El carnitine for weight loss how to take fat burner, price L carnitine and reviewed by doctors

L-carnitine is a drug which is used to burn fat in professional and Amateur sports. In its natural state produces carnitine liver, but this requires high-quality and balanced nutrition, enriched with animal protein. Because losing weight is often recommended to additionally use L carnitine liquid or capsules.

What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is an amino acid that is able to speed up the metabolic processes in the human body. The main sources of L carnitine are:

  • meat;
  • bird;
  • milk;
  • fish;
  • cheese;
  • cheese.

The main contingent use of L-carnitine are athletes and people who want to lose weight. Using this Supplement people in reviews write that while eating increases the appetite, despite the fact that this drug is intended to reduce the weight. It should be noted that in the human body carnitine is located natively. This element is included in the group of amino acids, which are protein-based. If there is insufficient carnitine is a more slow process of its formation, this leads to the fact that deteriorating General health, appetite, the person feels a weakness.

The main task of the L carnitine is the increased appetite. This is because using this Supplement, in the blood increases the amount of insulin that creates the desire to eat. Moreover L-carnitine is a main source of energy, which is necessary for the proper functioning of muscle tissue. The most important function is the oxidation of fatty acids and their transfer into the cells, then the energy produced. L carnitine can prevent the formation of fat in such vital organs as the heart and liver, and in General, affects the muscles of the skeleton.

The special properties of L-carnitine for weight loss

The main task of l carnitine is to carry fatty acids in membrane tissue. If the body appears, the lack of carnitine, the system will work by using energy from carbohydrates. But we should not assume that if you use this Supplement in your body will happen faster the process of digestion of fats, and while you can eat all you want, and sit on the chair near the TV.

The main feature of L carnitine is that this dietary Supplement only under the condition of constant performing strenuous exercise. If your main objective is to use l carnitine for weight loss, the doctors talking about the fact that it must simultaneously be combined with a low calorie diet and exercise.

Also it should be noted that L-carnitine helps to build muscle mass, as this Supplement can shift the metabolic process for energy production from fats. In this case, proteins will be transferred only on the muscular system. The primary benefits of l carnitine are:

  • increase efficiency;
  • improving stamina;
  • helps to rehabilitate after active physical exercises;
  • reduces fatigue;
  • helps reduce blood cholesterol;
  • relieves muscle pain after active loads;
  • during the SARS helps to rehabilitate the body and to recover faster;
  • has a preventive effect of various diseases of the cardiovascular system, and atherosclerosis, making slower the process of developing atherosclerotic plaques.
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This dietary Supplement can be used with any of the sports nutrition products, with the rate of admission can be absolutely unlimited.

Indications and contraindications

What about the positive properties of l-carnitine, about which we told above. This drug can convey the fat that is in the so-called fat depots, thereby removing glucose. At this time, there is an increase in the enzymatic activity and the secretion of juices of the gastrointestinal tract, so the food is much better absorbed. Reduces the amount of fat, and when this disappears the excess body weight.

If you’re wrong to take nutritional supplements, you can cause significant harm to your body. If you happen to excessive consumption of fat reserves will suffer organs located in the abdominal cavity and the heart, as it is the bodies essential fatty acids for your full protection and work. As with every dietary Supplement, L carnitine must be taken only in accordance with instructions that specify the dosage of this means. Otherwise, can appear side effects, which can be:

  • excessive anxiety;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • nervousness.

l carnitine may cause intolerance and Allergy.

Sometimes, people who take l carnitine, can not achieve the desired weight removal. This is because they simply don’t perform correct reception of this nutritional Supplement. If to include in your diet 1500-3500 mg of l carnitine daily, at the same time a low fat diet and perform moderate exercise, the effect of the drug will not keep you waiting long. Thus, the drug can help to keep the tone when playing sports. Caused by another diet fatigue will pass, the weight will gradually go away.

How to use l carnitine for weight loss?

I must say that not many people know how to use l carnitine for weight loss (the reviews say about positive results of this Supplement). First and foremost, you need to consider that this is not a fat burner, drink a shock dose of this drug, sitting on a chair waiting for weight loss not need to, because this idea is certainly nothing good will come of it. In this case, you can expect just the opposite result.

The effect of l-carnitine will be only for active physical activities. The best option is fitness or aerobics. Also suitable brisk walking or Jogging, dancing or Cycling. That is, any exercise that increase the heart rate.

Course L karniton

To take a dietary Supplement necessary in several stages. Intake of L carnitine is required to occur for 12-17 minutes prior to physical load – 350 mg. This dose will contribute to a better process of fat splitting. Half an hour later you must use another piece directly on the classes. It is best to pay attention to the liquid formulation of this drug.

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The uncontrolled use of tools is undesirable, and therefore do not exclude the advice of your physician who can help you to compile a set of exercises and dietary menu.

Every day you can take the next dose L karniton:

  • children under years not more than 12 to 17 milligrams;
  • 1-3 years – 35 to 55 milligrams;
  • 4-6 years 65-95 milligrams;
  • 7-18 years – 150-350 milligrams;
  • for adults is 350 milligrams;
  • to boost immunity and weight loss – 550-2500 milligrams;
  • for physical stress – 550-3500 milligrams;
  • in kidney disease, problems with the cardiovascular system and SARS – 550-1500 milligrams.

Before you take karniton for weight loss, you need to arrange 5 meals a day. This diet will not allow nervous breakdowns and exhaustion. A few hours before physical activity, it is desirable to eat fish, low fat cottage cheese, but after the active loads is not recommended to eat at least one hour, then to re-drink protein powder or eat foods that are rich in protein. Only this way of eating will promote the use of energy from storage fat in the body.

L carnitine for weight loss reviews losing weight

Following the above recommendations, you will be able to remove the fat, bring your figure in order. But remember that this tool, like any other, can have some side effect. If you feel that you have dizziness, increased pressure, then most likely you misuse the Supplement and so you need to consult about this with your doctor.

Use L carnitine for one month, go to the gym three times a week: cardio plus strength training, several times a week just cardio (quite a bit, half an hour Jogging at an easy pace). Food… do not eat simple carbohydrates, that is, they refused sweets, chocolate, sugar, bread… Instead of candy sometimes eat some dried fruit (dates, raisins, prunes), a large number of proteins (fish, lean beef, chicken breast), buckwheat, nuts, vegetables, oatmeal, naturally, the fruits (usually apples), cheese.

For 3 weeks the results are amazing for me, the true plumb is not quite as weighed and weigh, but the inches go well. Belly minus 6 cm, waist minus 7 see Priest yet not lose weight, but I do not have, on the contrary, the increase is needed. Doing lots of sit-UPS, the volume is the same, but the cellulite was. Along with L carnitine use BCAAs to not destroy the muscle, my goal is to lose weight and strengthen the body.

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Vika Moscow

Trying to lose weight I have tried many pharmaceutical drugs. Even in conjunction with sport and diet blocker calorie diet pills didn’t help, lose weight not more than 1 kg per course. My coach told me the Supplement L carnitine, which athletes are removed weight. And the miracle happened!

The Supplement is quite pleasant to the taste, reminiscent of juice concentrate. Price 500 ml — 1200 rubles, enough for me for 2.5 months. Immediately say, that L carnitine is not suitable for people who don’t exercise! Without exercise it will not work. I specialise in about one hour, half an hour before training, take 20 ml of L carnitine. Using the dietary Supplement dropped about 4 pounds in a month.

After the first use, doing fitness or sports, you will feel increased energy, you just don’t get tired, in the morning there is the usual fatigue in the muscles. Contraindications are almost non-existent, for me it is just the perfect tool that carnitine helped me a lot, so I leave only positive feedback.

Marina Kiev

I have to say, the weight coming off is not very fast. Appetite appears very large, but the energy also appears a lot. Go to Boxing. Prior to this, the training of the 12 rounds was heavy for me. After the eighth round was very difficult. Use carnitine for one month. All 12 rounds are easy, it’s made for moments of rest between rounds, perform 50 sit-UPS. Energy weight. But because of the high appetite after use carnitine to lose weight very hard. But I use it for energy. Drink 3500 mg every day.

Victor Minsk