Diet: slimming reviews and results compliance for weeks, before and after photos, menu for each day

Many people who want to lose weight, choose to transition to a healthy diet egg diet. It is designed for seven days, but remember that lose weight in one week is impossible. However, the menu is the egg diet is good because during these days you will improve your digestion and purified from decay products and toxins. Minimum amount of fats and high proteins will help to achieve maximum results.

Today we look at the menu of egg diet, designed for seven days, read the reviews and see what results can be achieved thanks to a diet of egg menu. And you will see the before and after photos of dieters.

Results compliance with diet of egg during the week

The key purpose of compliance with the egg diet is a considerable results in terms of weight loss. After all, the amount of weight loss suggests, does it really work or not. The results and testimonials of people talking about the fact that thus you can get rid of 5 pounds.

It is likely that these results are not the most effective compared to other diets, but they are achieved without negative impact on human health. The menu for each day includes only healthy foods:

  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • meat;
  • water in large quantity.

All of the above completely fills the body with required minerals and vitamins.

Results compliance with diet of egg such that one not only gets rid of a small number of extra pounds, but also helps to reduce the volume of the body, because protein in large quantity promotes rapid breakdown of fat tissue. In the photo you can see how people look before and after a diet.

The results will be even greater if people will play sports. The figure will be more beautiful and toned.

The advantages and disadvantages of egg diet

Slimming in compliance with egg diet for seven days refers to the classic methodology of weight loss. The benefits of egg diet for a week are:

  • the results will not keep itself waiting long;
  • easy portability;
  • the lack of effort by the consumption of egg dishes from the menu.
  • menu does not require large financial investments.

Also, this diet is good that has positive reviews and professionals. According to doctors, diet is not able to drive the man in the stress and provides the body with all necessary vitamins and proteins, it forms the relief of muscle and gives an opportunity to go on a healthy diet.

A key product in the menu of egg diet are eggs, auxiliary products are:

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  • boiled beef;
  • cooked chicken;
  • oranges;
  • grapefruits.

The whole set of products helps to saturate the body with all necessary micronutrients and vitamins. And when doing sports you will achieve the best results, as you in addition receive a beautiful relief muscles.

All of these products are expensive and do not cause side effects.

Possible disadvantages of egg diet

The key disadvantage of egg diet is a possible problem with the intestines. They can be avoided, if you add bran to yogurt or eat them with a spoon, drinking plenty of water.

In addition, egg menu requires a large amount of carbohydrates. And eggs in large quantity increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.

This diet is contraindicated in pregnancy and allergies to eggs, it can also provoke a deterioration of the skin, hair and nails.

Sample menu for a week

Menu egg diet during the week consists of eating simple and budget products. It will not hit your pocket and will not take up a large amount of time. To adhere to this diet even at work.

Below is a sample diet egg weeks by days of the week.


  • Breakfast – one orange or grapefruit medium size, two hard-boiled eggs, unsweetened green tea;
  • lunch – half boiled chicken, hard-boiled egg, grapefruit;
  • dinner – the second half of the boiled fillet, yogurt.

Menu for Tuesday:

  • Breakfast — two hard boiled eggs, orange juice;
  • lunch – half boiled chicken, grapefruit, clean water;
  • dinner half a grapefruit, two hard-boiled eggs green tea without sugar.

Diet for Wednesday:

  • Breakfast – hard-boiled egg, water with lemon;
  • lunch – lean cooked beef, grapefruit;
  • dinner – two hard-boiled eggs, green tea unsweetened.

Menu of the fourth day:

  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs steam with herbs;
  • dinner – braised chicken with Chinese cabbage;
  • dinner – egg, an orange and tea without sugar.

About the menu for Friday:

  • Breakfast – salad of boiled carrots, hard boiled eggs, low-fat sour cream;
  • lunch – carrots, whole or grated, fresh grapefruit;
  • dinner – lean fish stew with lemon juice and one boiled egg.

The diet of the first weekend:

  • Breakfast – cottage cheese and orange juice;
  • lunch – an orange, two eggs, green tea;
  • dinner – mineral water.

Menu last day egg diet:

  • Breakfast – orange, hard boiled eggs and a Cup of tea;
  • dinner – boiled beef, grapefruit;
  • dinner – mineral water.

How to get the best results when losing weight?

So as not to break egg diet and to lose weight even more, follow these recommendations:

  • every day drink alkaline water so as not to spoil the stomach with citrus juice;
  • if it is difficult to withstand dinner the last two days, consisting of mineral water, additionally you need to drink two raw eggs;
  • if you remain hungry, choose dairy products the maximum fat and oranges and grapefruits will not allow them to secede;
  • exercise;
  • drink each day two liters of fluid.
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Key rules of egg diet

To achieve maximum results, while respecting the need egg diet to adhere to such rules:

  • eat only three times a day. Refrain from snacking and do not change the rations of the places that is taking on the Breakfast menu is designed for lunch or dinner;
  • staple diet – hard boiled eggs, but they can also shake and bake in the oven without oil;
  • intolerance to eggs, this product can be replaced with alternative sources of protein, for example, fat-free beef;
  • during the diet allowed the consumption of any fats of vegetable and animal origin. Banned sugar and salt, salads and fruits is allowed without refills;
  • serving sizes of salads is not limited, but not to exceed their individual norm. Vegetables can be eaten raw or stewed.

The diet involves a large number of products. Do it yourself eggs, and cottage cheese, low fat, and fruits and vegetables and much more.

Drinking plenty of fluids (at least two liters of fluid daily) with egg diet is vital. It is necessary to neutralize the acidity, which provoked a large number of consumption of citrus. They should start every meal, but they cut the muscles of the stomach and some time cuts.

We should not forget about necessary exercise. Try to move more, don’t skip classes and walk as much as possible.

Eating habits after finishing the diet of egg

Any diet effective only when the person is not simply lost, but was able to consolidate the results obtained. Long-term result is only possible in cases when the person continues to eat properly even after the end of dietary weeks.

After the first three weeks of the day you need to continue to eat citrus fruit and boiled eggs, because the body got used to them within a week. In your diet every day, you need to enter cottage cheese, low-fat fish varieties, meat and porridge. During the week, please refrain from any of pastries and sweets.

In the subsequent time required to consolidate the results achieved. Select one day a week when you can eat whatever you wish, for example, it can be output.

Other days it is recommended that such a menu:

  • Breakfast – two eggs cooked to your liking, porridge, tea without sugar;
  • lunch – soup with no fat in meat broth with vegetables, salad and water;
  • dinner – any meat, poultry or fish, cooked in the oven or roast, any veggies, except potatoes.
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Egg diet reviews

The Internet has a large amount of feedback relating to the effectiveness of the enforcement of egg diet. We offer you to read some of them.

Egg diet

Despite the fact that diet is called the egg, it does not consist of eggs. It contains all the products necessary for a balanced diet. From hunger to suffer was not necessary. For a week I dropped three pounds and a month, as the result holds.

Maria, Surgut

Shortly before the diet I weighed about 80 pounds. For a week I got rid of 4. The first day I wanted something salty, but managed to endure. I adapted to a new diet about the third day and even learned to enjoy it. Out of diet a week ago and during this time I eat less, and it is all healthy foods.

Lisa, Moscow

I had problems with overweight, but still decided to lose a few. I cook badly, so diet, I was attracted the most. The products are simply laid into the pan and cooked without any problems. It is very simple.

Irina, Ryazan

As you can see, the egg diet is quite effective and efficient, you just need to have patience and within a week you will become accustomed to this kind of diet, as eggs and citrus. But the results will be great and you will get rid of extra pounds.