Diet menu for a week gout and high uric acid in the blood

Uric acid is a product of metabolism, is synthesized by the liver. It appears in the urine. It happens that the level of uric acid in the blood can rise. The reason for this jump is sometimes not the only one. However, most often it is a violation of metabolic processes in the body and disturbance of the process output of uric acid.

Approach to solving this problem comprehensively. The doctor will first prescribe a series of tests that will help find an adequate solution. And will tell you what the most suitable diet for high uric acid in the blood.

Why is the diet for high uric acid

When increasing the percentage of uric acid in the body, there is a risk of development of gout. This extremely unpleasant disease. We have mentioned that the sharp increase in the proportion of urea in the blood, can be caused by incorrect metabolism. Acid binds salt, turning them into stones. They, in turn, are deposited in the joints. Appears gout and kidney stones often. Often the development of these diseases genetic predisposition. But apart from genetic factor in the increased formation of acid acts unhealthy lifestyle, namely:

  • the abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  • strict dietary restrictions (dietary);
  • uncontrolled and the diuretics;
  • an unbalanced diet;
  • excessive starchy foods and sweets;
  • the predominance in the diet of fatty food.

Deposits grow and eventually become very unsightly appearance. Proper diet during this illness, the key to a comfortable existence.

In addition to the right diet, gout is assigned to a set of medicines and vitamins. It normalizes metabolic processes and helps to fight the disease. However, knowing that the predisposition to gout is caused by genetic data, diet, and plan the menu for the day or week will have a lifetime.

Important rules

Menu elevated uric acid in the blood must be balanced and «uncluttered». It is intended to stabilize the level of urea in the blood. There are a number of rules and restrictions to be followed.

What to eliminate from the diet

Rule # 1. A complete rejection of meat broth.

Rule # 2. No fatty, fried and smoked dishes.

Rule # 3. Excluded from the diet of pickled products.

Rule # 4. To minimize salt intake.

Rule # 5. Daily drink plenty of liquids at least a couple of liters.

These simple rules will help to reduce the problems that is delivered of disease to a minimum.

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What can I eat with gout

Person, the first time faced with the problem of gout must be aware of proper balanced nutrition and diet. You want to include in the daily diet the following ingredients:

  • fermented milk – kefir; fermented baked milk, milk whey;
  • lean meat and poultry;
  • eggs no more than twice a week;
  • cereals, in porridge, with a small piece of butter, and allowed a little vegetable.

Despite the fact that there is a limit for stocks in the week menu, as already mentioned, you can include meat, skimmed, boiled. Eat you cooked meat. However, it is not shown more than three times a week.

It is strictly forbidden to hold hunger strikes in gout. This antidieta will only aggravate the condition, and blood levels of uric acid will shoot up to a critical point. But fasting days, on the contrary, are welcome.

What you can drink

Speaking of drinks, in the diets the last place in the daily diet are mineral water. Mineral water helps the circulatory system to get rid of urea, and faster to evacuate uric acid from the body.

Alcoholic beverages are not welcome, however, the valid use of small amounts of vodka.

You need to eat frequently, preferably at a certain time. The daily menu should contain foods with low content of purines. Gout will be a useful inclusion in the diet of fresh juices of vegetables, for example:

  • carrot juice;
  • celery juice.

They help cleanse the blood of urea. You can prepare infusions, providing the same cleansing properties with high levels of uric acid in the blood, and carrot and celery juice. Hori infusions of linseed, on birch buds. Useful to drink cranberry and water. The principle of operation of all these drinks one improving metabolism, they help the body to get rid of uric acid.

Sample menu for a week at high uric acid in the blood

Given all these food rules when elevated levels of uric acid and gout, you can plan an approximate menu for the day or week. This diet is easy for a person to stabilize the percentage of uric acid in the blood. Every day should include at least five meals.


  1. First meal (Breakfast). Start the day with dry toast with jam made from citrus and weak filter coffee.
  2. Snacks until dinner, yogurt with no fillers
  3. Lunch, which is the main throughout the day should include a liquid, such as soup. The cabbage in this soup always fresh. The second potatoes boiled or roasted.
  4. In the afternoon it will be good to drink a Cup of warm milk and eat a biscuit
  5. Dinner is better to make vegetable, such as ragout of zucchini, a Cup of yogurt
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  1. For Breakfast it is good to cook a few pancakes and drink tea with lemon.
  2. Snack a small banana or pear.
  3. Lunch low-fat soup-mashed potatoes. The second good vegetable cabbage rolls with rice. All washed down with jelly oatmeal.
  4. In the afternoon to prepare a fruit salad without dressings.
  5. Dinner vegetable salad vinaigrette. A small cheese sandwich and a compote of dried apples and raisins.


  1. This time Breakfast is a good start scrambled eggs with milk and a slice of rye bread. A glass of orange juice.
  2. The snack has to be fruit on the third day it might be Apple.
  3. Lunch is good to diversify milk soup with buckwheat noodles or small. Boil a piece of chicken breast with barley side dish. A Cup of berry juice.
  4. Afternoon tea – Cup of whey or yogurt, a little dry toast with jam.
  5. For dinner, again a vegetable stew and a compote.


  1. Breakfast dairy products with the addition of dried fruit. For example, you can mix cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream and throw in this mix a handful of raisins. Tea Vitamin, one Cup
  2. Snack at this time, a handful of fresh nuts.
  3. In the afternoon to make okroshka on kefir and mineral water with fresh cucumbers and greens. For the second casserole and rice pudding with fruit.
  4. Afternoon snack small portion of fruit salad.
  5. For dinner good stuffed mushrooms and onion potatoes. A Cup of green tea, with lemon.


  1. Breakfast includes one egg, soft-boiled, cottage cheese and tea with milk.
  2. To eat an orange or a few tangerines.
  3. Start dinner with a light noodle soup. The second casserole of potatoes with a piece of boiled fish. A glass of compote.
  4. Afternoon tea can vary fruit mousse.
  5. To eat well carrot cakes with a small amount of sour cream. Cup of kefir or fermented baked.


  1. Breakfast to start with dairy meals, oatmeal. A glass of carrot juice.
  2. The snack will help to diversify the baked Apple and cheese.
  3. For lunch to cook buckwheat soup. The perfect complement to this soup will be a few pieces of cheese. Regular tea herbal tea replace.
  4. Afternoon tea – take a small amount of cheese, season with a teaspoon of liquid honey.
  5. At the end of the week for dinner, you can indulge in vegetable salad with cheese «Greek». Drink – berry compote.
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  1. The end of the week and we can fry a few thin pancakes made from dark flour and drink tea with a little milk.
  2. You can eat grapefruit. He’s fine reduces appetite and makes it easy to wait for dinner.
  3. For lunch, soup (not broth!). The second meatballs mashed potato baked with a sauce of sour cream and greens. Cup of tea with lemon.
  4. Snack – pear or banana.
  5. Dinner a well-diversified lazy dumplings and a Cup of fruit or berry jelly.

As can be seen from the sample menu for a week, to stick to a diet for gout is easy. Dishes are varied, and due to the fact that there is a need often arises the feeling of hunger. Between meals the doctors recommend drinking a glass of water. Water is allowed carbonated and alkaline.

If before sleep the person still feels a sense of hunger, for the night is always allowed Cup of fat free yogurt or warm milk.

In conclusion we can say that despite the existence of such unpleasant disease as an increased content of uric acid in the body and gout, a person always has the opportunity to facilitate and improve your health. Most importantly, do not despair, listen to the recommendations of the doctor, to respect the day and stick to a prescribed diet.