Diet six petals: principles and limitations, sample menu for each day, recipes and reviews

Among different diets allocated power system under the interesting name «Six petals» developed by Swedish doctor-nutritionist Anna Johansson. Millions of women are now close to their dream of a perfect figure and beautiful body is «given» without exhausting exercise, prolonged fasting and medicines.

The essence of the diet «Six petals»

The principles of the so-called «the flower diet» is based on a combination of six minivet in one cycle. The body with this diet is far from exhaustion as receives all the necessary nutrients and you can enjoy a variety of foods in the diet. At that, the farther from petal to petal you move, the more positive result from the diet.

If you properly plan your diet each day, you can systematically lose weight, to feel the taste of life. After the diet, when completed daily change of diet and the alternation of products, it is time to secure the result. Often when dieting, we feel hunger, we want a more varied menu, so upon completion of the course of the diet, breaks and recruit even more weight than the one with which we started work on yourself. Diet «six petals» is not just a way of getting rid of extra pounds, suitable to almost everyone who decided to bring himself back to normal, and the balanced nutrition that reduces the mass systematically, step by step.

Restrictions diet

Between meals to not feel hunger, you can drink juices, diluting them with water one to two, brew the tea, boil the broth. Each Mendieta has requirements limiting the amount consumed. In addition, each day diet is your daily volume of products that must be followed.

So, for the protein «petal» which accepts only fish, chicken and cottage cheese are recommended to eat up to 1.5 kg of food. Cereal day allows you to eat only 200 grams of grains (dry weight), but its possible to add 100 g of bread made from whole wheat or rye flour.

If you adhere to the principles of separation of power when dishes do not combine carbohydrates and proteins, and to choose healthy foods with low calorie content, you can forever banish the excess weight and bring your health back to normal.

Any diet involves a favorable psychological condition, which affects efficiency. So if you’re not optimistic, then withholding food may lead to depression and a good diet will not.

The Creator of the diet «six petals» Johansson in my manual advises to clearly depict the flower with product names and attach it in a prominent place. This will create a good mood and will turn a complex process limits the composition of foods and amounts consumed. Thanks to the visualization easier to migrate those six days that shows how many more need to suffer.

Diet 6 petals sample menu for each day

Following is a sample diet, which for convenience and as an example we present wishing to lose weight, what is designed to help diet «six petals». The menu for each day to be quite simple. After reviewing the recommendations, you will be sure to follow a diet and lose weight on this amazing technique is not difficult.

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The first day fishing

A nutritionist recommends a diet with fish. It is rich in protein, low-calorie, wholesome, quickly digested. Polyunsaturated amino acids, omega-3, found in fish, help prepare the body for the subsequent days of the diet. You will be surprised, but the fat burning process is already running on the first day, the struggle with excess weight.

In the diet of the first day should include:

  • High-calorie fish ( 8% fat),
  • Fish average fat content (4%),
  • Dietary fish
  • Seaweed,
  • Seafood (squid excluded).

All these types of fish will allow the body to complex essential micro-elements such as fluorine, iodine, copper, bromine, zinc, iron. The first petal will give acids, vitamins A,b, D.

Menu first day:

  • For Breakfast you can cook the fish for a couple
  • At lunch eat a meatball,
  • At lunchtime, allow yourself ear
  • As snack fit baked fish
  • For dinner, treat yourself to a wash.

Recipes from fish

  • Meatballs. Take a Pollock or hake ( fish of the smallest number of small bones). Clean and crank through a meat grinder. To the mince add rugged onion, oregano, salt, pepper, stir. Form small balls and put in the oven or in a steamer for 15 minutes.
  • Baked fish. On a baking sheet spread chopped onion and parsley. Small and Nashua fish RUB with salt and add to onions with greens, add a little water for flavor drop of sweet pepper. Keep in the oven for about 30 minutes. Vegetables can’t be eaten, they are needed to enhance the taste and burning.

Second day — vegetable

On this day, due to the lack in vegetables calories in the body is an intensive fat burning process. The best version of cooking is steam, can be processed in the oven or a slow cooker, avoid frying, as the caloric content will increase. Use natural seasoning good at this lemon and spices.

In the diet of the second day included products:

  • Potatoes caution should eat those who is inclined to completeness. This vegetable is rich in potassium, which has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.
  • In cucumber a lot of fiber, increases peristalsis of intestines. Also contain vitamins b and C.
  • Carrots carotene predominates. We must remember that it is destroyed in reaction with oxygen. So salads and juice of carrots can not be stored.
  • Cabbage contains many trace elements. However bad that in large quantities it can cause bloating.
  • Lettuce is particularly useful for people with high blood sugar levels.

This list can be more extensive, if you add all the other vegetables.

Menu it is possible to make so:

  • For Breakfast eat mashed potatoes
  • On the second to make a salad of fresh vegetables,
  • Lunch can consist of vegetable soup,
  • In the afternoon, cook stew,
  • For dinner use a salad of steamed vegetables.

Recipe stuffed peppers and tomatoes

Cut the top of the vegetables, free from seeds and pulp. As the filling will suit the diced zucchini, parsley, chopped garlic. Fill with fresh vegetables, season with pepper and salt, cook for no more than 15 minutes for a couple.

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Third day — chicken

In the diet of only chicken or Turkey breast. They are lower in calories, contain amino acids, b vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron. The day will continue burning calories from the fat reserves in the body do muscles with the essential bioavailable proteins.

Diet is something like this:

  • Baked fillet of poultry for Breakfast,
  • Boiled chicken breast for lunch,
  • Lunch consists of chicken broth,
  • In the afternoon, eat a cutlet,
  • For dinner — boil the Turkey breast.

Recipe: jellied chicken

Boil chicken breast in lightly salted water. Divide into several pieces and place in a container. Take 15 g of gelatin, dissolve it in 100 g of broth, then combine with the remaining liquid and pour over meat. Leave in the refrigerator until desired consistency.

Fourth day — cereal

Complex substances to fill the balance of glycogen, remove the fat using a significant effort of the organism to digest cellulose. What we get in return? The saturation of the vitamin complex.

The diet should be: buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, wild rice, bread, seeds. Porridge cook from raw from the husk of the grains, as they take the maximum energy. Cook in water with a dash of salt.


  • Curry rice for Breakfast
  • Sprouted wheat on the second,
  • Buckwheat porridge for lunch
  • Afternoon tea consists of bread,
  • For dinner eat oatmeal with bran.

Recipe for rice porridge with buckwheat

Unusual porridge prepared as follows. Boil mixed wild rice and buckwheat. Cook until cooked rice will fall apart and will be similar to gravy. In the finished dish add the sesame seeds.

Fifth day — cheese

This day will compensate for the loss of complex trace elements and calcium that are leaving in large numbers for the previous day. Also comes high quality protein.

Diet the fifth day include:

  • Cheese without fat
  • 2 eggs,
  • Cheese without fat
  • Tofu
  • The low fat milk 150 g

Choose cottage cheese, contain a lot of protein that are broken down into amino acids, while the store contains hydrogenated fat. On this day, you feel energized, as occurs cell renewal and strengthening of bone tissue.


  • Cheese plus cinnamon for Breakfast
  • For the second casserole
  • Milk soup for lunch
  • In the afternoon, eat tofu and drink green tea
  • Cheese without fat consume for dinner.

Recipe: mousse of cottage cheese

Take a pound of curds, add to it the milk (200 g), add the cinnamon and, if desired, sweeten with Splenda. Whisk the ingredients in the blender and chill in molds.

Sixth day — fruit

This day is dedicated to a variety of fruits, they are used as cheese and baked. In the diet in addition to fruit juice, and berries.


  • For Breakfast consume 200 grams of watermelon or strawberries, a Cup of coffee
  • On lunch, eat an Apple,
  • In the afternoon enjoy a kiwi and plum
  • Afternoon tea consists of pomegranate or pineapple.
  • For dinner, eat 100 grams of cherries.
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Vitamin smoothie recipe

In a blender beat banana, kiwi and 100 ml of orange juice.

Out of the diet

After the course of diet «six petals» it is necessary to fix the result of a fast day, after which finally, go the extra kg. To reset the fats never returned again, stick to the food which you have spent sitting on a diet. When composing menus consider the glycemic level of foods with their calorie content, increase daily intake to 1500 — 1800 calories.

If you are not going to stop there, repeat the diet after a week. Fix the result of consumption of pure water in quantities up to 2 liters per day. Will help to stay in shape physical activity and good mood.

Diet six petals


Diet 6 petals is a positive feedback:

Diet six petals I liked it. You can cook different dishes, most importantly, use the product that meets the petal. The result was the same — day lost about 1 kg, other days less, I was 5 kg.

Review By Angelina

I learned about the diet six petals and decided to try it since strongly recovered after the birth. It was very hard to control myself and eat consistently, but the result stunned me. For the first month of the diet, dropped 6 lbs, then the weight would not go away so quickly, but after six months got rid of 9 pounds. Still need to lose 4 kg, so I will continue.

Review By Olga

Diet six petals were the easiest of all that I have experienced. It has everything,without which I can not do, namely, meat, fish, cheese. The effect was stunning, every day I dropped by 1 kg, the result is 6 kg and the special hunger I experienced, as food 5 times a day. Now I have a tight stomach and slim hips.

Review By Svetlana

So, I hope that the diet of six petals like you, and the advice of the nutritionist will help to get rid of extra pounds in the short term. All you need is a little patience and beautiful body again will attract admiring eyes.