Diet Maggi: reviews and results, menus for every day and the advice of doctors how to lose weight, before and after photos

Very strict but effective diet, having a clear menu, a diet called «Maggie». This power system is designed in the course of 4 weeks. Weight lost will depend on the initial weight before the diet.A great result, you can see only when strict observance of this menu. You will lose not only weight, but volume, which will become more attractive silhouette.

Principles and description of diet Maggi

About the fact that this diet has any relationship to chemical additives Maggie, not only spoke lazy. Will not break and we are: Yes, no. The confusion happened because of the wrong reading by someone named Maggie – Maggie Margaret Thatcher!

It is Margaret Thatcher the story calls the woman nutritionists Mayo clinic has developed this diet. If this is in fact, hard to say. Though lady Margaret’s life has never suffered from excessive weight and proudly said wear one size of clothing, it is likely that sometimes she had to cope with a few extra kilograms, «the iron lady» was performed in its characteristic spirit brilliantly, decisively and quickly.

Want to follow the example of the «iron lady»? Then remember the basic rules.

  • To observe diet plan must be strictly. Do not replace sometimes days, lunch, dinner, an orange for a pear. What they are and what we do. But if accidentally slipped and allowed extra diet need to start again.
  • You should eat three times a day. For those who like snacks, an exception is made in the form of a tomato or cucumber that you can eat several times a day. But between the food and snack must pass at least 2 hours.
  • Do not go to extremes, striking out from the list half the products. You will not be able to lose weight faster if you eat menu.
  • If a specific product did not belong to the soul, from the diet it can be cleaned. However, to enter on a free place something otherwise. Just a diet based on the relationship of the components. Together, they include a certain reaction in the body and create the conditions for weight loss.
  • A clear rule to drink at least 2 litres of water is also important. Want a Cup of tea or coffee without any problems. Diet allow even a couple of cans of diet coke. But 2 liters of water, this liquid is not included.
  • Certain products described without a specific dosage. Formally, this means that there can be an unlimited number, but still need to monitor portions.
  • Since the diet not really hungry, it requires exercise. Walk with a light step, jog in the Park, morning exercise, etc.
  • Salting your meals, but in moderation. Strictly forbidden fats and oil. But in the variety and amount of seasoning, no restrictions.


Very often the diet Maggie «blame» for a very large number of eggs. Like, 28 pieces a week is a strong overkill. Of course, now the eggs are rehabilitated and are not so harmful products like 10 years ago. But if you have high blood cholesterol, the diet Maggie does not suit you. No need to start it and people who have kidney problems, blood pressure, digestive tract, heart and liver. And, of course, diet is not suitable adolescents, pregnant and lactating women.

Chronic disease is not observed, the cholesterol at the right level, and the body is in order? Then diet you can try. But watch your health and do not use this diet more than once a year.

Egg nutrition Maggi

This option is designed for people who love eggs. 7 days be sure to eat Breakfast 2 boiled eggs, a grapefruit and drinking a Cup of coffee. The task of this menu is double.

  • Eggs deliver protein to the body for muscles, the grapefruit will support the required level of glucose and coffee can provide vitality. Love tea? No problem – replace coffee with a Cup of tea.
  • A hearty Breakfast the morning will start the exchange process and will give the opportunity not to die of hunger before lunch.
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Menu egg diet


Lunch. The same Breakfast, with the only difference that the coffee is not desirable to drink. It is better to use herbal tea.

Dinner. Salad of vegetables with a couple of boiled eggs and a piece of bread. Wait 30 mins and eat a grapefruit, and by the time you can drink tea.


Lunch. A few boiled eggs with tomato and follow with a Cup of not sweet coffee.

Dinner. Make without cheese Greek salad: cucumber, tomatoes, olives and onion rings. Add a salad for saturation portion of meat, roasted in a dry frying pan or grilled. And 30 minutes later – grapefruit, dessert, a glass of tea.


Lunch. Spinach salad, 2 boiled eggs, tea with mint or rose hips.

Dinner. Salad of tomato and cucumber, a few chops of lamb. Wait half an hour and grab a grapefruit or orange tea.


Lunch. Spinach salad with tomato. Two eggs. Tea.

Dinner. Slice of bread, an egg, several slices of cheese, salad of spinach and cabbage. Again tea.


Lunch. A salad of these vegetables. Pick your choice: celery, cucumbers, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes. Also allowed tea and soft-boiled egg.

Dinner. It turns out fish dinner: steak made on the grill or a couple, a piece of bread and salad. A little break, and grapefruit and tea. It is advisable not to save money, choosing the «easier» fish for dinner. Diet egg diet well balanced is hard to call, and so healthy acids the body can not hurt. Great choice – varieties of salmon.


Lunch. Fruit. In any form, and any and tea.

Dinner. Grilled steak of lamb. Salad vegetables according to your recipe. Tea.


Lunch. Start lunch with a grapefruit and then have the main dish — chicken cooked in the oven vegetables. You can prepare a double batch of chicken to have for dinner. Tea.

Dinner. Chicken with tomatoes and grapefruit do not overload your stomach. Wash down with tea.

Diet Maggi with cheese

It’s all the same protein diet Maggie, but a bit changed in composition. Change eggs to cheese and lose weight without worrying about cholesterol.

Basic rules:

  • add the honey and sugar can not, but allowed the greens and salt;
  • stick to the mentioned above menu, changing 1 egg per 100 grams of cheese;
  • pick a medium-fat cheese.

Diet Maggi for 7 days

Since then, as the diet Maggie has become known, have already appeared somewhat similar to her, but slightly redesigned power systems. One thing unites them — the Breakfast is the same: eggs, grapefruit and tea or coffee. But lunch and dinner are different based on which «view» of the diet you picked up and how long you want to sit on it. A variant of Maggi diet for 7 days.

The first day

Lunch. You can eat to choose from: big pear, Apple or orange, some kiwi. If it’s fall, it’s time for watermelon season and tuck into this useful fruit or eat a small melon.

Dinner. Cook a piece of chicken or lean beef, cut into thin slices and eat. This simple technique will allow you to get enough small portion.

The second day

Lunch. Chicken, baked without oil, steamed or boiled. Definitely remove the skin before cooking!

Dinner. You need to repeat the Breakfast. But there are the evening, you can make a salad of peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, with grated carrots.

The third day

Lunch. A couple of pieces of salted and low fat cheese, a big piece of bread and a few tomatoes to the dinner was not very dry.

Dinner. Boil a large piece of beef. Dinner be without a side dish.

The fourth day

Lunch. Fruit. Now go back to the first day, and choose any fruit. The amount of any, but within the limits of common sense.

Dinner. Salad: tomato, bell pepper, cucumber and carrots – mix with cooked meat. Cut all into small pieces, and a little potseluem.

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The fifth day

Lunch. Beans stewed with medium zucchini, 2 eggs, herbs and spices.

Dinner. Salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and bell pepper add one portion of fish made on the grill. For dessert – a grapefruit.

The sixth day

Lunch. Any of the allowed fruits.

Dinner. Salad vegetables with boiled meat.

The seventh day

Lunch. You can repeat beans stewed with zucchini from the diet of the 5th of the fifth day, or make the peas and carrots. Breast chicken.

Dinner. Portion of vegetables that was left of the afternoon, but no chicken.

All. The first week you were able to survive.

This version of the diet Maggi offers a lot to think about, and to repeat the 7 days again, from the beginning to the end. These results will be enough that when you look at your photo before and after diet mood invariably was raised. Also remember that originally developed the diet has a duration of 2 weeks. This time is optimal and no need it should not increase.

Diet Maggi for a month

Great weight you is completely sick and you don’t want to give up until it completely will not be removed from your body? Two weeks is not enough to itself lead to a normal form? So, it’s time diet Maggie for 4 weeks. Gather courage and keep in mind the end goal: a month on the diet Maggie promises to get rid of 15-20 lbs. For the awards you can try. Menu of the first week already — you can use a variation of the above.

Second week

Breakfast diet Maggie does not change:

  • Orange or grapefruit;
  • Some eggs;
  • Unsweetened tea or coffee.

The first day

Lunch. Cook a piece of meat and make a vegetable salad of any products.

Dinner. Again, the salad vegetables, but now with the addition of a few boiled eggs, and citrus.

Day two

Lunch. Menu first day.

Dinner. 2 eggs, citrus and tea.

Day three

Lunch. Salad with a piece of boiled meat and cucumbers. Without oil and sauce!

Dinner. Menu of the second day.

Day four

Lunch. Cooked vegetables (except potatoes), a big slice of cheese and two eggs.

Dinner. Some eggs and herbal tea.

Day five

Lunch. Cook for a couple, bake, or boil some fish of salmon with herbs and spices.

Dinner. The same as yesterday.

Day six

Lunch. Tomato salad with boiled meat. Orange or grapefruit.

Dinner. A portion of fruit salad. It is forbidden to add dates, bananas, grapes, mangoes, and preserved fruits, otherwise no restrictions.

The seventh day

Lunch. Chicken with fresh tomatoes and boiled vegetables, and ripe orange.

Dinner. Repeat lunch diet.

It’s time for 3 weeks. Need to say right away: will be quite difficult. This week diet Maggie is the most unbalanced and hungry. But you’ve already passed the halfway mark!

Menu of the third week

The first day

Menu all day are fruit. Very high in calories and sweet banned, but lightweight vitamin and can be consumed in any quantity. Apples, watermelon, oranges, pears, cherries, plums… the Day will be pleasant.

Day two

Consume vegetables. Stewed and boiled, in the oven and on the couple of course, fresh salads. Prohibited only potatoes.

Day three

Combine all your favorite and the best of the above two days eat boiled vegetables and fresh fruit.

Day four

Fruit from the diet disappear, but there is fish. And the fish certainly make the coleslaw. Several times a day complete menu cooked vegetables.

Day five

Again cooked vegetables, but with meat. Prohibited only lamb.

Day sixth and seventh

Pick one fruit and eat it all day. Limitations in the amount of no.

We have to wait for one week. Each day is assigned a specific list of foods, and to go beyond these can. It is advisable to follow 3-4 meals a day, evenly distributing the entire diet.

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Fourth week

Day one:

  • tuna in own juice;
  • orange;
  • 200 gr. cooked chicken;
  • slice of bread;
  • salad 3-4 tomatoes and the same number of cucumbers.

Day two:

  • tomatoes and cucumbers (3-4 PCs.);
  • 200 grams of boiled meat;
  • fruit choice: Apple, orange, a big slice of melon, a pear;
  • a piece of bread.

Day three:

  • some cucumbers;
  • a few tomatoes;
  • goat or soft cheese, curd – 1 tbsp;
  • a piece of bread;
  • orange;
  • serving of steamed or boiled vegetables.

Day four:

  • three tomatoes;
  • orange or grapefruit;
  • half boiled chicken;
  • a piece of bread;
  • cucumber.

Day five:

  • lettuce;
  • three tomatoes;
  • citrus;
  • two eggs.

The sixth day:

  • some cucumbers and tomatoes;
  • citrus;
  • two steamed, baked or boiled chicken breast;
  • Cup of curdled milk;
  • 130 gr. cheese.

The seventh day:

  • a few tomatoes and cucumbers;
  • tuna in own juice;
  • 25 gr. cottage cheese;
  • a piece of bread;
  • citrus;
  • a serving of cooked vegetables.

The last days of the diet the diet does not indulge diversity. Their diet all the time listen to your body: if he does not submit signals about what diet you need to complete? But if you feel fit and decided to see the final effect, then finish the diet Maggie.

Diet Maggi: doctors

What the reviews say about Maggi doctors? Like every other, Maggie has contraindications, which you need to pay attention if you want to lose weight. Disease of the intestines, liver, kidneys are ban for this weight loss. The reason is excessive consumption of eggs!

Significant consumption of vegetables results in high gas production. Like, vegetables and fruits is the vitamins in large quantities, but you need to remember that vitamins A and E without oil are poorly absorbed, and oil is prohibited. Doctors recommend not to listen to the opinions of others, and a realistic assessment of the harm and the benefits of the diet Maggi.

Diet Maggi

Sitting on this diet a year ago, four weeks dropped 23 lbs. Which is listed on the menu, and ate, but was still doing aerobics. After the diet the weight does not return.

Anya Moscow

The view that eggs because of the cholesterol harmful, erroneous, and has long been obsolete. Cholesterol can be of two types, «harmful» and «useful». Eggs have beneficial cholesterol is not deposited in a result in the walls of blood vessels in the form of plaques.

Natasha Yalta

I have long read about this diet and want to lose weight and prickly. Like the reviews and the results are good, the girls really lose weight, but that’s how I’ll have enough willpower to cope with this hard mode, and will not hurt you diet my body due to the lack of fats? In General, the reviews naturally persuasive, most likely, will try anyway.

Lena Kiev