Energy value of banana and PFC: how much protein, carbohydrates and fats

Despite the fact that Russia and the CIS countries are not regions where they grow bananas, the popularity of this fruit in our area is incredible. Low price, usefulness and availability throughout the year, I made the banana the most popular fruit in the domestic supermarkets.

What is its energy value, how many calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates contained in this product and how useful it is, all that we describe below.

Facts about fruit

Home to the fruit is South-East Asia. Curiously, this product was to be cultivated much earlier than rice or sugar cane.

Many believe that they grow on a special banana tree. But actually it is not wood, but grass, and the bananas, though, and everywhere are called fruits, they are not. They are actually berries.

Remove them in an immature state and then allowed to ripen, then they acquire a distinctive flavor and its healthy properties, which are many.

Useful properties

Banana is a very nutritious fruit. Its caloric value is 96 kcal per 100 grams of product. It has the property of saturation of the organism, it is recommended to use with heavy physical and intellectual loadings. And it’s a great product for sports nutrition. It has sugar, but unlike usual, he is quickly and easily absorbed by the body and gives it energy.

A lot of people love such a delicacy as dried bananas, they need to be very careful as this product can not be called a diet because of its high caloric content. When dry the fruit becomes more calories.

This fruit is very useful for various diseases and prevention and rehabilitation So, it is recommended to use in such cases:

  • in diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • edema, heart emerged on the soil;
  • to prevent hypertension;
  • for the prevention of renal and liver diseases;
  • diabetes.

And regular consumption of this product will have such an impact:

  • improve the mood;
  • get rid of sleep disorders and improve its quality;
  • relieve tension and stress.

In addition to the above, the banana helps to cope with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, makes the process of digestion and metabolism.

However, remember that the useful properties is able have only the ripe fruit, but green digested by the body is not very good.

How to use bananas?

The beneficial properties in this fruit are due to its composition. So, in banana there are:

  • different enzymes;
  • vitamins C, PP, E, V;
  • organic acid;
  • some trace elements.

They are especially rich in potassium, a trace element that is particularly useful for vessels and the heart. Scientists came to the conclusion that one thing can satisfy daily need of our body in magnesium and potassium, and this will be enough to prevent heart attacks.

Most often, the bananas take eating fresh, but it is also used as an ingredient for dishes such as:

  • beer;
  • marmalade;
  • ice cream;
  • wine.

And this is not a complete list of drinks and dishes that can be prepared on a banana based.

The energy value of the fruit

Bananas in our country has long ceased to be exotic products, this is one of the most popular fruits. Many of them make tasty desserts or just served in the form of sweet meats.

And bananas are very like those who sit on a diet, although fruit is one of the most calories. A lot of fruit salads, which many people consider easy, such for the energy value of the fruit are not. For example, yogurt with a banana in terms of calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins will be superior to other meals that are traditionally not considered to be dietary, for example, boiled potatoes. 100 grams of this salad contains about 100-110 calories.

But despite the high energy value of this dish it is quite hearty and after it nothing is not desirable. The glycemic index is at 70, but from the same potato, the figure will be 90. Now let’s find out the nutritional value of banana, how many carbs, proteins and fats.

Bananas: PFC and nutrients

In banana pulp are present:

  • proteins – about 1.5%;
  • fats – 0.5 percent;
  • carbohydrates 20-30 percent.

And it is worth noting that consisted mainly of simple carbohydrates, sucrose in particular, but complex carbohydrates in the fruit is up to 8 percent. The remaining 65 percent of the pulp of the fruit falls in the water.

As we can see, this fruit is a source of fast carbs, furthermore, it has about 350 mg of potassium and 42 mg of magnesium. Through this combination you can use banana as a snack after a heavy physical activity to replenish energy and vitality.

And another 100 grams of product have:

  • provitamin a and vitamin a – 2 percent of the daily value. Beta-carotene is present in 3 times more than in bananas, the red variety;
  • vitamins, particularly B6, which is responsible for muscular work, they also do not allow the development of diabetes and eliminate cholesterol;
  • vitamin C, 11% of daily value;
  • vitamins PP and E;
  • 14 percent of the daily value of manganese, which is needed to strengthen immunity and improve mood;
  • tryptophan is an amino acid that is needed for the synthesis of serotonin (the so-called hormone of happiness).

Banana is especially good for women during PMS, tryptophan suppresses depression and bad mood, improves the General condition of the fair sex in such difficult days for them.

Harmful banana?

Is this fruit has not only useful properties, it can be harmful. So, the banana is not recommended for use in obesity and increased blood clotting, as it should limit the elderly.

Can I lose weight on bananas?

Banana is the product which is important not the number of calories as more nutritional benefits. To get myself in order and get the desired figure diet you need to follow on a regular basis. If you will periodically «sit» on the strict mono-and drop pounds fast, then throw them, you very soon again return to their previous best form.

Naturally, to keep to a diet permanently is extremely difficult and the risks of relapse is always there. It is therefore recommended that before each meal at least 20 minutes to eat a couple of bananas. Their nutritional value and caloric content twice will reduce your appetite later, and you will not eat as much as it initially wanted.

Go on a healthy diet is not so difficult. Just every time you want to eat chocolate or cake, eat a banana. And meals for Breakfast or lunch are to remain as before.

The largest number of calories is always present in the fat. If you combine the calories banana with the value of fatty foods, even in small quantities, to lose weight you are unlikely. You can drink special means, which do not allow to assimilate the fats and eliminate them naturally. Bananas in this case adjust the amount of food eaten.

Almost everyone loves this fruit, and this can be explained, because bananas are very tasty, nutritious and have virtually no contraindications. However, even they need to comply with the measure, then you will surely be able to always be in shape.

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