 160 gr. sauerkraut – all products roast.
  • Dinner: salad 120 gr. pork cuts, 120 gr. sauerkraut and 4 tomatoes.

Diet cabbage soup

The basis of the diet is soup, which includes the following components: 6 carrots, 450 grams. cabbage, 3 peppers, 4 onions, 5 celery, 3 tomatoes, 120 grams. nepochetnoe rice and salt to taste. Soup can be consumed in any quantity. But in addition to it your body will need and additional products.

  • First day: cabbage soup, fruit (forbidden bananas and grapes).
  • Second day: cabbage soup.
  • Third day: cabbage soup, vegetables (other than potatoes).
  • Fourth day: cabbage soup, low-fat milk.
  • Fifth day: cabbage soup, 600 g. fish or lean meat, tomatoes.
  • Sixth day: cabbage soup, lean meat and vegetables (220 gr.).
  • Seventh day: cabbage soup, fruit juice (natural, no additives), vegetables.

Cabbage for weight loss: different types

The results and feedback from dieters

Summing up, it should be noted that the diet on cabbage is quite useful and productive, a large number of minerals and vitamins supply the body, speed up metabolism and improve digestion. Diet before you need to get acquainted with recipes for cooking dishes and preparing a future diet, only in this case, beautiful shape is guaranteed.

The above system of weight loss is especially effective for people who want to throw up to 6-8 kg and no more.

You need to remember about physical exercise, swimming, yoga, morning exercises or Jogging. Only the combination of diet plus sport you will be able to achieve excellent results. But we should not abuse diets to hold them very often or spend them more than the necessary time is not desirable since it may adversely affect health.

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Tell us about your experience of losing weight with the cabbage diet. Only one this product to sit pretty difficult, but very effective. Of course, more useful and better to alternate with protein. Be sure to observe the regime of the receiving water. Kilograms and the volume will definitely go pretty well. But again, you must listen to your body as there are contraindications, the cabbage will burn to cause fermentation in the stomach and bloating.

Lena, 32 years old Ufa, Russia

Adhered cabbage diet a fortnight, the result is minus 7 kg for Breakfast – fresh cabbage, sour cream and cucumber. Lunch – vegetable soup with sour cream for dinner cabbage salad, seasoned with lemon juice and a small piece of fish or chicken breast. Hearty and rather just tolerated, recommend! The main thing to remember about water between uses food.

Lera 25 years Alushta

I not very fond of this vegetable, and did not know about the existence of the cabbage diet. Tried to «feed» ourselves other diets, but that is not hard for me it helped to lose weight. A few times I even went to a nutritionist, but I heard the same thing: «pick a good diet», but what, no the doctor never said. From friends heard about the cabbage diet, not believed, did not dare to eat it, but still agreed. And here, 10 kg is gone as «the wind blew». I should not have believed, because she really could help.

Marina, 41 years old, Minsk