Effective diet 5 days weight loss of 5 kg and more due to the diet «Minus 5 5»

Effective weight loss in extremely short time is the dream of most women who suffer from excess weight and want to get rid of it. Someone is practicing long diet, where the result is noticeable only after some time, and who prefers fast diet. Today we will talk about effective diet for 5 days, thanks to which you will be able to achieve the result in the form of minus 5-6 kg.

Description a five-day diet.

Diet «Minus 5 kg for 5 days» is based on a separate feed. It to achieve better results much easier than on other diets. In the first 5 days the pounds go away faster.

This diet is designed primarily to summer and early autumn, when you can get fresh natural products from the garden:

  • radishes and other vegetables;
  • berries;
  • greens from the garden.

These products are incredibly rich in vitamins and fiber, this food for weight loss for a short period will not be harmful, you will not only get rid of excess weight, but feel healthier.

The diet within this diet restricted for a long time to observe it is impossible. In the menu there is a minimal amount of carbohydrates and fats, and more vegetable products. After the diet to maintain the result of weight loss follow low-calorie diet.

Don’t forget about load. If the combination of action sports and movement with this diet, its effectiveness will increase. According to its characteristics, diet «Minus 5 kg for 5 days» like the days, in this case the result is more lengthy. The fact that in compliance with the separate power mode reduces fat faster and in a special way:

  • no water comes out from the body;
  • in consumption are not muscle fat cells and subcutaneous.
  • All this will allow you to lose weight quickly and effectively.

When body mass index at 18 percent or higher within a five-day diet to lose 5 kg to 10 kg. But if after a week to repeat the diet again, the results will be even more noticeable. You can not start to diet again earlier than a week after the end of the first period. At this time the body has to readjust your diet and to tidy up the metabolism before the next period of weight loss.

Components of the program «Minus 5 kg for 5 days»

Each day of the diet consists of monomino. Take turns going these days:

  • meat (protein);
  • vegetable;
  • fruit;
  • cereal;
  • cheese.
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For each of them to use only a certain kind of products, dividing the techniques hourly. Categorically not be confused between the products of different days. We present a description of each day of the diet.

The first cold day

On this day we need to nourish ourselves with protein of animal origin. A plant-based diet have a big disadvantage that you do not include protein intake. But if it does not enters the body, the subcutaneous adipose tissue ceases to be depleted. Accordingly, this day you need to make a supply of protein for the next days, so losing weight will be more effective.

On this day in the diet must be present low-fat diet of meats with minimal calories and maximum presence of minerals and vitamins:

  • chicken;
  • rabbit;
  • beef.

Vegetable day 2

It is very important to choose the right vegetables because each vegetable has its own properties:

  • eggplant with garlic are perfect to help burn fat;
  • kohlrabi well saturates, and it is based on negative calorie;
  • cucumbers contain a lot of water, which differs in composition from normal and helps to remove from the subcutaneous layers of fat cells. Obesity is an indispensable product;
  • radish has a negative energy value and includes a lot of fiber, useful for the skin and blood vessels.

The third fruit of the day

On the third day of the diet the body lacks of glucose, which your brain needs. If it is not replenished, the weight loss will be problematic. This day shall describe hourly reception sweet and wholesome fruit. Here properties of some of them:

  • the grapes are blue – has antioxidant property;
  • the tangerines have minimal calories and, unlike oranges, not kindle, and suppress appetite;
  • avocado for weight loss is an essential product. It has low calories and include lots of minerals, suppresses appetite and improves the condition of muscle tissue.

In addition to fruits on this day you can eat honey, which contains not only glucose, but also other useful sugar. It is better to choose flower.

On this day, you not only burn calories but also maintain your body in good shape.

Grass fourth day

Grains help to be cleansed of harmful substances such as:

  • toxins;
  • fats;
  • toxins.
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When cleansing the body from harmful and subcutaneous fat cereals can saturate it fats of natural origin. Fatty acids obtained in the form of nuts, weight loss process will be more effective. Peanut butter is best consumed with rice, so it is better digestible. And in this day we are actively preparing for water day diet.

The latest water-cheese day

Here you will be able to lose up to 3 kg. before that you have to be prepared for sudden weight loss. And if you combine water and cottage cheese effect will be maximum.

Approximate menu of a diet «Minus 5 kg for 5 days»

We present a sample menu each day under this diet.

Protein day diet can be as follows:

  • 150 g of boiled beef with salt for Breakfast;
  • 100 grams of boiled chicken with salt for lunch.
  • 200 g salted braised rabbit for dinner.

Vegetable diet of the second day the following:

  • salad of the two radishes and two cucumbers for Breakfast;
  • lunch 1 steamed eggplant with garlic, seasoned with a small spoon of olive oil and salt;
  • dinner 100 g of boiled kohlrabi with salt.

Menu fruit day:

  • at Breakfast – a salad based on one avocado and two small spoons of honey;
  • for lunch eat four Mandarin;
  • dinner — a portion of the blue grapes (200 grams).

In cereal a day diet can be as follows:

  • Breakfast – boiled rice (5 tablespoons) pine nuts (2 tablespoons);
  • lunch – rice, boiled (8 tbsp) 15 almonds;
  • dinner – boiled rice (6 tablespoons) walnuts (2 pieces).

And last, water and cottage cheese diet day looks like this:

  • Breakfast first, drink 2 glasses of water, and eat 5 tablespoons of cottage cheese;
  • for dinner three cups and 7 spoons, respectively;
  • dinner – 2 cups and 5 spoons, respectively.

Average daily plumb in the diet may range from one to one and a half kilograms.


Basically, reviews of weight loss «Minus 5 kg for 5 days» the positive, sometimes there are complaints of poor diet, but very rarely. The protein, glucose and cellulose in small amounts do the trick for burning fat and effective weight loss.

Many say that the repetition of the program after one or two weeks, the results even better and you can lose weight even up to 7 kg in five days.

It is noteworthy that this diet does not provide for complicated recipes, the menu is very simple and just follow it. And get rid of excess weight is possible without worries and starvation.

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Diet 5 days on eggs and oranges

And this system is perfect for those who are during weight loss is very difficult to overcome the feeling of hunger. The eggs themselves are nutritious, though, and have little energy value. One egg contains about 70-90 calories, that will not allow you to starve, but also help to lose weight. And it has many healthy components. Oranges Supplement food high in fiber and will fill the lack of vitamins.

The diet lasts for 3-5 days, during this time, you can lose 3-4 kilograms.

The principle of the diet is: eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 eggs and 3 oranges. In between drink drinking water or mineral water or green tea without sugar.

But do not think that the Express diet for 5 days is absolutely safe for everyone. The body is still under a lot of stress. To prevent the return of extra pounds after a diet you need to organize your meals and keep his rules. And do not forget about physical exercises.

The five-day diet is very popular due to its simplicity and efficiency. If you observe properly, you will retain perfect shape as long as possible.