Diet from Elena Malysheva slimming at home: feedback from the forum buyers boxes

Diet Elena Malysheva was very popular before it was presented officially until relatively recently, forums were literally filled with different recipes of weight loss «from Malysheva». While most of these recipes have been obvious fraud. Elena Malysheva professionally reacted to the sudden popularity of his name in the beginning she created the project, where the volunteers lost weight in real time, and then organized his own company delivery diet food. So there was a real and very effective diet Elena Malysheva.

Description diet malyshevoy

Dr. Malysheva, which appears on the television screens of the country almost every day, trying to consider all the queries of the viewers. At their request, she developed rapid diet with miracle salad «Whisk» of beets, carrots and cabbage with lemon juice, which allows you to put in order before important events and get rid of unnecessary 4-6 lbs in just 2 weeks.

Features of the diet of Elena Malysheva:

  • Principle: balanced low-calorie diet;
  • Duration: from 1 month, then taking into account the received result;
  • Slimming effect: individual;
  • Cost: while purchasing a season ticket for prepared diet food — about 16 thousand a month, with self-respect, comparable with the usual costs table;
  • Additional result: the formation of healthy habits to nutrition;
  • Diet frequency: once;
  • Ban: contraindications are assigned individually. Before dieting, you need to consult a doctor!

Who is Elena Malysheva?

Elena Malyshev, without exaggeration, well-know people in all of Russia — if desired, each of us will be able to see her almost every day on one of the major Russian TV channels. To the problem of health Malysheva is relevant not only as leading but also as a professional doctor, she is a Professor of the Moscow state medico-stomatological Institute, doctor of medical Sciences, a Board-certified cardiologist.

Malysheva has been the face of many television programs – «have you seen a Doctor?», «The Infirmary», «Recipe». But truly nation-wide popularity came to her after the revival of the famous TV programme «Health»: in 1997 Malysheva became its leading principal author and Director. Some people at that time compared with Belyanchikova Malyshev, presenter of the «old» program of «Health». However, quite quickly Malyshev converted the «serious» news program in a spectacular television show — beginning of «Health» got the format of the consultation, when the doctors of various specializations discuss the problems, trying not only to enlighten the viewer, but to entertain in different ways.

The topic of proper nutrition and diets, as one of the most important in the life of the modern inhabitants of megacities, all the time appeared in all the projects and programs of Elena Malysheva. The number of calls and questions increased when viewers noticed that the TV presenter from the transmission to the transmission looks slimmer and fresher: it was at that time first began to talk about the diet Malysheva.

In 2009, «Health» created a separate special project, which had the provocative title «Throw too much». The first participants in this project were 12 volunteers from the viewers of the program who wanted to lose weight. Under the supervision of doctors they followed the diet malyshevoy, created by Dr. along with a fellow nutritionist, and used the recommendations of other consultants TV program. The most successful were able to lose 12 kg in one month, some could not stand the rhythm and went the distance.

In 2010, on TV lose weight for 15 volunteers, and in 2011, 20 people was first staffed the finished products under the brand «Diet Elena Malysheva». In this year the brand of manufacture and delivery diet malyshevoy entered the market.

Boxes slimming Helen malyshevoy

About 3 years ago, the project Malysheva start on the Internet to people who were not included in the number of panelists still had the ability to lose weight under the virtual leadership of Malysheva and its consultants.

Everyone is invited to pass the initial remote research to identify the seriousness of «superiority» and selecting their «slimming package», which is a diet for the whole month laid out in boxes, one is a complete diet for 24 «standard» day of the diet, the other on four of the fasting day. Some of the products are delivered frozen, they need to be stored in the freezer and thaw at room temperature or in a microwave oven before use. The rest only need to pour boiling water or can be used without any processing.

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Now all the volunteers of the television program «Throw superfluous» lose weight using the diet framework that is ready meals Malysheva. On Internet online the price of the «box» for a month is not specified, but as the reviews say, the cost is in the range of 16 thousand rubles.

Diet Malysheva is a system of proper nutrition with low calorie. The result of this approach to weight loss has long been known and, judging by the reviews, has shown itself in a positive way, but a fast result, this diet promises.

In addition to three meals a day nutrition within the diet Malysheva are also desserts-snacks — because without glucose, says the author, there can be no brain. As desserts are nut-sukhofruktov mix, muesli bars, souffles. Thus, the delivery service of ready meals Malysheva means four meals throughout the day. Second ready can be served only men, but very hungry women who have been able to lose weight and maintain the achieved results allowed to organize it of these products:

  • salad of green and leafy vegetables with a dressing of lemon juice and vegetable oil;
  • one orange or one Apple, 150 gr. berries, or two Mandarin;
  • one glass of milk with a fat content of not more than 3.4%.

The amount of salt and fat in any products savings: as it says in the reviews the developer of the diet, the only way you can achieve a good result of weight loss and make your diet really healthy.

Unloading time per week on your diet Malysheva advised to do in the day, when you’re very busy and you will not have time for idle dreams of a «one piece». In unloading the boxes — it raw and unsalted rice. In the morning it is allowed to add a tablespoon of any vegetable oil. People that receive a diet with delivery, have already lost weight, don’t need to do fasting days time, but you can do them after, for example, eating after the holiday.

In total, the range of diet food on diet malyshevoy today is 9 sets total of 800 calories (for women who want to lose weight) to 1200 (for a weight loss men). There are separate diets for women who are active in sports, and for those suffering from hypertensive disease and for losing weight both sexes,

Service users delivery diet diet from malyshevoy will be able to communicate with others on forum (here often and organize meetings that help people towards a common goal, to meet and share feedback and results), and to consult with advisers with a personal Cabinet on the forum. But medical liability during remote diet malyshevoy virtual doctors are not — all new users are strongly advised to apply personally to your doctor before you decide to use the program and to lose weight using the miraculous boxes.

Additional products, which are allowed without limitation in diet malyshevoy

Power system malyshevoy to save weight and losing weight without restrictions allows you to add to the daily diet the following products:

  • eggplant, artichokes, peppers, mushrooms, radish, radish, onion, any variety of cabbage (except marine), asparagus, tomatoes, cucumbers;
  • lemon juice, broth, vegetables (without salt), mustard, horseradish, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, herbs and spices;
  • diet soda, mineral water, coffee and tea without milk/cream and sugar, juices from vegetables (no additives or salt).
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Use scams diet malyshevoy

Of course, learning about diet malyshevoy, due to various reasons not all completely resolved to subscribe to the delivery of finished dietary products under its brand. Since a large part of a doctor’s advice is available on its online Internet and shown on television, most dieters just take them on Board. Eliminating harmful products, develop your own menu for 800 calories (for weight loss) or 1200 calories (to maintain weight) is easy — for example, for convenience, you can use a table of caloric content of products.

The other thing is that the diet Malysheva very often want to make people who have nothing to do with her. Distribution services, diet malyshevoy, which require payment with a short SMS message or by credit card at best send primitive and vague suggestions of drawing up the daily diet in the worst — nothing send or throw losing weight person spam. Think about it, before you respond to enticing advertising «miraculous method of weight loss from malyshevoy via email or SMS».

Nine basic rules of the diet malyshevoy

The rules are as follows:

  1. The calorie content of food. Clear accounting is a great assistant for weight loss. This arithmetic not only distract from the obsessive thoughts of possible snacks, but also affordable, although dry figures, allows us to imagine how «fat» the potential will bring themselves in a little sweet bun. As the developer says in their reviews, the optimal number of calories in her diet — 1200, and sometimes the calories may be reduced to 800. And it’s not 4 nesdobnoe buns, and a huge varied diet!
  2. To prevent starvation! The body, noticing that he was at risk, in the form of a hunger strike, begins to create stocks of even a small income for food. As a result, poor health and a frozen arrow weight. When powered by Malysheva, food should be consumed in small portions (for a reference size of eating at one time — 1 Cup), but quite often it can help to control appetite and gently train your body to less food and prevent starvation stress.
  3. Make water your best friend. Having zero calories, water perfectly fills the stomach, reducing the feeling of hunger. During weight loss water is required for normal functioning of the stomach, eliminate toxins, increase metabolism. «Diet malyshevoy» implies that every day you will drink about 9-12 glasses of regular clean water, and the first upon waking, on an empty stomach. «Water more important than food,» says Malyshev.
  4. Thoroughly chew your food. Grinding of food by teeth and the initial processing of saliva allow you to start to enjoy the taste of food, and without overeating and «ingestion» and greatly facilitate the subsequent work of the stomach. Prepared food much simpler passes through the stomach and is absorbed much more thorough. Malysheva advised to chew each portion sent to the mouth, not less than 20 times.
  5. Every week to do fasting days: for example, rice fasting day. Most nutritionists in the reviews are similar in opinion that this is a short but controlled time to a sharp decline in calorie menu, significantly activates the process of weight loss.
  6. Do not eat anything that contains visible fat, buy only low-fat dairy products. In addition, do not use butter (vegetable – only in moderation), salt and sugar.
  7. Minimize the consumption of carbohydrates: fast, for example, sweets and pastries go first, being replaced by fiber, and slow in result are only useful whole grain products and cereals, which appear in the new menu for weight loss several times daily.
  8. Sports. The project participants of the TV program «Health», which is a diet malyshevoy, practice minor physical activities which do not overload the cardiovascular system: for example, sports, walking and Aqua aerobics. The most important thing is the regularity!
  9. To use for dinner protein — the best option is lean meat, is made of steamed or boiled. Supply of milk, vegetable and animal protein can help to prevent the degeneration of muscles, often associated diet reduction of diet.
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A rough menu diet Malysheva

All products must be consumed without adding sugar, salt, butter, sauces. The total size of the meal at one time — 1 Cup (250 gr., importantly, this refers to only the volume, not a lot of food!).

  • Breakfast (approx 8:00): bowl of oatmeal, filled with boiling water (90C), with a zhmenya berries, if desired, one glass of skim milk.
  • Snack (about 11:00): Apple and orange (or any other one sweet and one sour fruit).
  • Lunch (approximately 13:00): chicken breast with brown rice.
  • Second lunch (approx 16:00): cottage cheese casserole with Apple or carrot.
  • Dinner (not later than 20:00): egg, salad vegetables with a small addition of vegetable oil, a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Diet malyshevoy especially hard regarding consumption of carbs at night — best for dinner to refrain from even low-calorie sources such as fruit and bread.

A quick diet from Dr. Malysheva

At the requests of their fans and viewers of Malysheva, together with Dr. Moysenko, created a rapid diet that allows, for reviews, to lose about 4-6 pounds in 10 days. In this nutrition of alternating carbohydrate and protein days with protein you eat chicken and boiled egg with carbohydrate — salad vegetables, for its properties of purification, called «Brush».

Nutritionists, presenting the rapid diet, pay attention to the fact that this «emergency system» and it should not be abused, this diet can be carried out not more than once a year.

Reviews thinner

Adhering to this diet, you will eventually come to your perfect weight. Then you need weight to keep. Not to gain it anew, it is desirable to eat and more. The more that diet does not imply strict restrictions on the menu. Of course, you can afford some deviations, for example, during the holidays. If these principles be your rule, then weight loss is guaranteed.

In the first week I lost 1.6 kg, has got a depression and a sleep disorder. Fasting day (rice and water) gave nothing. The quality of food is reminiscent of the canteen. A lot of meat, though red meat is not considered useful, and in my usual diet it is virtually no. So far I see only one plus in the freezer always ready the food.

Karina is 27 years G. Peter

Stopped eating salt, concentrates and pickles, meat products, canned foods, and fatty and fried foods often, but I indulge myself a cake and have dropped the weight. Now build muscle. Thank you malyshevoy! Its recommendations are a great help!

Lena, 32 years old Moscow

All the varied and quite delicious, prepared only child and husband, eat the prepared diet and dropping weight, minus 2 kg per week. Very happy, everything is a La carte, plus not eat.

Vick is 34 years old Kiev