Energy diet: reviews about the cocktail party, the photo and the result after weight loss energy diet slim

Energy diet is a new technological product, where the composition combines at the same time all of the nutritional elements, as well as a large number of minerals and vitamins. As stated by the manufacturer Energy Diet is the ideal diet, which is designed to help the human body to obtain all the missing substances. Food Energy Diet can help you recover weight and to establish fully the work of the body.

The effect of the cocktail Energy Diet

Products energy diet is a multifunctional diet, crucial a large number of problems.

  • Food addiction. Constant innovations, greater flow of information, fast life of living are forcing people to search for psychological protection. Today the salvation of many people find a variety of addictions, food is the main one. People relieve stress, relax, away from depression, something biting. The food, the main purpose of which is to give people the energy to live a full life, is now a prison for many people.
  • Terrible food. This category manufacturers cocktail Energy Diet carry food with synthetic additives. Coloring additives, activators of taste, preservatives to increase shelf life, making food more attractive to the consumer. But this food is poison for the human body. International cites impressive data: around 85% of all illnesses are the result of unhealthy eating habits.
  • Poor food. People more will change the natural living conditions of flora and fauna. Meat and vegetables that we now consume in food, will not carry the same positive properties as before. Poor food, as determined by the company International, creates a constant shortage of mineral elements in the human body.

With the above issues is meant to address food Energy Diet. The cocktail makers were trying to create the perfect food in which would be all of the required substances for the body. Every product Energy Diet is balanced and complete meal, healthy, and satisfying and your body. The results of the use of cocktail Energy Diet include:

  • no cravings for harmful food;
  • correction of body mass in the required direction (weight loss or weight gain), the current weight;
  • normalization of gastrointestinal function;
  • General therapeutic effects on the body the body: reduce sugar and cholesterol, normalization of pressure, restoration of skin tone and improvement of health;
  • the mode of nutrition for every human being.

The advantages of cocktails Energy Diet

The main advantages of the course energy diet are:

  • Cocktail you can use the course to weight management (weight loss or set), rehabilitation with active exercises or just healing the body. Products energy diet also suitable for permanent power supply.
  • Per serving of the cocktail everything you need to human body the elements that it is required to obtain at one time. Vitamin and supplements, which, of course, the person is required this effect can not create. With energy diet you do not need any other vitamins or minerals.
  • Nutrition is a pretty big range.
  • The manufacturer on its website represents a certificates, the results of numerous test products energy diet, customer testimonials, and also doctors in the field of nutrition.

Composition Energy Diet

In the cocktail energy diet included:

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  • The fats that are in food in the form of soy oil, a source that is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E.
  • The combination of proteins of plant and animal origin, including all the essential acids.
  • The set of enzymes that improve digestion and affect the process of digestion of protein.
  • Fiber, in the form of chicory. Fiber cleans the way the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes the bowels.
  • The balance of carbohydrates, giving energy to brain and muscle cells. Balancing carbohydrates gives you the opportunity to obtain the greatest amount of energy with no deposits in the form of fat particles.
  • A large number of vitamins, including vitamins B, E, A.
  • Minerals, among them in adequate quantities for the body copper, calcium, zinc and iron.

According to the manufacturer, a portion of the energy diet for the amount of quality nutrients can replace 1 kg. of cheese, 2 kg of apples and 3 liters of milk that can be used at a time.

Course Energy Diet

Correction of excess weight

Energy Diet offers weight-loss rate, which is getting all the required nutrients, you can eat not so many carbs and fats. A properly composed course of diet will cause the body to break down fats, and does not accumulate in muscle tissue. Unlike diets, this cocktail will not make the body dull and lethargic, and will retain physical form.

Weight correction takes place in three stages:

  1. The beginning of a push for weight loss. At this stage, practically at every meal you use cocktail Energy Diet. The beginning of the course continues to weeks.
  2. Consolidation — transition, when is the main process of weight loss. Following the requirements, you choose essential for the body calorie intake and gradually relieve you. At this stage it is necessary twice a day to use the products Energy Diet. The duration of the consolidation phase of up to 30 days.
  3. Control — phase commit. Products energy diet you use only for dinner. The duration of the stage will depend on the weight lost in the previous stages: one dropped pounds — 30 days control.

Adjustment set weight

The reasons for the thinness, there are many. For example, an illness, exhaustion during exercise, depression, hormonal disruption. To wrong eating habits are as overeating, and lack caloric content in the diet. You have to understand that for healthy living we require a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins.

Course on muscle mass involves a special system of nutrition when you get additional elements in the process of balanced nutrition:

  • several products Energy Diet over a normal diet;
  • the addition of the drug in milk fat;
  • adding to other meals Energy Diet with nuts or fruit.

Recovery in sports

The course «sport» is designed to restore cells, muscles and body after sport. So that the muscles are fully recovered, you need to eat any portion energy diet a few hours after the workout. For this through increased muscle use shakes Energy Diet and those on days when there are no sessions.

Saving weight

For healthy people developed the course «balance», its task — to give the body the necessary amount of required substances in a certain time. As eating behavior of people is the reason that some substances the body is not enough, and some gets in large quantity.

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Balanced diet Energy Diet will not replace conventional favorite food, but only will the right Supplement. The course «balance» means a meal of:

  • the observance of the water balance is not less than 2 liters a day;
  • the frequent use of food 3 times products energy diet;
  • dinner several hours before bedtime;
  • hearty Breakfast.

Products Energy Diet

In the list of Energy products are Diet shakes with different flavors, omelets, soups, baked goods, cereal, dessert, mashed potatoes, tea Energy Diet. Each product, in addition to tea, is the substance in powder form, which need to be diluted in milk. You must choose milk only 1.4% fat, as manufacturers Energy Diet already calorie counted portions. Milk another fat can create a crash during training.

How to cook meals Energy Diet?

  • For preparing omelet, whisk a portion of the powder with one Cup of warm milk. Blend fry or set in the microwave for 2 min.
  • To make a smoothie, whip the serving of powder with warm milk (1 Cup).
  • For the bread mix 7 servings of powder with 5 parts water. Make the necessary form of the mixture and set in the microwave so that it was located near the container with plain water. After 6 min. the bread can be consumed.
  • For cooking porridge dilute the sachet in warm milk, let stand about 10 min.
  • To make soup, serving of powder and stir with a mug of milk and heat in the microwave.
  • For the mashed potatoes needed a package of mashed potatoes mixed with 140 gr. milk. Shake the composition until smooth, stir, heat in the microwave.
  • Dessert made on this recipe. A portion of the powder mix in milk, whisk. Place the composition in the microwave for a few minutes, then let 30 min. to infuse in the fridge.

Cooking recipes for any dish you can find on the website Energy Diet and pack with nutrition.

Positive and negative feedback about the Energy Diet

The main negative review is, first and foremost, the price, as in other firms it is possible to buy the same product at a lower price. In addition, the negative reviews about the Energy Diet filled various forums. Some people claim that there has been a deterioration in the quality of the product. In addition, often doubt the certificates of the manufacturer.

As they say in the reviews opponents, they are issued by an organization that does not have rights to their results, while they confirm the words of compelling evidence. Some doubt that the product is high quality, and say that the goods from various countries is different. And there are reviews that the products are not in France, as assured, as in China.

How can I replace Energy Diet in terms of money spent? First and foremost you can begin juicing. Its use sure conventional medicine and all the doctors. Today there are many companies that manufacture juice, and all of them are affordable cost and quality.

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In addition, pharmacies sell nutritional supplements, at a fairly low cost. However, we do not consider about dietary Supplements for sale that need network marketing, and sprouted wheat and other products.

And you can only consume healthy food, for cooking where you need a lot of time, but this food will not be an artificial composition of nutrients.

But these alternatives will benefit only people who are very concerned about the health and give him constantly the time. As a rule, our fellow citizens do not have a lot of free time, because it is easier to buy Energy Diet and control diet.

Doctors treat Energy Diet without a problem. Nutritionists suggest multifunctional food patients themselves occasionally consume products Energy Diet. Harm to the body from products energy diet just can’t be, doctors say. Since this is really a unique product without toxic additives.

Products Energy Diet

Skeptics who have no willpower, even with energy diet to lose weight, a lot, what can I say about to lose weight without supplements. I am now on a diet for 20 day, I want another week to pass the course. Dropped to 75.3 95.6. I believe that this is the result. In General, I recommend.

Vika Samara

A good way to lose weight. Especially in adulthood, when a very slow metabolism. Drinking cocktails for a long time. The initial weight 108,4, two weeks minus 8 kg. But most importantly, not starving. Want to achieve a result in the 70 kg. in 3 months should achieve. Many skeptics argue that if you start eating without additives, then immediately gain weight. This how to eat. If a lot is, that after any course of losing weight gain. It’s just a convenient option to lose weight. After drinking a cocktail not really want, there are a few hours. This is where the body gets all useful elements. Would recommend.

Lena Ufa

Super! If done right, the results are stunning. And those who write that the weight comes back, it’s not! Did you return the weight to your overeating. Just not with the recommendations. Even with Energy Diet slim really all quite simple.

Marina Moscow