Diet six petals: menu, detailed diet for each day, reviews and results

Diet «Seven petals» is a reworked version of the popular diet Anna Johansson «Six petals». The basis of this diet is the daily alternation of carbohydrate and protein mono-diet. Mono (means one) is that you have to eat only a any one product, and keeping the petal diet any one product throughout the day.

The meaning of the diet consists of alternating carbohydrate and protein days, which makes it possible to relax the body, and he begins to consume fat reserves to produce the required energy.

Diet is not long — it takes only 7 days, during which you will be able to lose 4-6 pounds of unnecessary weight, and during the repetition of the diet you can improve your score up to 10 kg. We will consider the features of the 7 blade diet, and will describe in detail the menu of the diet for each day. As well as introduce feedback thinner using this method.

Diet «six petals»: description and principles

It should be noted that diet «six petals» developed in Sweden, in the beginning it was called «Six petals», but it also lasted exactly one week, just on the seventh day, it was necessary to eat everything, the same as in the first day. The positive effect of this method of slimming has been proven in European slimming centre, and it is a proven fact.

The name of the diet «7 petals» is because it clearly lasts 7 days, and in each of these days should eat only one specific product. And days sometimes to replace it is prohibited, as there is alternation of carbohydrates with proteins, it is necessary to sequence days with the diet.

Below we describe the main requirements of the diet «7 petals»:

  • It is not necessary every day to keep track of any dropped gram and weighing.
  • Not worth it nervously count the calories you’ve consumed in one day, as they can be absolutely any number. This is probably the most basic rule 7-melepaskanmu diet.
  • Diet while dieting you can’t replace places.
  • In any case, do not add sugar or drink or in food.
  • Dieting can compromise your provocative fantasies and make any meal of allowed foods on a particular day.
  • Besides water, you can use weak black tea, green tea, herbal teas and infusions, hibiscus, but the coffee should be quite excluded from the 7-blade diet.
  • If you have complications with bowel movements, in the struggle with this disease you can help just purified water, it is necessary to drink on an empty stomach every day, Sutra, and the meal to produce just 30 minutes after drinking a Cup of water.
  • You can draw Tsvetik-semicvetik and every day to tear off the petals, therefore, you easier and more interesting will take this diet for 7 days.
  • This diet for a week allows you to eat at any time of the day, even very late in the evening you can eat some non-prohibited product that day.

The pros and cons of diet «Seven petals»

Let us begin with the advantages of this method of weight loss. The most important advantage is that this diet is pretty easy to carry, and you starve, if obeyed, will not have, believe reviews already thinner. You yourself can verify this, having tried for themselves such an effective option to lose weight.

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And another big advantage is that to throw at semileptonic diet can be up to 10 pounds of unnecessary weight only in one week!

Well, from shortcomings it should be noted that:

  • This power system is contraindicated in pregnant girls, in principle, like other forms of diets for quick weight loss.
  • No need to sit on it and children up to 18 years, as their growing bodies need balanced and nutritious food, and lose weight them best through active sports.
  • If you have a serious stomach illnesses, then you should not lose weight with this diet, as it can lead to deterioration of health of your already diseased body.

Diet «six petals»: a description and menu

As is clear, this power supply system will last only 7 days. Six days you will use any one specific product without any restrictions, and the last day of the diet — must be a fasting day. So let’s take a closer look at to the diet menu and give the recipe for a delicious vegetable stew and soup.

  • Monday. First day. In this day you can eat only one fish and nothing else, apart from her. Of this product you can make fish soup, but without the addition of potatoes. And can you just boil the fish or bake it. The maximum turn on your imagination and start creating. Drink this fish of day green tea, water, black tea or herbal tea.
  • Tuesday. The second day. This day is a vegetable. We propose to consider you a recipe of special vegetable stew. So, you’ll need potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, pumpkin, zucchini, garlic, all this must cut into cubes. After you place it in a bowl the vegetables, add half water, use salt to your taste, then put on fire. Simmer the vegetables should simmer for approximately one hour.
  • Check the cooking vegetable stew, tasting it after about 45 minutes the taste. At the end of cooking add the dish a little bit of vegetable oil. Vegetables you can also eat baked or fresh. You can drink all the same as Monday.
  • Environment. The third day. The day is chicken. Eat chicken boiled or baked. Can do it on the grill or baked in the oven, but the skin from the chicken, be sure to remove and oil and salt will need to put only a small amount. Can make a soup, but without the addition of potatoes. Just put half of thigh without skin in a container of water and set on medium heat. In the water, put salt to taste and ground black pepper. In the broth add if you want, also Bay leaf. When the water boils, remove from the surface of the foam, and then simmer the soup for approximately 45 minutes until completely cooked through.
  • Thursday. Fourth day. To this day, eat only cereals. You can make absolutely any cereal, eat whole grain bread. Also allowed sunflower seeds, but they need to not consume fried and a little dried. Drink black, green tea or herbal teas. You can also drink the brew, but certainly homemade, real.
  • Friday. The fifth day. You can eat yogurt, cheese, and to drink whey, fermented baked milk, yogurt and other dairy products. But only the cheese should be low fat to 8 percent. Yogurt and cottage cheese can prepare themselves, it will be much tastier and more useful.
  • Saturday. Sixth day. In this day you need to eat only fruits. What you like best and eat those. You can prepare fruit puree, fruit salad or simply chew on, such as, a pear. It is allowed in this day to drink only water and tea, and berry and fruit juices. Just do them with my hands and not buy in the store. Sugar in drinks add prohibited. In the extreme case, if too much I want sweet, eat a bunch of grapes or a large banana, but sugar in any time do not use.
  • Sunday. Seventh day. This day, as we have said above, is the fasting for you. Is this day perfect anything. You can drink only purified water. Can drink filtered normal water or buy it in the store, mineral water or plain bottled drinking.
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Out of the diet «Seven petals»

Many women who lost weight with the help of the power supply system seven petals, said that after they passed on the same menu nutrition, overweight come back. You will be able to deal with that, if not properly plan their diet. The first seven days should be consumed the same products that you used in the diet, but you can even need to combine them, i.e., cereal to eat with fruit, fish, vegetables and so on.

Diet «six petals»: the results and the feedback of losing weight

According to the girls who tried this method of weight loss, they have happened as a result to lose per week 5-10 pounds. Everyone has different bodies, and losing weight all individually. Especially, this diet is liked by those women who are not averse to «see» refrigerator hours so at 9 PM. So how to eat for a diet «Seven petals», you can even very late at night.

Some praise this diet for one week because it is quite diverse and multifaceted as opposed to those power systems that are based on any one product.

It should be noted that if a week of this diet you are unable to lose weight as pounds, as expected, do not worry, try again a week to keep this diet. Some girls managed to throw these treasured 10 pounds in 3 stage of the diet, and they were able to move it without much difficulty. On many women’s forums on the Internet that is devoted to diets, there are a large number of reviews and before and after this diet.

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Diet Anna Johansson is actually quite effective. According to the made research revealed that 75% of losing weight on this diet achieved the loss of the greatest possible number of unnecessary pounds. Average daily plumb is approximately 500-800 gr. A looping diet after its completion (i.e., second, third round and so on) helps to throw up to 15 lbs in just a few weeks.

I have some strange worry a lot about now constantly want to eat. A lot to eat – it means to make friends with excess weight. And so I decided to take itself completely in hand. But as I try to love, and on all such diets ever even to the hospital not sit through, I decided to choose something not very complicated, simply put, a gentle. Found the diet «Seven petals». By and large, a standard mono-diet, but very effective. I did some relief.

My result: he threw for one week is 2.5 pounds. For me this is a great result. Hunger is not felt, because there are no restrictions in food. Like that, you can even eat after 18:00, but not for a couple of hours before bedtime. If you need to lose quite a bit of unnecessary weight, that is fine, this is absolutely not a starvation diet.

Marina Moscow

Made with my sister Daisy, put her in the kitchen. Honestly, the cheese barely able to survive? From childhood he never liked. All other products are quite tolerable. Eventually, each of us has lost 2.5 kg (just a coincidence). Diet works! Even better, now campaigning sister to switch to a completely separate food!

Natasha Odessa

Lose weight from winter 2016, dropped a total of 17 kg. I probably stoned, but I do not recommend this diet. The result was in minus 3 kg, but gained just 2 weeks 3.1 kg, while I didn’t «rationales» much. To begin with, what is the different mono – not everyone is suitable, in any case, but at the same time and healthy eating rules are much violated. Exclude the carbs, then fats, then proteins. And these elements is a structure of vital functions, especially it concerns women. Diet strongly advise. No need to torture yourself and ruin your health!

Vika Kiev