Effective cleansing diet with noticeable weight loss in 7 days: her features in cleansing the body

For health purposes, it is recommended to clean the body. Especially useful to do after the winter, because at this time of year a lot of different holidays. Not all of us adhere to a strict posts that promote the natural cleansing.

Many go on diets but before you get on any diet it is advisable to get rid of the toxins that have accumulated inside. How to do it right is not known to everyone, so it is important to learn how to clean your body with cleansing diet. About it, we’ll talk further.

The essence of a cleansing diet for 7 days

Such diets are useful to all, even those who are not going to get rid of excess fat deposits. The main objective of a cleansing diet to rid the body of accumulated toxins, other toxic substances in the body and intestines. After that, you can not only lose overweight, but to bring in the good condition of your skin. There are several reasons why our body accumulates harmful substances:

  • improper diet;
  • bad ecology;
  • bad habits;
  • substandard products;
  • overeating;
  • the lack of fiber in the daily diet.

If the body is intoxicated from the immune system becomes weak. The person feels tired, he has a bad attitude, low efficiency. In the bowel fails, and then begins to receive the weight. It is also displayed on the appearance:

  • pimples and blemishes;
  • skin has an unhealthy sheen;
  • broken nails;
  • cut hair.

Not to bring myself into such a state it is necessary to periodically detox diet. In its composition there are foods that help cleanse the body from the accumulated salts and toxins inside. Such a diet has many advantages, which positively influence the condition.

It can help to effectively and quickly lose weight, lose up to 8 kg of weight. The body this time, gets rid of harmful substances that have accumulated inside over the years. After purification the recovery of the internal organs, the feeling becomes better. The diet also has negative aspects, there are contraindications:

  • chronic disease;
  • lactation and pregnancy;
  • it is not for kids under 14.
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What you can and cannot at this time?

A seven day cleansing diet is very popular. Obviously, this is due to the small number of days for which to tune and easily Monday to begin cleaning the body. Specialists recommend 7 days before starting the diet, to abandon certain products:

  • black tea;
  • coffee;
  • heavy food;
  • bread;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • sugar;
  • salt.

It is recommended to eat more plant foods, water, green and herbal teas, unsweetened yoghurt and kefir. Diet will help fat burning, it is easy to eliminate problems with the chair and will normalize the gastrointestinal tract. Main products cleansing diet raw food of vegetable origin and at least a half liter of water.

Week diet for cleansing the body

Nutritionists offer several options for cleansing diet effective cleansing and a noticeable weight loss in 7 days. Have to choose only one to immediately feel the positive results. It is believed that the most effective is the Apple diet, which we now describe in detail.

The first two days are the most difficult for the entire period because this time period is there is only green apples. For obvious reasons, green apples quickly begin to pall, so on the second day you can enter in the diet of green tea with a little honey. The drink will quench the thirst and give a taste of the apples differently.

On the third day are allowed to enter in the menu, oatmeal. It should be there in the morning to get a burst of courage and energy before lunch. To drink porridge it is recommended glass of water. Lunch of the third day will be a real treat, because in the menu to include boiled beef to it and cook a vegetable side dish. Dinner will consist of a small portion of boiled rice and a Cup of tea with a slice of lemon.

The fourth day should start with oatmeal for Breakfast, but instead of mineral water are permitted to drink a Cup of coffee. For lunch recommended again green apples. They need to eat three pieces Dinner fourth day with a Cup of tea vprikusku with a juicy orange.

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Fifth day to begin a more intense, since in the morning you can eat low-fat cottage cheese. For this it is advisable to buy non-dietary cheese, the real tasty product. Instead of cheese are also suitable low-fat yogurt and grated carrots. Breakfast is recommended to drink mineral water. According to the menu for lunch — boiled or baked potatoes and a salad of tomato, cucumber and cabbage. Vegetables should be fresh, the salad can fill with vegetable oil. The dinner will be held with boiled rice and a Cup of tea with lemon.

Breakfast and lunch of the sixth day starts with oatmeal and it didn’t seem tasteless, it would be to add grated carrot or squash, spinach. For this you can use any vegetables that contain a little fluid. For dinner it is recommended to eat boiled rice and drink a glass of yogurt.

Last day cleansing diet will seem a blessing and not only because it was the last. The Breakfast will begin with a delicious Cup of coffee and a slice of cheese. In the afternoon it is recommended to drink vegetable broth and eat two green apples. For dinner, go low-fat cottage cheese and a Cup of yogurt.

Little tricks during the diet

After the usual diet such changes will be able to withstand everything, and make it easier to move the diet are useful tips.

Not to start a cleansing diet if you have health problems. Even the common cold or a bad mood will give a negative result in cleansing and losing weight. It is best to begin a diet when you have the desire and wellbeing. In this condition should not arise unforeseen circumstances that could force you to interrupt the diet.

Menu cleansing diet provides Breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have two Breakfast or lunch. The main condition — the breaks between meals should be at least 1 hour. Allowed to lose weight and cleanse to eat per meal no more than 200 grams of food.

There is another trick for those who feel that not able to withstand the test week. When very hungry, you can drink a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon. The drink is able to relieve the feeling of hunger and kill cravings.

Results after cleansing diet

It is believed that to follow this diet because you do not have to experience hunger. To resort to such diets can be no more than 2-3 times a year. Most people who have experienced cleansing diet was able to lose 5-7 kg without difficulty. In addition, significant weight loss the body can be cleansed of salts and toxins and heavy metals. Almost all indicated that improved condition of skin and hair and nails become stronger sleep.

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Experts recommend the use diet 7 days and before starting to prepare your body. After a week of cleansing new dishes should be consumed with caution, without damaging the body after cleansing.