Diet rules «Count calories» how to count calories ready meals in order to lose weight, calorie table products

Every year more and more people are facing the problem of overweight. And to solve it, many have resorted to various means of diets, teas, tablets. Today, however, every available special system, which also has a high efficiency. And it does not require the person to perform any complex actions. The gist of it is to count calories.

The method of calculation of the calorie: features

The idea is not new, because the idea about using this technique emerged in the beginning of the last century. However, in those years it was not such a high interest. Today time is quite different, and the person concerned about a new problem.

But today is a lot of those who are not confident in the effectiveness of this method and therefore wondered whether it is possible to become slimmer, if you count calories.

You can refer to any nutritionist with this question, and he will give an affirmative answer. According to them, today there are more effective methods that allow you to result in an optimal level of caloric daily intake.

If you find that promises are not enough, you can discuss this with your doctor. It is possible that his opinion will change your attitude towards this technique.

The advantages of the method

The methodology is based on a calculation of calories, can be considered as a complete diet, but stick to it need not in certain moments of life, but constantly. It has many advantages that you will be able to meet after we move to it.

  1. Starting to count calories, you after a month will notice as you become much slimmer.
  2. Deciding to change your normal diet on a diet «Count calories», you can include in your diet a variety of foods. There are no restrictions. However, you must keep track of how much consume specific meals.
  3. The effect of weight loss by the natural way. You don’t have to exclude from your menu delicious and useful products. Also you will not encounter indigestion.
  4. Using this technique, you will achieve a result which will persist for many months. And it is at least. Starting to count calories of products, you’ll get used to this practice.

Therefore, in the future it will become commonplace. As a result, you will be able to easily avoid overeating and ensure that your weight is all right.

Disadvantages of lose weight by the method of

Cons, which were revealed during the diet, «we count calories and lose weight» — this is just the opinion of ordinary people. Chief among them are the following: the complexity of counting; a strong desire to eat more than allow the daily rate.

The second factor does not require much explanation and all is clear. In such a situation, periodically it turns out each of us who had to force himself to stick to a certain diet. To make it easier to cope with all this, it is possible to use various psychological methods.

For example, you can hang it on the fridge door photos slim actress, the forms of which are ideal. Or it could be your personal photo where you can see beautiful, slender and eye-catching all men. Hardly any woman would like to be.

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However, to achieve this we will have to seriously work on yourself. You need to show all his willpower. When will take a couple of months, you will not notice how in the first place when putting together a menu will pay attention to the caloric value of the dish. Thus, following this approach, you will begin to lose weight.

Motivate you to switch to a new diet can fashionable clothes, which is a bit smaller than your current size. If you really want to try on these things and walk in them, then you only need to count calories and lose weight. And then it’s only a couple of months, and your dream will come true.

Although losing weight and counting calories easy. In the first weeks you will encounter difficulties. However, if you manage to defeat yourself, you get used to it and be able without prompting to determine the energy value of your favorite dishes.

Recommended by dieticians calories

Very pleased that you finally found the strength to change your diet and start counting calories. But you can not do without the products table, which indicates their energy value.

Before you start using it, you should find out your daily requirement in calories. In nutritionists has an opinion on this.

  • For young ladies aged 14 to 17 years best daily rate — 2760 kcal.
  • Pregnant — 3200 kcal.
  • In the feeding of a child — 3500 kcal.
  • Students — 2800 kcal.

Women officers whose work is connected with brainwork and involves a sedentary lifestyle:

  • 18-40 years 2400-2600 kcal.
  • 40-60 years — 2200-2400 calories.

The staff representing the service sector:

  • 18-40 years 2500-2750 calories.
  • 40-60 years — 2350-2550 calories.

Staff whose work requires more work:

  • 18-40 years — 2700-2900 kcal.
  • 40-60 years — 2500 — 2700 kcal.

Ladies of advanced age:

  • 60-70 years is 2100-2200 kcal.
  • 70 years — no less than 2000 kcal.

The above information professionals has a special name — the optimal corridor of calories. For you, it will be required if you decide to start to stick to the method of counting calories.

Thanks to the table you can easily determine the optimum amount of calories per day. If the result of calculations you have learned that the energy content of the meals that comprise your daily diet, the more you can conclude that you overeat.

Then you have to accept the presence on the sides of the excess fat, and also the fact that you can’t try on the amazing jeans of last season.

How to calculate your base calorie level

Of course, to consider the recommendations of nutritionists, however, at the same time we should not forget that every particular person individual. To get rid of extra pounds, you must take into account many different factors:

  • Growth.
  • Weight.
  • Metabolism.
  • A way of life.
  • Exercise.

For each person, these figures will be different. You can give a special formula, using which you can easily calculate your need for the number of products on the day and their energy value.

It looks as follows: women need to do the following: 650 + of 9.6 x (weight) + 1.8 x (height) of 4.7 x (age). Calculation scheme for men will be a little different:60 + 13.7 x (weight) + 5 x (height) — 6.8 x (age).

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The final results of all these operations will have to be multiplied by an additional coefficient. However, for each person it will differ.

  1. 1,3. For people who have low levels of physical activity.
  2. 1,4.For people who adhere to an active lifestyle, spending a week on exercise 4 hours.
  3. 1,5. For sports people who spend on exercise for 6 hours a week.
  4. 1,7. For people who can’t live without sports and therefore are ready to allocate 12 hours a week.

The final results will allow you to determine your baseline level. For those who want to purchase additional mass must be added to the figure of 20%. If your goal is to lose weight, you should deduct from it 20%.

How to develop the habit of counting calories products

Most people withstand this diet is not easy, since such a method of preparation of breakfasts, Lunches and dinners can be a serious test for the organism. And because you will be very difficult not to fall in the first week. However, gradually it will enter you into the habit.

The fact that your diet will consist of the same dishes that you eat in rotation. However, during the holidays, you can afford to relax. However, even if you have planned a certain celebration, then you can prepare low-calorie dishes.

And may they be low-calorie, but it is not necessary to conclude that they are tasteless. It’s easy for you to check yourself when you start to eat this way.

So you’ve decided that starting to count calories. Although the table will noticeably help you in this task, however, you need to consider that you will have most of the work to perform independently.

  • The first thing you need to do to start a food diary. In it you will record all meals eaten in a day. You should note the weight of the food in grams and calories. So, if you have for Breakfast was a sliced loaf, then eat 100 grams of this product, you will get 264 calories. If the amount eaten loaf was 200 grams, you need to indicate in the diary the calorie content of 528 calories.
  • Mention that you need to keep a diary regularly, bringing fresh data after the next meal. Though it was a usual snack with an Apple or a banana, you should still record it calorie weight. So, you can understand how nutritious will be your dinner.
  • If during the day in your menu, mainly included high-calorie foods, you should cook yourself something easy. For this you need to focus on the unspent calories and try not to go beyond this figure.

However, not everyone may find that this method of weight loss they need. To dispel all doubts, you can pass the following test. During the day, record all the foods you ate, and then calculate the calories.

This information will be very useful for you. In addition, you will become clear what products you can opt-out without causing harm to your health.

Useful tips nutritionists

If you finally decided for yourself that you start to lose weight by using the method of calculation of calories, then you should be on the table. In addition, you need to consider other important points that will help you in the procedure of counting calories.

  1. Products such as tea and water have zero calorific value. However, this applies only to those drinks that are consumed without any additions. Otherwise, you have to count the calories of sugar, milk, jam and other products with which you drink tea.
  2. To calculate the caloric complicated dishes you have to summarize the energy value of each of the used ingredients. Therefore, you should list each one separately and determine how many calories it has.
  3. If you are a lover of fried foods, the calculation of the values you need to consider the caloric content of the ingredients and oil.
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The considered method of weight loss many people choose due to the fact that with it, you can still eat favorite foods and not to change their eating habits. So, if you have a desire to eat chocolate, then you can afford it.

However, your body will be helpful if you will use the principle of interchangeability of products. It is manifested in the following:

  • Sweet tooth you can give the following recommendation: if you completely abandon the treats you are able to, instead of candy go to candy and marshmallows.
  • Removing from the diet ice creams and creams, you will not experience discomfort if I added whipped cream, or cheesecake mousse.
  • If you are a fan of burgers, but can afford to have and. But they need to cook for a couple. This is a delicious and hearty dish that will not cause any harm to your body.

Method of weight loss based on calories counting, attracts many because it does not involve giving up favorite dishes. However, to sustain its not so easy, because of the need to reduce the size of the usual portions.

But if a person badly wants to lose weight, he will find the strength to cope with this problem. The main thing — to find the strength to overcome himself, to make this diet a way of life.