Exercises at home: development of the respiratory system and a workout for all muscle groups

Beautiful body, well-built figure of a man, this is exactly what always and everywhere attracted to women. Muscles were attractive, even in those times when the main man’s job was in food production and the protection of your home. Incidentally, the male sex today needs to be able to defend yourself, your home and family, but a sedentary lifestyle, lots of different Goodies turn beautiful torso, «beer» bellies.

If a man have a beautiful and shapely body, then maybe it’s not his fault. Now work and domestic responsibilities take too much time. In gyms that you want to visit regularly just don’t have time, but you can always find a solution.

Home workouts for the major muscle groups

Constant home training can give the body muscle definition and strength. The main thing is to keep a schedule, use only the effective exercises to increase the intensity and to follow the General training principles.

Absolutely all the exercises for men can be divided into three groups.

These include:

  • exercises for the respiratory system;
  • training, aimed at developing various muscle groups;
  • techniques to maintain the reproductive organs of the male body.

The first two groups differ in complex of physical exercises. The third group includes techniques for maintaining spiritual and psychological state.

Before you start training you should remember some rules that can help to achieve the desired result in a short time.

  1. The first thing you need to stop to drink alcohol and smoke. A healthy lifestyle is the key to the success of all training and tone.
  2. Proper nutrition during training can help the body to get all the basic components you need for building muscle tissue. Important components include proteins and carbohydrates. When building your diet, keep in mind that proteins in the food as much as possible, and less fat.
  3. Training can take place at any time of the day, but you need to save time rhythm for all classes. That is, if the person chose the evening time to exercise, then all subsequent classes must pass this part of the day. The body adapts to this rhythm, causing workout in the future will become commonplace.
  4. Before you start training, it is desirable to take a cool shower to maintain tone.
  5. Classes can be started only after three hours after a meal.

Exercises for the respiratory system

Workout without exercise for the respiratory system will be very difficult and can even cause unpleasant diseases. Due to the fact that the majority of people living in an urban environment, has a hidden disease of the respiratory system, which in sports can develop.

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Therefore, exercises aimed at building muscle must capture still developing respiratory system. Proper technique of breathing, oxygenates the blood, which will allow you to feel much better.

The best way for the development of the respiratory system is running, and you need to do it on the street. Treadmill for the development of the respiratory system is not suitable, because the main thing is fresh air.

Incidentally, the best time for Jogging is morning or evening, when the reduced levels of toxic gases. Plus — this is a good way to cheer up after a NAP or in the evening to exhaust your body to sleep soundly.

Another option of exercise for the development of the respiratory system is Cycling. In our time, to use the bike for commuting to work, school or just on business, very popular in European countries. It not only saving time and money, but also stimulation of the respiratory system and the whole organism.

Warm up before exercise

For fruitful training and the end result is influenced by several factors. First of all it concerns proper nutrition, but workout is an important component. Warm-up helps prepare the muscles before exercise. Without warm up exercises there is a big risk to get injured or not perform whole program because of a lack of tone.

Most often, a qualified trainer is recommended to use a joint workout that helps to prepare joints and muscles to stress. This small exercise helps to increase circulation, stretch the muscles, preventing injury during intensive sports.

In articular gymnastics is not complicated. First you need to stand in a straight stance with legs apart at shoulder width. Then made a circular motion almost all parts of the body, for the development of the joints. To begin with the head, gradually descending to the lower parts of the body.

Special attention should be paid to the back, hands and feet, because these areas of the body most susceptible to injury during exercise. When exposed to the joint of the knee, a little sit down to make it easier to make circular movements.

In gyms additionally recommended to use roller massager, which can stimulate important points on the human body.

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In the Chinese technique of joint exercises, there is one interesting item, namely a warm-up such parts of the head, as the ear lobe, the nose and the top of the head. Mainly the stimulation of these points is performed to improve the tone. In the head the blood rushes and man starts to feel more cheerful.

After gymnastics warm-up of joints is over, you can begin to tilt, the flapping of the arms and legs, lunges or squats. Such basic techniques needed to increase circulation in the human body.

In some cases it helps with struggle against fat. Though men and suffer less subcutaneous fat than women, it is still a way to lose weight will not be superfluous.

For example, bending sideways can help to get rid of the excess fat on the abdominal side and press. When you workout better not to overdo it, for there must be forces on the main part of the training.

Training for growth of the chest muscles and the press

In the formation of a beautiful figure, the man needs to focus on all muscle groups, but the chest part and the press occupy the first place among them.

From the exercises at home, which are directed to the formation of the chest muscles and press, suitable pushups or lifting of the torso in the supine position on the floor.

These techniques are basic, but few people know that even push-UPS you can perform in different ways, thereby developing a different part of the chest.


Building chest muscles with push-UPS is the best solution for home workouts. Pushups do not require any special tools, and even appliances by and large, may not be followed.

The main thing to do is to follow the number of sets and keep trying to the body during the sessions was parallel to the floor. To start this exercise you need with a small amount of push-UPS, gradually increasing the intensity, speed, quantity, or number of approaches.

Speaking of which, the thoracic cage consists of the whole complex of muscles, each of which can strain using different width setting of the hands during pushups.

At some point one reaches its maximum. The muscles simply stop growing, even if you increase the number of sets to 10-15. To build the chest muscles, it is best to reduce the approaches and intensity, but use additional weight, which is mounted on the back.

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Exercises for the abs

Abdominal exercises can be accomplished in two ways. In the first case, you need to lie on the floor and put your feet under a sofa or Cabinet. Then his hands behind his head, you need to force the abdominal muscles to raise your torso.

The second option involves raising the legs in the supine position. In fact, this exercise requires no special equipment or maintenance equipment. It is important to focus their attention on the press that at the time of training not to strain the legs, because the purpose it to pump up the abdominal muscles.

The exercises can be performed without a coach at home. To complicate the exercise, you can put a dumbbell or other weights on the chest, and hold their hands.

To pump the muscles of his body is quite simple, if you follow a proper diet, be used the necessary set of exercises and follow the workout schedules. Even at home there is a chance for a short period of time to see obvious results in a bump body.

A properly selected set of exercises can help to train all muscle groups and not only increase their volume but to develop strength and endurance. In addition, sport is first and foremost thing that contributes to better health.