Diet pills of Meridia: price, usage instructions and contraindications, reviews losing weight

Gradually reduce the body weight without exhausting diets and workouts will help drug meridia from the German company knoll AG. In its creation was attended by several thousand people willing to lose weight volunteers. They were observed by doctors and has been proven that the effectiveness of the drug is very high. During the pill of Meridia in the stomach there is a feeling of fullness that helps reduce appetite and reduce food intake. As a fat from overeating and a sedentary lifestyle, such a drug will help them lose weight.

Weight loss pills meridia: composition, price

In the composition of the drug enters the main sibutramin acting drug and excipients:

  • magnesium stearate;
  • colloidal silicone dioxin;
  • ICC;
  • of lactose monohydrate.

It sibutramine acts on «centers of saturation», which are located in the brain. After receiving the a feeling of satiety, and the extra sandwich the night to eat is not desirable. The amount of food eaten begins to decrease already in the first days, and with it the reduced weight. That overeating contributes to weight gain, and moderation in food contributes to its reduction everyone knows. It from overeating and eliminates the drug of Meridia.

The quality of the drug you should not worry since producing his company is certified and passes strict validation.

To take the drug meridia is recommended according to the instructions one capsule is 10 mg once a day for at least three months. Because the drug acts slowly, short-term drug does not make sense. A month after the start of treatment weight should be reduced to not less than 2 kg. If not, then increase the dose to 15 mg a day. Regular intake of the drug Meridia least three to six months will help to significantly lose weight and maintain long-term body weight at the desired level. The effect of the drug can be enhanced by using a daily thirty-minute physical exertion.

It should be borne in mind that to purchase the drug only on prescription of an endocrinologist. The average price of the drug meridia – 1500 rubles.

Features of the medicine of Meridia

Weight loss pills prescribed if you cannot lose weight with fat-burning drugs, diet and sports. It also is recommended for patients with alimentary obesity (BMI) body mass index more than 30.

To the characteristics of the drug meridia include:

  1. The capsules do not depend on food intake, which is very convenient.
  2. Good tolerance of the drug, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews.
  3. Efficacy and safety, proven by numerous clinical studies.
  4. A gradual weight loss and long-term maintenance that much more efficient of different diets.

Side effects

Serious side effects while taking the drug meridia. As at short-term and long-term employment, it is safe and well tolerated. Available only minor individual reactions:

  • taste disturbance;
  • dry mouth;
  • slight tachycardia;
  • insomnia;
  • constipation;
  • a slight increase in blood pressure;
  • sweating;
  • headache;
  • nausea.
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Children and adolescents under 18 years of age, pregnant and nursing mothers, elderly people medication for weight loss contraindicated. In addition, it is not recommended to use if you have impaired renal function and liver, heart diseases, hypertension, nervous bulimia and anorexia, glaucoma, pheochromocytoma, prostate cancer. It is strictly forbidden to take the drug meridia with drug and alcohol addiction.

In any case the drug must be confirmed by an endocrinologist or a gynecologist-endocrinologist because of Meridia is a drug and not a dietary Supplement.

User reviews of the drug meridia

On the Internet you can read many reviews about the different means of losing weight. A lot of reviews and of the drug of the German manufacturer.

Positive customer feedback

After treatment with hormones much stouter. Struggled with this problem and with the help of diets, and various other methods. The result was not any. If one kilo over the month will go, then three again pick up. And now, after another medical examination, I was sent to an endocrinologist, who prescribed me meridia 10 mg.

The course of treatment when my weight was recommended from six months to one year. Because I tried a lot of things and all to no avail, and in this case, I first hesitated. Even I was confused and the price of the tablets, which were not cheap. However, I began to take them in a week and in the whole body felt a lightness and increased energy. All the time I wanted to move and something to do. To date, the drug meridia, I take just a month, but have dropped 4 lbs. First, there were small side effects, but they quickly passed. Now I feel good. Therefore, before to accept this medicine, consult your doctor.

Feta, Nizhny Tagil

I’m a modern young woman with a bad habit – I love buns and rolls. But they bring not only moral satisfaction, but also extra pounds. I love that the body was always in perfect shape. Working in a pharmacy, I have had to sell the drug meridia and hear reviews about it. Long I hesitated, and thought to start taking these pills or not. Know that the more the manual says side effects and contraindications, the better studied of this drug.

Finally I decided and treated for about three months. During this time, except for any side effects I had. But I lost 7 kg due to the fact that meridia helped me cope with the temptation of consuming large amounts of rolls. The wonderful thing is that weight is not reached. As a pharmacist I want to warn that to take the drug only after consultation with your doctor.

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Elena, Moscow

I always weighed a lot. And here the gynecologist for regular admission advised me to lose weight meridia. I have because of obesity pregnancy, so long I was not thinking and bought the pills. The effect was noticeable after a month. I easily lost weight and very happy about it.

I have no side effects was, and my friend had a headache and had the dry mouth. So taking the drug she stopped. I continued to drink tablets and to lose weight. In the third month of their admission, I found out she was pregnant, and stopped taking the drug. Weight of course began to grow, but now, even after his son’s birth, I weigh 7 kg less than before. So meridia really helps, but if you listen to reviews about it, hinder many to take side effects.

Elena Kazan

The higher the rating the drug meridia will deliver with ease. Can explain it by the fact that for me these pills were perfect. During pregnancy I gained almost 20 pounds. After giving birth to 13 pounds of lost weight, but excess weight still remained. When the child is transferred to artificial feeding, I decided to have her figure. For this I had to lose about 7 kg.

Methods and tools I have tried, but all to no avail. Having read good and bad reviews still decided to try the drug meridia. Side effects I have never had, and the extra 7 kg I lost in two months. The package bought in the course of three months, but as more to lose weight I didn’t have extra pills left just in case. Since then it’s been a year, and achieved the weight rests at the same level. Therefore, I consider that money well spent! Everyone, of course, such treatment does not suggest, as all individually.


Negative reviews

The drug meridia I tried back in 2008 and I want to write about it in my opinion. I must say that until now I regret that previously did not consult with the doctor. As a means for weight loss this drug was recommended by my friend the gynecologist. She shared information with me, and I immediately ran after him in the pharmacy, although I read about the contraindications and side effects. Before this drug can be purchased at almost all pharmacies, and it cost 700 rubles over the course of two weeks (14 capsules).

After taking it appetite I have lost almost completely. If the capsule I drank in the morning, no Breakfast, no lunch, no supper does not like. But all the time I really wanted to drink. For the first two weeks I lost two sizes and all to look at herself in the mirror. And as soon as I finished the course in 14 days, I started having bowel problems.

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Drink medicine for another two weeks, I noticed that the weight remained at the same level. After a while he even began to increase. I felt really bad, I had discomfort in the abdomen, bowel problems, dizziness, constant nervousness. The girlfriend was all right. From this I concluded that we should not take the drug without consulting a doctor. After this sad experience I to any experiments taking fat burners is no longer resolved.

Natalie, Tomsk

I believe that the best way to lose weight is to limit food. This is an old folk wisdom, and no drugs and fat burners will not help. The drug meridia I took the instructions. I want to say that in this time of hunger is not felt, but the appetite is still here. If you see something tasty, you definitely will still want to eat it. This effect many dieters using this medication.

So pay a lot of money, but still get side effects such as redness of face, tidal fever, sweating and tachycardia I do not recommend. I have it was all. By the way, if anyone knows, is part of the drug Sibutramine is banned in many countries psychotropic agent! Sell it only in Russia and countries of the third world. We buy medicine without a prescription and the coffin of your body.