Diet program Pills «lose weight in a week»: the stages of purification of the body, real reviews and price

In this article we will focus on how effectively and quickly lose weight. Consider probably the easiest diet as you do not have to cook! A vivid example of the result of this diet Ksenia Borodina. What is this complex, and how did she do it? So, lose weight at home in a week: the menu, the stages of the diet and reviews.

What is «lose weight in a week»: a Description of the diet

Cleansing of the body «lose weight in a week» is a complex food, which was developed by the company «Leovit nutrio». A comprehensive diet includes low-calorie diet. First and foremost, this diet is ideal for those who have no time to cook various dishes. All cooking is pouring the contents of the bag with hot water. Also this diet is perfect for those who for a long time is at work. Don’t need to compete with sudochki, and small bags can fit even in a jacket pocket. Count the calories is also not necessary. All of this is already done for you!

It is a comprehensive nutrition teaches to small portions, with this program you atvykite from overeating. 7 days with this diet you can lose 1,5-6 kg.

Products that are part of this program, aimed at regulating metabolism. And also to burning fat and cleansing the body. During the diet, if necessary, prepare additional products. What exactly is allowed is specified in the instructions to comprehensive the food.

In addition to standard weekly rate, Leovit also has the Express method of «weight loss in three days.» The principle is exactly the same — calorie intake. Despite the limitations in calories, this meal is balanced. The products of the packages have all of the required micronutrients and minerals. On the menu are soups, cereals, diet bars, cappuccino, coffee and side dishes. Hungry you definitely will not.

What is in the bags? In the package are freeze-dried foods that have been freeze-vacuum drying, which allows to preserve all useful vitamins and elements. And also, however, retain their smell, taste and texture.

How is the diet «lose Weight in a week»?

Ksenia Borodina very well have lost weight with the help of this comprehensive nutrition. This, of course, did not happen in one week. Leading adhere to complex quite a long time until I learned how to eat right. In the sale you will be able to find various chests «lose Weight in a week». You will be able to limit the weekly rations of food, when your goal is to lose a few pounds. When you have a «Napoleonic plans», you better to use a gradual weight loss, which can be offered by «Leovit nutrio». Losing weight on this system consists of three stages.

The first stage. Cleansing

In the first stage, you get a box «detox». Here is a diet designed for five days. At this stage accelerates the metabolism, and excreted from the body toxins. In addition, you will be able to get rid of excess fluid. In the first 3 days your calories will not be more than 900. The fourth day of fasting is only 250 calories.

On the fifth day calorie menu is no more than 885 calories. There is intensive cleansing of the body. In reviews, people often indicate improvement in condition of skin. In a week you are allowed to consume protein foods. You can buy product «lose Weight in a week» or to cook. It is also recommended to drink at least three glasses of still mineral water daily.

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Second stage. Weight loss

At this stage, you will need a box «weight loss». In these seven days you will also follow a proper diet. Daily caloric content at this stage is not more than 860 calories. At the same time, you can enable the use of vitamins.

Active fat burning elements diet will lead to weight loss. Also you will start to decrease hunger. Through a balanced diet will increase metabolic processes.

The third stage. Consolidate the effect

At this stage, you will need to consolidate the obtained effect. The main thing here is to maintain an average caloric daily not more than 1850 kcal. Carbohydrates in this diet should be no more than 160 grams.

Continue this step can up to four months. At this stage you will have to buy diet products from the company of Leovit. Also surely once a week would need to purchase a trunk is «Fasting day». And monthly chest «Express diet for 3 days».

Diet diet «lose Weight in a week»

This integrated feeding means 6 menu types. The main ones are:

  • traditional;
  • vegetarian;
  • Mediterranean menu.

Also, the complex includes «fasting day» and «Express diet for 3 days».

Traditional menu

This menu is pretty close to the routine of most Housewives. The dishes in this menu are for the most part belong to Slavic cuisine. It’s soup, soup and chicken soups. This menu gives you the ability to lose about 3-6 pounds in 7 days. Main dishes include in the diet:

  • Pasta;
  • Puree;
  • Noodles;
  • Buckwheat.

Of fluids – all the same as in the main menu.

Main menu

This diet will be suitable for all dieters, in addition to vegetarians. Set meals planned for a week, during this time, you can lose approximately 3-5 lbs. the Diet includes meat and vegetable soups and soups. Main dishes vegetable and meat, you can use cereals. Bags you’ll be able to find fish, mushrooms and pasta. Liquid that this fat burning tea and cappuccino, as well as juice, jelly, coffee.

Vegetarian menu

This chest will help to lose weight vegetarians, and just those who love vegetarian food. This diet pretty good for the overall condition of the skin. The main dishes are the cheese and vegetable soups with mushrooms and cereals. On the second is also pasta, cereals, vegetables. Liquid jelly for weight loss, juice, tea.

Mediterranean menu

This menu is most useful, because enriched with vitamins and trace elements. This diet includes Spanish, Italian, French cuisine. In packages you will be able to find polenta, soups, pasta, porridge, pudding, paella. From liquids such as coffee, jelly, tea.

Diet fasting day

In this case, it’s pretty simple, your menu is designed for 370 calories a day.

  • Breakfast – a light soup, tea for weight loss.
  • Lunch – again a light soup and compote.
  • In the afternoon, fruit chocolate, and jelly for purification.
  • Dinner – soup with spinach and nettle tea.
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Express diet 3 days

Diet is designed so that the daily calorie no more than 420 calories. In this menu are light soups, porridge, hot chocolate and even candy fruit.

The advantages and disadvantages of power «lose Weight in a week»

The main advantage of the complex in the first place, to save time. You can always find a few minutes to add a bag in boiling water. Easy cooking gives you the opportunity not to break the mode of eating. Even at work this diet enables to eat. Freeze-dried food is better than canned.

Leovit has not used taste enhancers and preservatives, and dyes. Because this kind of products is absolutely harmless for health.

A clear advantage of this diet is the variety of dishes. At low amounts of calories anyone can porrati menu that he likes. In this complex you can combine freeze-dried foods with regular foods. As a result, the food goes dietary full, fractional.

All drinks from the diet have special structure. Thereby reducing the feeling of hunger and increases metabolism. Improves peristalsis of the intestine, and toxins. There is no need to control calories, since the diet already all counted.

The disadvantages include:

  • All the dishes from any diet, you need to pour boiling water. This means that the bulk of the vitamin is destroyed. Moreover, it refers to the vitamin C and folic acid.
  • Coffee from the diet has a diuretic: guarana and caffeine. People with kidney disease and hypertension may appear negative consequences.
  • There are no precise facts how fully sublimated power. Because abuse of these products is still not necessary. Ordinary products also should be included in the menu.

Reviews of doctors and losing weight

This complete food has passed all the necessary clinical testing. Testing occurred in the Institute of Nutrition of RAMS. Doctors were convinced of its effectiveness, as well as in the reviews identified the following advantages:

  • you can use at home, at work, and even trips;
  • dishes of this complex food are not harmful substances. That gives the possibility to use the complex for a long time;
  • affordable price power and easy to use;
  • weight reduction takes place without harm to health and gradually;
  • the complex has quick and delicious food.

Consumer reviews of kits, very different. Some people taste this food happily use this diet. Other reviews criticize the «Leovit» for a large number of «chemical» additives and sugar. In fairness it should be noted that in the chests there is nothing that is prohibited to add in food. But this naturally sets not be. Diabetic chests do not contain sugar, but have a large amount of fructose.

By and large, «chests» is not intended for people who want to go on a diet. They are for people who can’t dose their food. About this point in reviews and authors. Many have learned to observe a sufficient portion size and lost weight using these products.

All contraindications listed in the instructions for integrated nutrition. Because, as everyone can decide for himself, he will be this complex or not. Duration of the diet should not be more than three months. Because apply only sublimated products. It is necessary to take a break. If this product is used once a day, the breaks could not be done.

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For a start «box» is a great option. It is convenient to put themselves in a correct diet. Begin to clearly understand what is the proper portions, what you can and cannot eat and how often. I also really liked that the diet can complement their food (boiled eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, vegetable soup, vinaigrette, cooked meat). I mean, not just only eat the bags and balanced, including live foods.

Marina Moscow

I am very grateful to the company «Leovit» diet «lose Weight in a week», which allows without significant cost to cook diet food, and lose unwanted pounds. For busy women with young children and family — this diet is just a gift. No need to change your usual routine.

Eating normally, I was able to lose weight with the suitcase «Traditional carvery» almost 6 kg over a fortnight. In this menu are Slavic dishes — delicious borscht, soups, jellies, and cereals, and the food is varied and never boring. This is not a mono-diet, which is already a few days later begin to feel sick and suck under the shoulder blade. With diet «lose Weight in a week» can be very easy to lose weight without compromising health and without serious consequences.

Lena Kiev

Now I’m sure! you can trust your problems with excess weight. Me diet «lose weight in a week» did not disappoint and I decided to write a review after a month scrupulously followed all the instructions, actually lost 7 lbs. First used a vegetarian menu for a week and then Mediterranean and traditional. That is, all have tried, liked more traditional food. To achieve the goal, we need to be patient and tune, as gain weight we are not for a month, so you should lose weight gradually. If you will need to drop those extra pounds — only Pills.

Natalia Alushta