Exercise thighs and buttocks at home: basic rules and exercises for muscle growth

Every girl wants to have a slim and beautiful figure, and there is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that many people pay attention to his buttocks, trying to keep this part of the body in the form of training. The muscles in this area does not actually participate in everyday life and only indirectly touched upon during the walk or squats, therefore, only special exercises can help tighten the buttocks.

That is why you have to study a lot of information and watch videos for the selection of effective exercises that will really affect the muscles of the buttocks and increase their size.

How to pump up buttocks girls?

Tighten the buttocks can be quite fast if you follow all the necessary recommendations. Rules are very simple.

  1. It is necessary to discard all thoughts of laziness and on the transfer of training.
  2. Only the intensity and constant training can help to see results within a month.

Otherwise, no result of minimal intensity, lose motivation, and girls no longer do.

Another rule that you should pay attention is power and choice, where it will undergo the training. In terms of food selection, girls should be guided by the intended purpose. For example, if I want to remove the subcutaneous fat of the thigh area or buttock, so the diet should include foods low in calories and with a minimal amount of fat. In cases when you want to increase your muscle mass need to eat foods with plenty of protein. This component is required for the formation of muscle tissue.

When selecting a location for training, you need to consider not only the monetary costs but also time. To visit the gym is not always possible, but at home you can always do. It should be noted that home results are achieved even faster than in the gym, because in a relaxed atmosphere people focus only on themselves and technique exercises. In addition, in order to tighten the buttocks, do not need special equipment, so a gym would be a waste of time and money.

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Features genetics

Before you start training, many girls are reviewing a lot of video lessons where beautiful fitness models offer the course while showing your thighs and buttocks as a result of the exercise. It’s a good publicity stunt, but in fact the result can be quite different.

The buttocks and hips are the body parts where shapes depend not only on muscle mass, but fat. It is usually well otsloivshiesya subcutaneous fat is the cause of beautiful forms, not constant training. Butt exercises are needed more often in order to remove excess fat and tighten up, but overall make this part of the body as the models don’t work, because everyone has their own genetics.

In some cases there is altogether an unexpected result. Here we are talking about cellulite, which can appear in constant training. It appears at sharp jumps in weight. Therefore, be sure to follow the how to build leg during sport and in the case of the deterioration of appearance to select other exercise or stop exercising.

A set of exercises for buttocks

For those who have genetics everything is fine, fit a set of exercises, which allows for a short period of time, tighten the buttocks and remove excess subcutaneous fat. It should be noted that the entire training is designed for any set of buttocks and affects all the muscles, so these lessons will be useful to all the girls.

Five exercises for beautiful buttocks shape

In training to improve the shape of the buttocks includes the minimum amount of exercise, but they are really effective. In exercises, the main thing is not quantity, but quality. In total, the training consists of five techniques that will make the buttocks firmer, toned, and at home without any equipment.

  1. The first exercise is lunges with a knee lift. Original position is a direct front with straight back and legs apart at shoulder width. In this position, in the sky, foot on the 90 degree angle from the floor. There is nothing difficult, as it is simple attacks, but the load on the glutes and hamstrings is required when you return to the starting point to raise the knee of the outstretched leg. Exercise is quite complicated for beginners but very effective. Enough only 10-20 times, to feel a pleasant tiredness in the buttocks.
  2. The second exercise is squats with stroke. This technique is a little different from standard squats because here need only fall a little. The key point is reached in the moment when your knees are aligned with toes. From this point, we need to return to the starting position and do the swing foot back. Then again, repeated squat, but during the Mach leg is changing. A similar technique increases the blood circulation in the buttocks, which contributes to the rapid burning of body fat. The main thing is to concentrate the load on the buttocks, thighs and not to forget that squats in full can not be done, as in this case, the load goes to his feet.
  3. The third technique is similar to the previous, only in this case, after the squats to step aside. In fact, a combination of side steps and squats. A similar exercise can often be found in the programs from celebrity trainers. The reception is really powerful and differs from all the other high load on the muscles of the thigh.
  4. Lunges with squats can only be performed by girls who have at least average training otherwise you can easily get injured. In squats is no big deal, but when it comes to lunge back or forward, there is a big load on the muscles. To avoid such situations you need a good warm-up in the form of running or jumping rope.
  5. The fifth exercise is a scissors with the weights. Here you will need water bottles, which are mounted on legs. Starting position lying on the floor sideways. The legs should be cut off from the earth. They made movements like walking, but weights is the load on the muscles of the thigh. Exercise 10-20 times in three approaches.
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To support the buttocks or toned to remove the excess fat, not necessarily go to the gym. Regular exercises at home can give the desired effect in just one month, and you can save a lot of money and time. The main thing is to get on a schedule, exercise program, and intensity of the exercises and then the result will not keep itself waiting long.