Diet of a nursing mom: tips Dr. Komarovsky with breastfeeding, basic rules

With new baby the young mother has a lot of trouble to care for your child. One of the most basic and important concerns is breastfeeding the baby. In this period of time there are different issues — what can and under strict prohibition of breast-feeding. Breastfeeding should only positively affect the health and mood of the crumbs, so the young mom needs to know some rules GW that her baby was growing strong, healthy and calm.

Tips from a pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky

A well-known pediatrician Eugene Komorowski enjoys respect and popularity among many young parents. They look transmission, listen to the advice. The issue of breastfeeding for young mothers also of great interest. They care about many issues that arise in this period of time. Dr. Komarovsky gives its recommendations and advice caring for young mothers who want to breastfeed the baby.

He believes that it is impossible to experiment and always serious approach to the issue of breastfeeding. What mom eats, in any case get to her baby. For this reason the mother needs to eat right, eat only fresh, quality products. When mom eats something new, the child’s body may react to new foods. Very often the body crumbs is experiencing difficulty in the digestion and assimilation of food.

Food is necessary to ensure the body’s vital substances, for the full and healthy development. Adult it is needed to maintain health. For baby need to eat right, so he could grow and develop normally. We can only find out for yourself what is useful and harmful products and what diet. Many of even the best food for the baby will be very harmful as it is connected with its age. For this reason, GW is the best food for children because it is safe and useful.

The advantages of breast milk

Most of us know about the basic benefits of breastfeeding. When the baby gets mom’s milk, he is growing well and harmoniously developed. Give the main advantages of breastfeeding:

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  • breast milk has a constant temperature, it is clean and useful for the baby, strengthens the immune system contains many nutrients that are involved in vital processes in the body of the child;
  • as milk formula for babies is expensive, with breastfeeding you save money;
  • it also saves time because breast milk does not need to warm or boil utensils for feeding, spend time on the purchase of baby food;
  • during breast feeding is completely eliminated infection of intestinal infections;
  • breast-feeding is available at any time as needed;
  • the composition of breast milk changes, which is good, because the child is growing and changing with age, his needs;
  • breastfeeding helps to avoid many problems, because other foods and cow’s milk can cause baby’s intolerance and poor response.

Diet while breastfeeding

The nursing mother should not choose products at their own discretion. You must heed the advice of pediatricians, for example, it is possible to take recommendations on diet from Dr. Eugene Komarovsky.

Smoked and canned products and semi-finished products must be removed from the menu and not to use in the lactation period.

A well-balanced diet should be included in diet menu required amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals. In daily menu should be milk products, fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, cereals, flour products, vegetable fats, bread.

Meal preferably split into 4 doses and more. If you want to lose weight, then you need to strive not to cut his portion, and to divide it into several times. Thanks to diet, rational nutrition in the body will be more active metabolic processes occur and the child will be able to get from mom nutrition.

To lactation was good, the mother needs to drink more liquid. Particularly useful are weak but sweet tea. From drinking cow’s milk in the first months is better to abstain.

In the period of breast-feeding mother should refrain from fried foods. Desirable food steamed or broiled, baked.

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Among the cereals is welcomed buckwheat, barley, oats, all whole grains, which are preparing tasty and healthy cereal.

It is preferable to use such dairy products as yogurt, cheese, yogurt, processed milk. You should try to include in diet menu a variety of options for dairy products.

Large amounts of iodine, iron and calcium which are necessary for the baby, contained in the seaweed, spinach, cottage cheese, fish, seafood. They definitely should regularly be used by nursing mother.

Fiber helps to improve digestive system so you must eat foods in which it is. Do not forget about folic acid, it contains a lot of bananas, Brussels sprouts, oranges, legumes.

If you take into account the advice of renowned pediatrician, diet menu young mother will include everything necessary for full development of the child. All these vitamins and minerals will come from the mother’s milk into the body of the baby.

What is not while breastfeeding?

Every month the baby grows up and mom has the opportunity to expand the range of dishes. But diet restrictions always remain and there are a number of products that are banned:

  • fatty meat varieties;
  • canned;
  • sausages of any kind;
  • strong meat broths;
  • cow’s milk;
  • eggs;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • strong tea and coffee;
  • confectionery.

Nursing mother on a diet should not eat fruits and vegetables with red skin and flesh. This applies to tomatoes and sweet peppers, beets. After the baby is 6 months servings of these fruits and vegetables can be gradually increased, but be careful to take off.

For example, cabbage causes gas, so you need to use quite a bit. Red berries cause allergies, so they should also be eaten in limited quantities.

Often the causative agent of Allergy to become chicken. Despite their dietary quality, this product is often causes an allergic reaction. This is due to growing conditions, birds of various additives in the feed.

Chocolate is possible, but only a little. Onions and garlic mom is possible, but the taste of the milk will have quite a pleasant taste. This is often not like the kids, and they do not take the breast.

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Cumin and parsley have a beneficial effect on the digestive organs of the baby. They lessen gas formation and therefore bloating tummy the baby will be less if the parsley and cumin in moderate amounts foods.

Diet months for nursing moms

The first months of life the child has a weak digestive system and the mom needs to remember this.

1-3 month — vegetable soups, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, lean meats baked or boiled, gluten-free cereal, green apples and dried fruits. Gradually introduced into the diet of pasta, cucumbers, carrots, boiled fish low-fat varieties, salad with sour cream.

Starting with a 4-month menu can be supplemented by biscuits, marmalade, marshmallow. Allowed to drink juices and have a jam from apples, currants, blueberries.

After six months the mother can eat seafood, grilled dishes.

After the baby is 1 year mother can safely return to the usual menu. This applies to those nursing mothers whose baby has health problems.

Dr. Komorowski also said that all new products are nursing mother needs to eat in the morning, during the day she could see the reaction of the child to a new food.