Drug Lavacol: reviews and colon cleanse with its aid, what is the price of the product

Lavacol is a laxative drug manufactured in Russia. It is more affordable analogue Fortrans – similar foreign funds, but more expensive.

Purgation through Lavacolla is fast, well stimulating its function. Today you will learn more detailed characteristics of this drug, learn how to accept and in what quantities can it be consumed for weight loss. You can also read reviews about it.

Key features

The only company that produces the drug Lavacol, is the Moscow pharmaceutical factory. Dosage form means – fine powder yellow or gray-white hue. It is packaged in small bags or sachets.

Solution for bowel cleansing at home to cook yourself. In the package Lavacolla contains 15 such packs in 14 grams.

Officially, the drug Lavacol used for the deep cleansing of the bowel before x-ray or colonoscopy with the use of the colon for better visualization of the picture.

However, in addition, it is used for the following purposes:

  • bowel cleansing before surgery of a different sort, as they imply the complete absence of anything;
  • getting rid of toxins (dried feces, bile, mucus, salts, etc.);
  • weight loss and much more.

Using this drug for slimming or purifying the body, examine carefully reviews from those who have to use it for these purposes.


Take this drug on an empty stomach. The contents of a sachet should be dissolved in a glass of water and take 20 hours before surgery or hardware research. All you need to drink 3 liters of the drug from the consumption of one glass per 20 minutes. When taken and after it is possible to use other liquid. Food is allowed only in liquid form.

It is recommended to take Lavacol from 14 to 19 scales. After 22 hours do not want to. Reviews show that the result may not be entirely satisfactory.

As for the reception in order to lose weight, while receiving the same. However, feedback is not always positive. The fact that you can’t take the drug in unlimited quantities.

Composition Lavacolla and effect on the intestines

The action of this drug is:

  • increases osmotic pressure;
  • Lavacol prevents absorbed liquids from the intestine and accumulates it;
  • In case of emergency the contents of the intestine out.

The whole procedure takes about 20 hours of time.

Officially Lavacol not intended for weight loss, it is needed to get rid of harmful sediments and bacteria. However, many reviews state that with its help it is still possible to remove a few extra pounds, if you don’t overdo it.

The active ingredient

In one package Lavacolla contains 12 grams macrogol – active substance of the drug. It is a high molecular weight polymer which can form a connection with the water particles. Its ancillary components are:

  • sodium sulfate;
  • potassium and sodium chloride;
  • sodium bicarbonate.
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So, when interacting with water molecules are the components of the drug create hydrogen bonds. Consequently, in the intestinal lumen food clumps rasizada. Then all the contents of the colon becomes softer, therefore easier for her leaving.

Lavacol, unlike other drugs for bowel cleansing, is good because it is able to influence lipid metabolism, does not irritate the intestinal mucosa and does not change the composition of the blood. Also it degrades the intestinal flora. Reviews about it is often much better than the more expensive counterparts.

Is it possible to take for weight loss?

Overweight is a common problem for many. While methods of getting rid of him now so many that choose the most suitable option can be very difficult. People monitors reviews, consults with friends, buys special books.

Someone in this plan helps cleanse the intestinal Lavacol. How effective is it in this respect, as many claim in their reviews?

Many of us love to eat, the quality of food I bet not all. If junk food the body accumulates a lot, it is polluted. And get rid of this load in a natural way sometimes it is impossible, because the intestine is not working fully. He turns into the place of deposition of waste digested junk food, who can not get out of it and do not allow to absorb nutrients in the gut wall. Resulting in a person gaining weight.

The body is in this case filled with decay products and toxins. In the end, we see the following:

  • the skin condition worsens;
  • the belly droops;
  • there are other unpleasant symptoms.

Experts advise to improve the health and weight loss to clean the intestines. Most often used for this purpose enema. The effect is most noticeable:

  • intestine normally works;
  • improves condition of skin, fade acne, acne, greasiness of the skin.

In addition to enemas, there are a large number of drugs with a laxative effect, through which you can control your weight.

One such product – Lavacol. Compared to specialized drugs for weight loss, its price is significantly lower. Despite the many positive reviews for this reason, it is impossible to drink it without control. And hope for it to be a panacea from excess weight too. Without proper nutrition and an active lifestyle none of the drugs will not be effective.

However, slimming Lavacol can be taken as a support tool. After all, not everyone can lose weight by simply choosing a diet menu. But clean your bowels prior to the course weight loss Lavacol will help the best way possible.

Compare with Fortrans

Of course, many will compare Lovacol with drug Fortrans, the analogue of which he is, and this is not surprising. The active ingredient in both drugs is the same and efficiency, according to the reviews, also the same.

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What are the key differences Lavacolla from Fortrans:

  • price – Fortrans at a price three times more expensive Lavacolla. Lavaca can be found in pharmacies at a price of about 180 rubles;
  • taste – Lavacol has a slightly salty taste, and Fortrans – sweet malt. Salt solution to drink three liters of many much easier.

He and the other drugs belong to the category of osmotic means. With one technique with the aim of purgation, they have no effect on its microflora. And if there was abuse, the useful microflora of the intestine can come out of it when rinsing.

The scheme cleaning the bowel

Below we have provided instructions on the use of the drug. Below you can read step-by-step scheme of purgation by means of this drug.

It looks like this:

  • one cleaning procedure will need to prepare a package of tools. If a person’s weight less than 55 kilograms, then you can use less than 4 a bag than there is in it. It should be noted that according to numerous reviews and practice, most people is quite enough and 10 bags if their body weight is not more than the average;
  • on the day of purgation, it is desirable not to plan anything because the procedure is long and tedious, and will require subsequent relaxation;
  • start cleaning in the morning on an empty stomach. Remember that vomiting can be triggered even what you ate the day before. One package dissolve in a Cup of boiling water and let cool. The substance dissolves poorly, so the contents should be well mixed;
  • drink the solution and wait 20 minutes;
  • bred in boiling water one package again and repeat the action. So you need to do as long as the amount of fluid you drink does not amount to three liters;
  • urge to the toilet begin in approximately 2-4 hours. The action may resemble diarrhea, but the pain will not be so pronounced;
  • cleansing will be over when out of the intestine instead of stool to come out water is clear or yellow tint;
  • after the procedure should take only liquid food – soups, broths, etc. Recommended vegetable diet also need to drink as liquid. At the time remove from the diet all heavy and harmful.

Time of action of the drug is from 4 to 10 hours.

As you can see, the scheme of purification of the intestine, though simple, but very complex in terms of execution. Not everyone can inject to force into such a quantity of liquid, while not suffering from vomiting or nausea.

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Contraindications and side effects

It is not recommended to carry out this procedure with Lavalla in the presence of diseases such as:

  • renal ailments;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • peptic ulcer of the intestine;
  • perforation;
  • heart failure;
  • gastric stenosis.

Side effects can be the following:

  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • a feeling of disgust;
  • bloating.

Sometimes with unpleasant sensations helps a slice of citrus fruit.

Have laakal has three analogue having similar action, Macrogol, and Forlax Fortrans.

Drug Lavacol: reviews

Colon cleanse it is important to not only to operations and research, but also for constipation, and before diets. Let’s find out what in their reviews about this drug say those who have tested myself.

I took Lavacol constipation. Laxative in such cases, to assign, to get rid of chronic problems with the chair. If persistent constipation, the bowel needs to be completely clean. Lavacol copes with it very well. Pleased with reasonable price, pleasant taste and manner of use.

Inna, Moscow

I took Lavacol before you go on a diet to lose weight, according to friends and reviews on the forms. Saw the drug a few hours, the effect is quick and soft, was no pain. Also, there was no discomfort. Everything went well.

The Larisa Kemerovo

Lavacol, in my opinion, much better expensive Fortrans, which not only «bite» in terms of price, but also unpleasant to the taste. Lavaca has a neutral taste, deep cleanses the intestines and causes vomiting. Something like mineral water.

Alena, Tver

As we can see, LaValle mostly positive. Many say that compared to the expensive counterpart, it is better not only in terms of price, but in terms of action. The drug effectively cope with the colon cleansing at home, when it is needed.