Diet on buckwheat and kefir for weight loss in 7 days: the result of the week, reviews, photos

Did you once observe the following picture – the girl in the supermarket greedily looks around under the window of delights, heavy sighs, puts it in his cart a pack of buckwheat groats and a package of yogurt, and goes to the checkout? If Yes, then it means that you are faced with a person who themselves is trying the buckwheat diet. What is this diet, what quantity of days it should sit and what effect can you expect? Why do you need to subject yourself to this torment?

For reviews of experienced «professionals» who have thoroughly studied all the existing options of losing weight, keeping buckwheat diet for 7 days, you can throw 7-12 kg. Agree, for one week the results are pretty impressive! There is something to suffer! But how true is this?

The essence of the diet on buckwheat and kefir «minus 10 kg»

Two main components that are part of this diet is yogurt, and the buckwheat. Why these products?


Buckwheat is one of the most useful grains. Buckwheat is a large number of the following elements:

  • Potassium;
  • Protein;
  • Iodine;
  • Iron;
  • Vitamins B6, B1, R, B2;
  • Phosphorus.

This low-carb product nutritionists suggest you periodically to include in the daily menu to those people who suffer from different liver diseases, anemia and hypertension. Fiber, which is found in buckwheat, acts as a kind of «panicle», effectively ridding the intestines of toxins. Repeat nutritionists and beauticians, who believe that buckwheat is just a «fount of beauty», which helps to maintain in good condition and nourish the nails, skin and hair.


Yogurt is very healthy dairy product that contains vitamins B12, A, B2, protein and calcium. It helps to improve the digestive system and, as a result, the output of toxins. And lactic acid bacteria perfectly suppress putrefactive processes that occur in the stomach. The combination of these two products provides an opportunity not only to throw off excess weight, but also improve the bowel, clean the liver and reduce the appearance of such skin diseases as dermatitis.

What else you need to know about kefir? Choosing it, you need to look carefully at the time of manufacture. The product, which is made in less than a day ago, often creates a laxative effect and can cause flatulence. But when kefir for more than 3 days, it can be a culprit of constipation.

Diet «minus 10 kg» is a rigid system of power, and one week – time is quite large. And so you are not disappointed the results it should be approached with great responsibility. For example, buckwheat, you can cook it in a special way. However, nothing difficult here. In the evening before heading to bed, add the required amount of buckwheat – often one Cup a day is enough. Pour over cereal with boiling water. Pour out the water. Pour a second batch of boiling water, taking into account one and a half cups of water for 1 Cup of buckwheat. Cover the pot with a blanket and let stand until morning. Buckwheat porridge is ready. Cooking you no longer need.

Diet diet is pretty simple. Throughout the week allowed to eat such a quantity of buckwheat which you want. You will not have to experience the feeling of hunger – eat at least once an hour! However, there are disadvantages – from a variety of condiments, sauces, and even salt will have to give. And the last use of buckwheat has to be not less than 3,5-4 hours before bedtime. In extreme cases, at night you can drink one glass of kefir. And that is not welcome.

More about yogurt. For this diet need to choose low fat, 1% buttermilk. In a day you can drink 1 liter. Best of all, when you get to use it or 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meal. However, if you know what to eat buckwheat «dry» you can not do it – nothing lethal in it. You can drink this dairy product.

Drinking regime

Another important point – drinking. Daily need to drink at least 1.5 l of fluid. Only in this case for a week you will achieve the desired result. From drinks fit:

  • herbal teas;
  • mineral water without gas;
  • green tea.
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If desired, these beverages can add lemon. But sugar, of course, to include in your daily menu is not necessary. If you can’t live without black tea or coffee – then you can treat yourself to a Cup. But not more than 2 times a day! And don’t forget about multivitamins! In this diet they must take.

Recommendations a weight loss on the buckwheat diet «minus 10 kg»

Of course, perfect when you can perfectly follow all the rules and you will have the patience not to change the diet. In this case, the result to lose a «minus 10 kg» guaranteed for 100%. But what can be done when a few days later you realize that even to see buckwheat can not? So as not to break and not to pounce greedily on scones with butter or fried potatoes, you can make yourself small indulgences. Your choice of:

  • The cabbage salad. Cabbage, in General, is quite unique vegetable. Did you know that cabbage is a negative calorie? Thus, the processing of this vegetable, your body will spend more energy than is produced as a result of its use.
  • A few berries of dried apricots or prunes. You can eat them simultaneously with the spoon, but can eat separately. The dried fruit will add some diversity to your daily diet and will also be able to provide the body with sugars, which are required for the operation of the brain, fiber and vitamins.
  • Fruit. 2-3 pieces. Naturally, preferably unsweetened. If your choice will stop on the green apples, they can be added directly to the buckwheat. But all others should be eaten individually as a «snack».
  • Greens. Its absolutely not worrying «grease» diet result, it is possible to use, as both porridge and independently.

And some more recommendations:

  • Salt-free power system, which is buckwheat diet «minus 10 kg», contribute to the withdrawal of excess fluid and cleansing the body. However, due to severely limit the consumption of salt you can begin to feel weakness and headaches. May also be hypotensive. Since one week is a pretty long time! If you have felt degradation – you do not need to torture yourself! A little salt a serving of buckwheat or grease it with soy sauce.
  • And even when the results are a little worse – that, in principle, it is not necessary – you save your health. But it is much more important! The more carefully you need to monitor the health of people who exercise. Incidentally, in the summer, on hot days, stick with salt-free diet is generally undesirable.
  • If you feel weak, you can eat the honey. Of course, overeating is not necessary – one tablespoon is enough. You can divide this number in several times. Honey it is advisable not to swallow, and slowly dissolve. Can be done otherwise, dilute the dose in a Cup of water and drink throughout the day. Don’t worry about such a small deviation from the diet can ruin the result, glucose is spent on brain stimulation.

Adhering to the buckwheat and kefir diet, you should not suffer from hunger. If just thinking about buckwheat, you already begin to feel sick, without hesitation add the lemon juice, herbs or garlic that suits your taste.

Why can’t I lose weight?

Quite a lot of girls who tested the diet on buckwheat and kefir «minus 10 kg», complain the same problem at the initial stage of the pitches much more than in subsequent days. Why is this happening? The answer is quite simple. For the first few days, the body usually gets rid of excess fluid. Because the results are much more noticeable – the scale is moving inexorably downwards. But then comes the turn of fat. And remove it much more difficult. But, if this happens, the result will be fairly stable.

If at the initial stage of the diet «minus 10 kg» works worse than you expected, then most likely this is for certain reasons. What? The reasons can be many. We describe only the basic, why can’t I lose weight:

  • you are on the threshold of the «critical days» and the body retains water intensely;
  • you just completed another salt-free diet and immediately «sat tight» in buckwheat;
  • buckwheat – not «your» product, you never used it before, so the body is «not friendly» with buckwheat;
  • you add a lot of soy sauce, which is salt.
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The output of buckwheat diet «minus 10 kg»

Another important question is how to maintain the achieved result. To so hard reset 10 kg have not been back here in a couple of days, you need to take certain precautions. Out of the diet on buckwheat and kefir must be gradual and smooth. The time it takes as well as directly course «minus 10 kg» – one week.

No need to immediately after the diet «to reward yourself for the pain» and throw to fatty and sweet. During the course of slimming your stomach is reduced in size. Try not to load it. Eat small meals to 7-8 times a day. It is advisable to replace the salt with soy sauce – this will give you the opportunity to avoid swelling. Try to make sure that the last eating was 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Make a rough menu at this time. For example, for Breakfast – an egg and a small amount of low fat cottage cheese. Lunch – piece of chicken breast and roasted vegetables. For dinner – again, all buckwheat. Slowly add in the daily diet of fruits, meat and fish. Remember about the yogurt. Repeat diet can be no earlier than one month. But from time to time – once every 8-9 days make fasting day on kefir and buckwheat.

The advantages and disadvantages of the diet «minus 10 kg», photo before and after

So, let’s summarize – that is, determine all the advantages and disadvantages of this way to lose about 10 kg, and also learn reviews losing weight and see a photo of before and after weight loss.


  • The diet is quite simple. While you follow this diet, you will have enough time to rest from the constant process of cooking. And to get lost in the daily diet is simply impossible – food-only two! You will not need to adjust your schedule under strict diet «on the clock» — eat when you want it. And yogurt and buckwheat it is possible to take with you to work. You will not have to count calories – eat as much as you want. In General only a pleasure!
  • And yogurt and buckwheat – are quite useful products. In their structure are necessary for any person minerals and vitamins. While these products are in any supermarket and are quite cheap.
  • Probably the biggest advantage is the result after the diet. Judge for yourself – in just one week you can lose 6-10 kg. This result, no doubt, will not go unnoticed!


  • Often already on the 3 day diet, the words «yogurt» and «buckwheat» are beginning to cause seizures lung nervous TIC;
  • For one week your daily diet will not be balanced. This means that the body does not receive all the required minerals and vitamins.

Have a diet «minus 10 kg» there are certain contraindications and before you sit on it, you need to consult with a specialist. The main contraindications include low blood pressure, any chronic disease, gastric ulcer, haemoglobin decreased, peptic ulcer disease, duodenal ulcers, gastritis. And, of course, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. And this is not the whole list.

At first glance, the advantages of this diet still prevail in front of the disadvantages. But to decide, to observe whether the buckwheat diet «minus 10 kg», of course, only you. Although the girl from the store most likely gets himself new jeans and dresses smaller.

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Buckwheat diet

Learned about the diet, in the opinion of a friend, and I and itself perfectly know about the positive properties of the buckwheat as the grain helps even fight cancer. Not long thinking, I started to lose weight. At work, home, dinner — only buckwheat porridge. It’s a bit disheartening, but something was wrong with this, I experienced the most difficult time and have achieved excellent results. Lost 8 pounds in 7 days, that’s enough for me, because I began slowly, «to say goodbye» with buckwheat. Dropped 8kg are not returned even after 3 years, I often perform the fasting days, not too lazy to cook buckwheat for the night. So I only «for» buckwheat weight loss.

Marina is 27 years old Yalta

I do not like when on the table a small selection of dishes. And the meat has to be in the first place. When the question about obesity, going under the knife I decided. Start to achieve weight loss in a natural way, sitting on fish, fruits, milk, tried the protein diet. All to no avail. 4-5 more kg, I lost. And here I recommend buckwheat diet «minus 10 kg», at first I was surprised, but I was pleased with the fact that you can not limit yourself in food and to eat buckwheat constantly. So I did, 3 days ate only buckwheat, and when extra pounds started to melt away like snow after the thaw, I was convinced that the best diet for me not to pick up.

I read a lot of literature, was scheduled days for 6 months managed to lose 35 kg, you won’t believe, but I’m back to my old life. I started going to the gym, became more cheerful, took me back ex-husband, I stopped being tense and nervous. Problems with the chair were gone. Improved digestion. Everything is just perfect. It was difficult only the first 3 days and then like clockwork. Try it and you. Diet no effort on the pocket and easy to use.

Elena, 32 years old Moscow

After a long time of unhealthy food and alcohol, my health has significantly deteriorated, began to disturb the stomach, liver and kidneys. Disappeared natural richness of hair and nails. Quickly began to turn gray. One day I looked in the mirror and decided — so it is impossible to live on. Decided to change the image, to put in order the body. And the most important is to lose weight. Enrolled in the gym. But with the right diet does not work to decide. The options were many, but not all was shown to me for health reasons — there was weakness and dizziness, increased abdominal pain.

And here is my colleague at work recommended a buckwheat diet. I have long thought, should be all. As it turned out, not only necessary, but also quite nice. Cereal is nutritious, delicious sensations of hunger, but I added in the menu, even bananas, to raise the energy. And now, after 3 weeks I started to feel again 17-year-old boy, 72 kg, height Is 178 cm. Could almost fit in an old favorite jeans.

Maxim 39 years old Voronezh, Russia