Effective Japanese diet for 14 days: menu and reviews, photos thinner

A healthy lifestyle is a reasonable behavior. First and foremost, a proper diet, avoiding harmful habits, active lifestyle. Many people ask what kind of diet will help you lose weight quickly and without harm to health? The Japanese diet is considered the most effective according to many reviews losing weight girls. The food menu is varied, and the food — low in calories.

The diet Japanese diet there are always the same products. People who I will only drink coffee, indulge in meat and fish, can easily survive 14 days on this diet. Japanese diet for 14 days — is the food in accordance with menu. It is necessary to remove from the menu salt, different spices, spirits, sugar, flour products. The only exception for Breakfast is a spoonful of honey coffee. Because glucose is needed for effective brain work. The developers of the Japanese diets claim, if not to depart from all the rules menu, then 2 weeks you can lose up to 10 pounds. It is important to note that this diet has no salt. In the first days you get rid of water.

What are the contraindications is the Japanese diet?

  • You can’t sit in the Japanese diet for people suffering from high blood pressure, since it is necessary to drink coffee for Breakfast.
  • A huge percentage of protein in the diet contributes to stress on the kidneys.
  • It is impossible for young mothers and children, unattainable adulthood.
  • If you have chronic diseases that require adherence to a healthy diet, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • If you are actively engaged in physical exercise, you can’t sit on this diet.
  • It is impossible to continue it longer than required.

To prepare for the Japanese diet with the evening. For dinner, prepare the rice or buckwheat, make a salad of fresh vegetables.

Menu of the Japanese diet for 2 weeks

First day:

  1. For Breakfast prepare natural black coffee without sugar and milk.
  2. At lunch, boil 2 eggs, shred cabbage salad, drink some tomato juice.
  3. For dinner, boil the fish.

Second day:

  1. For Breakfast you also need to drink black coffee without sugar and a piece of bread.
  2. For lunch you need to cook or fry the fish, make a salad of fresh vegetables.
  3. For dinner — boil the veal and drink the kefir.

Third day:

  • Tomorrow you have to meet the organic coffee and toast.
  • For lunch sauté zucchini medium size.
  • For dinner, cook 2 eggs, beef 200g., the cabbage salad.
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The fourth day:

  1. For Breakfast prepare the coffee.
  2. For lunch, cook 1 egg, 3 carrots and eat a piece of Parmesan.
  3. For dinner you can eat fruits.

Fifth day:

  1. For Breakfast boil eggs, RUB on a grater carrots with lemon juice.
  2. For lunch, boil or fry to 400 g fish and drink tomato juice.
  3. For dinner, fresh fruit.

The sixth day:

  1. For Breakfast, drink black coffee without sugar.
  2. For lunch open chicken and make a salad from fresh cabbage and carrots.
  3. For dinner, cook 2 eggs and make a carrot salad and flax oil.

The seventh day:

  1. For Breakfast you can prepare green tea.
  2. For lunch, boil the beef and eat the fruit.
  3. For dinner, you can choose any of the above menus, with the exception of the third day.

The eighth day:

  1. For Breakfast make coffee.
  2. For lunch eat half boiled breast without skin, shred salad from fresh cabbage or carrots.
  3. For dinner, cook 2 hard-boiled eggs and slice the carrots.

The ninth day:

  1. For Breakfast drink a Cup of organic coffee.
  2. For lunch, boil or fry fish, drink tomato juice.
  3. For dinner, eat fresh fruit.

The tenth day:

  1. For Breakfast, prepare coffee without sugar.
  2. For lunch, cook 1 egg, shred carrots and cabbage, a piece of Parmesan.
  3. For dinner only fresh fruits.

The eleventh day:

  1. For tomorrow prepare the coffee, eat cookies or crackers.
  2. For lunch, fry the zucchini.
  3. For dinner, cook 2 eggs, beef, shred the cabbage.

The twelfth day:

  1. For Breakfast, prepare coffee and eat a piece of bread.
  2. For lunch, boil or fry the fish, make a salad of fresh vegetables.
  3. For dinner, boil the veal and drink the kefir.

Thirteenth day:

  1. For Breakfast prepare the coffee.
  2. For lunch, boil 2 eggs, make a salad, drink a glass of tomato juice.
  3. For dinner prepare fish.

The fourteenth day:

  1. For Breakfast coffee.
  2. For lunch you can cook the fish, make the coleslaw.
  3. For dinner, boil 200 g. veal and drink kefir.

Recommendations for those who decided to go on a Japanese diet

As the Japanese diet food low calorie cannot saturate the body with nutrients, you need to use vitamins together with minerals. You can pick up a special package for those who want to get rid of excess kilos or to improve the condition of hair and skin.

Brew only organic coffee, which has antioxidants that give positive effects on the body. Each salad dressed only with olive oil. Recommended to drink up to 2 litres of water a day. When dieting, try to exclude from the menu sweet, flour, fat and don’t screw around with salt. And then you will be able for a long time to maintain a slim figure. Also do not forget about physical training.

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Reviews girls

Many people think that the Japanese diet is not so strict, and their diet is quite suitable for the average girl to not feel hungry. Some feel uncomfortable only due to the fact that there is no salt, because you can use unsalted fish, meat and salads is extremely difficult. In any situation, if your intention is to use the Japanese diet will have to gather your strength into a fist and gradually achieve your goals.

Take a look at the reviews of girls who threw up to 10 kg in 2 weeks and shared their results.

Features of the Japanese diet

Somehow decided to go on a diet and chose Japanese. This is an excellent tool for cleaning the body. Was on a diet at the time of vacation. 2 weeks got rid of 10 kg, only 3 kg returned after finished the diet. The weight was kept for a long time, but then again began to return. The most important thing is to eat every hour. And I have shifts, not always successful, is to eat normally. But, overall, the result was worth it!

Albina, age 30, Russia

Hello! When I went the 4th day Japanese diet, I felt a unique ease, did not wanted to eat. 4 days left 2 lbs. Cooked carrots in large quantities causes vomiting, a long time could not then to look at her. My friends advised to use this diet, and they too were delighted. After giving birth to 15 kg gone is gone! Even if at the time of diet you want to break away and quickly climb on the shelf behind the jar of chocolate paste, keep yourself in hand, as the result is worth it. Losing weight, I loved doing your photos. Happy with the result! I also recommended diet sister, who could not get rid of extra pounds even in the gym. Now she weighs less than me!

Victoria, 34 years, Moscow

I want to share with their history, which originated in the moment when it gave birth to a boy. I weighed 90 kg, breast fed, eating everything, to have more milk for the baby. After some time, this has led to cholelithiasis. I had terrible attacks and pain, I didn’t want to eat anything, only to lie on the couch and stare at the ceiling. Even wanted to remove the gall bladder. In Internet I searched many ways on how to lose weight, and stumbled upon the Japanese diet.

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In two weeks dropped 9 kg and did not stop there. Now I weigh 68 kg. Do breaks for two months. More I had no pain, I feel amazing. However, during the winter gained 3 kg, but it is permissible. All my friends also used this diet, the reviews have been terrific. If you want to lose weight, cleanse and be healthier, I recommend Japanese diet, which will bring effective results in few days.

Kseniya, 35 years old, Minsk

Hello! Decided to tell about their experiences. Sat on the Japanese diet for 3 years with breaks. Lost 7 lbs. That was not disgusting to eat a salad of carrots and cabbage, add black pepper and herbs to taste. Also go to the gym to keep in shape. The result is visible, of course, it can not be doubted. If in doubt, better go to the Japanese diet, and after 14 days will be happy! By the way, you need a daily bowel movement.

Lyudmila, 29 years old Nizhny Novgorod, Russia