Elliptical trainer for weight loss: the advantages of the device, recommendations for exercise, losing weight reviews

Today, there are various ways and methods for weight loss. Among them not last place are all kinds of fitness equipment. It treadmills, exercise bikes elliptical machines. The latter are increasingly popular, because when they loaded the muscles of the body. Due to the trajectory of the ellipse achieves a great result.

The advantages of simulators – ellipsoids

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to the gym, so many people buy their homes in the various equipment, including ellipsoids. According to the many reviews losing weight on such a device it is possible to lose weight and bring your body in good physical shape. In addition, the benefits of elliptical machines include:

  1. Easy to use. To lose weight with the help of trainer without fitness instructor.
  2. Security. Unlike other devices, the ellipsoid does not load the joints to the limit.
  3. Accessibility. Contraindications for training on this simulator are almost there.
  4. A great helper in losing weight. During classes and movements on the ellipse in tone are all the muscles, which helps to get rid of excess weight.
  5. The load on the muscles of the upper half of the body. Unlike the exercise bike and the treadmill, on the ellipsoid is also the load on the muscles of the arms and the press. Due to this fat burning and weight loss occurs the maximum.
  6. The ability to adjust. Resistance disc flywheel slimming can be adjusted by choosing the load on the muscles.
  7. The ability to track the heartbeat. The device is equipped with a special system that measures the heart rate. It helps when practicing always to keep the necessary for weight loss pace.

Often people who are overweight do not load the joints, so running them is prohibited. Ellipticals stress on the joints is not called during class excluded strikes the stop on the pedal, so any contraindications for training the overweight people there.

Recommendations for activity on the ellipsoid

Calories physically burn any load, but to lose weight need to try and spend more calories than you consume. While doing sports for an hour on average you will burn 300 to 700 calories. It all depends on body features, weight, heart rate and breathing during class. But before the fat starts to burn, the body has to warm up. This happens usually after 30-40 minutes. Therefore, common practice for 20-30 minutes a day stress is not considered.

Preparation for training

Clothes should be chosen light. Body during exercise needs to breathe. A lot of the clothes causes sweating. The result leaves the excess fluid, which quickly restored after drinking a glass of water. On his feet are recommended to wear Jogging sneakers.

Lunch should be two hours before workout, and drink tea, coffee and other beverages no later than an hour. Dry mouth or thirst during class on the ellipsoid can be removed, rinsing the mouth.

To do on the elliptical trainer is recommended in accordance with your biorhythm. «Owls» to train better in the second half of the day, and people who feel great in the early morning – two to three hours after sleep. Evening classes should end two hours before bedtime.

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For future work, the body needs to prepare, so all the muscles you must stretch. Need to do exercises for the shoulder girdle tilts, squats. You can warm hands the joints, for this pomassirovti them. It is recommended to perform exercises on stretching the muscles.

The level of physical fitness

There are two types of training on the ellipsoid:

  1. Just starting to lose weight in the first time, enough regular classes for 30-45 minutes. During training it is necessary to monitor the pulse and to keep one pace. The first five sessions, the heart rate should be 120 beats per minute. In the future, it is calculated as follows: 220 losing weight is subtracted the age and multiplied by 0.8. For example, at the age of 40 years heart rate would be 144 beats per minute.
  2. For those who regularly engaged in sports, elliptical trainers are recommended interval training. To do this within 20-30 minutes of workout changes every 30-60 seconds. This implies that from 30 to 60 seconds is a high load on the muscles, and then it is reduced to a minimum. Quite impossible to stop. That the pulse came back to normal, 2-3 minutes before the end of classes, the pace begins to decrease to a minimum.

Contraindications for training on the elliptical trainer

For training on the ellipse no specific contraindications, but in some cases it is better to consult a specialist. To apply for permission to the doctor is necessary for the following diseases:

  • cardiovascular failure;
  • asthma;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • angina;
  • tachycardia;
  • hypertension.

Perhaps you should refrain from cardio workouts and the pain in the heart, shortness of breath and severe shortness of breath during class on the ellipsoid.

Reviews losing weight

For about four years I’m trying to fight obesity. For this, tried almost everything, and now «matured» to the simulator. The choice fell on an elliptical trainer the Italian firm. I liked the bright colors and the price is only 23 thousand. If you compare the cost of a subscription to a fitness club, it is quite inexpensive. The more that training is done at home, where appearance is strongly possible not to worry. Because in the apartment, put the trainer on an enclosed balcony. Thought, winter will be cold, however, after a few minutes starts to fog up the window.

Very conveniently located handles with sensors that measure heart rate. I put the tablet include a video and lesson is very fun. By the way, the monitor and the sensor accurately shows only the time, so completely useless. But the simulator I’m still happy. Do it for forty minutes daily, gradually increasing the load with deuce on five. The effect is already visible! Although the weight somehow goes slowly, but my legs have become slimmer, tightened figure, the volumes are much smaller. So leave positive feedback and would recommend this trainer. By the way, I want to say that during class I drink L-carnitine, which provides energy.


I have 50 and I thought that at my age to cardio workouts just crazy. But on the day of the birth of a son gave me an elliptical machine and I had to start training again. The device I liked the fact that it doesn’t give the joints a heavy load. For me it is very good because with joints problem.

During the 4 months of training I lost only five pounds, and the volume is not reduced very much. But increased tone, and I was much younger look. The first time I was hard. After they had tired legs and aching neck. I never did, so it was hard to even stand 20 minute workouts. Diet I do not use and other workouts with the ellipsoid is not aligned. Eat everything, including cakes.

Ksenia Ivanovna

Elliptical trainer I liked the fact that it is possible to train all muscles. However, to date I only used forward and backward walking. Now I want to try to work out on an incline. My training is 3-4 times a week for the past year. In addition, there are another stretching. A strict diet is not observed, but from fast food and alcohol to try to refrain.

Over the year my stomach, waist circumference decreased by 3 cm and weighs 15 kg. a year ago I was fat, and now has become taut and slim. I have increased self-esteem, in life I became more active and more self-confident. Elliptical trainer I really like, so in your opinion to train I recommend to everyone. Me when I was overweight a year ago to practice on it was very easy.


About five years ago came up with the purchase of an elliptical trainer. After reading on different sites reviews I went ahead and bought the device for weight loss. For this reason I want to say that the first time I studied very hard. But because of the special results for the six months of training not noticed, train I becoming lazy and lazy. From the workout I gave up altogether.

In principle, excess weight I have, but something I pull. Nothing happened, so the ellipsoid I sold. Now go to the gym where the elliptical machine I use to warm up. After him are going to be doing strength exercises and do dumbbells and barbells, from which the result really is. Therefore, this simulator is recommend only for those who need to lose weight.


After training for six months on the elliptical trainer, I not only lost weight, but was completely different and my body. The hips and waist decreased by half an inch, and in just six months, I lost 10 kg. was Engaged for 40 minutes a day doing monotonous load. Train was basically simple, but after exercising a little pain on my back. In addition, I adhere to the principle of a healthy diet, drink a lot of water and take dance lessons in the fitness club. Physical activity hip hop does not, but allows you to relax. My body was fit and beautiful, and I had to change clothes. Thanks to my pear shape is now perfect.


Six months ago I weighed 94 kg, but after a workout on the elliptical trainer during this time dropped 7 kg. Significantly improved my physical condition and on the sixth floor with no Elevator I now go up without much difficulty. In my opinion I want to advise everyone to buy the ellipsoids on the magnets. They are certainly more expensive, but to train on them much more interesting. I want to warn that the fats leave immediately. First, strengthening muscles, and only then begins the weight loss.

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Trainer use only the second month, but already the results are visible. During this time I postrhinal, and noticeably thinner my legs. I started with 20 minutes a day, and now I walk for about an hour or more. The simulator is tuned to average load, which I almost do not feel. I eat the same as before. From sweet to refuse, can not. I think that if I was on a diet, lost weight faster.


After an ankle injury I spent two years limping on one leg. Using an elliptical trainer was able to develop the joints of the feet. Now, anaerobic exercises do every day, but nothing disturbs me and does not hurt. Where there has been tendon rupture, now everything is normal.