Diet pills chromium picolinate: composition and instructions for use of preparat for weight loss, price, reviews losing weight

Has been known for several decades, the dietary Supplement chromium picolinate is designed for those wishing to lose weight and athletes. In the last century it has been proven that chromium drugs can reduce the thrust to the carbohydrates and sweets, and also help during an intense workout to build muscle. According to doctors, a lack of chromium in the body leads to weight problems and different related diseases. That is why the drug is chromium picolinate recently very popular among dieters people.

How does chromium picolinate diet pills?

The composition of magic pill include chromium and picolinic acid. With this combination the main component of the drug is absorbed by the body without any problems. A natural source of nutrients affects stereohero the insulin that normalizes blood sugar and reduces cholesterol. This reduces the feeling of hunger, regulate the appetite, improves metabolism inside the cells, and decreases weight. In addition, chromium has a favorable effect on the whole body. It strengthens blood vessels, improves the digestive organs, regulate the nervous system.

Indications for use

Dietary Supplement of chromium picolinate doctors appointed in the following cases:

  • in stressful situations;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • obesity;
  • anorexia;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • diabetes;
  • a lack of chromium in the body;
  • for headaches and insomnia;
  • to enhance immunity;
  • in heart failure.

As chromium promotes weight loss?

Too much insulin in the body prevents fat cells participate in the metabolism, causing the fat starts to Deposit under the skin, and we get fat. If the body has sufficient amounts of chromium, it begins to act:

  1. Reduces the production of insulin.
  2. Helps fat cells to participate in the exchange and turn into energy.
  3. Involved in carbohydrate metabolism, providing the cells with glucose.

As a result of all these actions, the body loses weight and decreases the need for flour and sweet.

Required quantity of the drug can be obtained from foods or taking chromium dietary supplements. To containing chromium products include:

  • any fish;
  • Dutch cheese;
  • the potatoes in their skins;
  • beef liver;
  • brewer’s yeast;
  • eggs;
  • corn oil;
  • beets;
  • broccoli;
  • radishes;
  • cabbage;
  • legumes.

There is a drug, and some fruits and berries. They are rich in sea buckthorn, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, apples, plums and grapes. However, only the products can rarely compensate for a deficiency of chromium in the body. Therefore, doctors recommend to take chromium drugs, one of which is the drug of chromium picolinate.

Usage instructions

Chromium picolinate for weight loss available in tablets or suspension. Per day it should take no more than 400 mcg, spreading the reception for 2 times. Morning and evening during meals chromium picolinate is taken 20 drops or 2 tablets. The maximum course of treatment – 25 days.

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Price on BAD depends on the method of production and margins the network. Drops chromium picolinate a volume of 50 ml cost about 200 rubles. Price of tablet quantity 90 pieces – from 450 to 590 rubles.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug for weight loss it is forbidden to take:

  • children and adolescents under 16 years of age;
  • pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • when kidney failure and liver;
  • diabetes;
  • Parkinsonian patients;
  • if you are hypersensitive.

Side effects BAD chromium picolinate is not, however, overdose can happen poisoning of the body, which often manifests itself in the form of ulcers on the mucous membranes, eczema, dermatitis, inflammatory diseases, allergies. Therefore, before using chrome be sure to consult with a dietician.

Chromium for weight loss: reviews

To fight off the cravings for starchy and sweet, preserving the health and beauty, a fine means of chromium picolinate. I began to take not so much for weight loss how much in order to use it to break the habit for unhealthy biscuits, chocolate etc Because they contain sugar eats all our beauty, slimming collagen production. I really don’t want to be like raisins, so sweet refused.

However, the need for something delicious occurs continually, so voluntarily give up chocolates is impossible. And here comes to the aid of chromium picolinate. After two weeks of use the body is rebuilt, and candy don’t seem so attractive. Seem too sweet even fruit. So in your opinion I advise anyone who wants to stay beautiful, make this BAD. I buy it in liquid form, take at Breakfast time and all day I just enough vegetables. Moreover, Khrushchev I use them with great pleasure!

Marina, Moscow

About dietary Supplement with chromium picolinate I was told by the endocrinologist. She advised to start taking it to my man with type 2 diabetes. To buy the drug from us is possible only through the Internet or to order in pharmacies. Decided that the pharmacy order should be safer, although it is quite cheap – only 218 rubles. Too bad that detailed instructions about the drug. All information was written on the box, and all the useful information we’ve learned from the Internet.

It turns out that chromium picolinate is involved in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. And it should not be taken during the later stages of diabetes. My husband takes 10 drops during Breakfast for four days. During this time, a diet without sugar he fell to two units. So the doctor recommended a course of 10 days decided to drink fully. Of course, from diabetes to get rid of, but you can reduce the sugar, thereby improving health and increasing vitality, it is possible.

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Natalia, Smolensk

Read the reviews and bought chromium picolinate, so it helped to give me the sweet. On the same day dripped 10 drops and put them under the tongue. The flavor syrup was the usual cloying, slightly sweet. The packaging says that it is recommended to take 10-20 drops in a month. In addition to taking the drug, I have started to do fitness. For a week no changes have occurred. Sweet like all the same, but I kept from last forces.

Only approximately after 20 days, I noticed that I almost don’t want candy. Therefore, immediately start a diet and connected to drink plenty of liquids. Not to eat candy the whole 10 days, which got rid of 4 kg! For me it is a great success. Can’t tell that from the sweet right gate. When I dream, I eat, but in small quantities. Cut chromium picolinate a month, then took a break of 10 days and beginning a new course.

Anna, Kemerovo

A friend once boasted to me that he no longer has a sweet tooth, although it is a terrible sweet tooth. This news interested me, and I was asking questions about how she did it. It turns out that the girlfriend was taking chromium picolinate, which spoke very well. I immediately went to the drugstore, where he bought a drug, which began to drink according to instructions. Waiting for effect a week, two, month, but sugar cravings I have on the contrary increased! I wanted chocolate or something sweet to such an extent that I just could not resist.

I read the reviews on the Internet where I write about what some actually after taking the drug may be the opposite. I stopped drinking BUD, which I did not, and after about two months my mad craving for sweets is gone. So, it turns out that the effect of chromium picolinate on each body individually.

Zabeleska, Surgut

I have a terrible sweet tooth and during the day absorbs all sorts of cakes and buns. Naturally, my weight leaves much to be desired, but to diet it is useless for me. Fruit sweets I do not think at all, but can for once eat two chocolate bars and even not to notice. To do that we needed and I began to read the reviews in the Internet where we found information on chromium picolinate for weight loss. Promised that this magic drug reduces cravings for sweets. I purchased one bottle drops from the manufacturer «Mertsana». First I dripped under the tongue, 10 drops. The result was not. Then I dose started to increase, but the result did not wait.

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I’ve been disappointed in chrome, until I saw BAD American manufacturer, which in Russia is sold at a price of 1200 rubles per 90 capsules. The difference is significant, but I decided to try it. What was my surprise when a few days of taking this drug I couldn’t get past the display cases with sweets. Instead of three pies at one time I bought only one. Apparently the result of cumulative, almost entirely because of the sweet I was able to give only two weeks. Therefore, I advise everyone to choose the right manufacturer and dosage of the drug. As a result, you will achieve a slim figure and good health.

Larisa, Russia

All the time madly loved pies. But just a few days of taking chromium picolinate miracle — was to forget about them. Drink the morning of this wonderful drug is 10 drops and you forget what you want to eat. I hope that he will help me to lose weight. We BAD just to buy very difficult. You have to order via the Internet.

Tatiana, Voronezh

In my opinion all I want to recommend BAD chromium picolinate, which weaned me from sugar. I have a sweet tooth so there was always chubby. Beginning for the drug for weight loss about which read in Internet, and began to lose weight. All this is due to the fact that appetite after his admission decreases, and, therefore, decreases and weight. I advise everyone to try who find it difficult to give up sweets and starchy foods.

Natalia, Cheboksary