Exercises for breathing by Strelnikova: principles, techniques, exercise program

Conducted several decades ago, studies were able to prove that the saturation of the body with oxygen, brings him a big favor. This is evident not only in losing weight but also helps to cure certain diseases.

This feature is not spared, many authors breathing exercises that have made her one of the main principles of his system of healing. And among them there is not only Western, for example, bodyflex and domestic, more commonly known as breathing exercises of Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova.

Principles Strelnikova gymnastics

A set of exercises breathing exercises Strelnikova different from other special technique of breathing, which is based on the following rule — vigorous inhalation and passive exhalation. Air enters the body through the nose, and it’s fast and noisy and reminds shmygina nose during a cold. At the exit, he goes through a half-open mouth, and the body makes no effort to exhale. Also the method is characterized in that all movements are synchronized with breaths. As a result, the strengthening of the muscles takes place rapidly.

  • the effectiveness of breathing exercises ensures compliance with the same speed throughout the classes, for which all actions are performed under the account;
  • every breath he calls the approaches, and the number of breaths in one approach must be a multiple of four within the range from 4 to 32;
  • between each of the approaches kept a small pause of 3-5 seconds.

For each exercise must be respected rate number of breaths movements, which the author gave the name «Strelnikova hundred». Their number is 96. However, in each case, it is achieved in different ways, the choice of which is subject to preparation. Increasing the level of training and increases the number of inspirations-movements within the same approach. This, in turn, allows to reduce the number of approaches.

Basic exercises

A set of exercises breathing exercises Strelnikova includes more than a dozen different exercises. Defining them are the following:

  • hands;
  • «epaulettes»;
  • the «pump».

A set of exercises for advanced level

Familiarity with the basic exercises occurs at the first stage of training. If the person does not want to go to a new level of learning, it can continue to perform. In this case, they will benefit from tangible. If working want to go to a new level, has been studied exercises are added:

  • «cat»;
  • «embrace your shoulders»;
  • «big pendulum»;
  • «small pendulum»;
  • «ears»;
  • «turns heads»;
  • «rifts»;
  • the «steps».

I would like to note that not everyone will be immediately clear breathing exercises Strelnikova. Video basic lessons simplifies this challenge and accelerates the development of this technique.

The basic exercises of the breath, Strelnikova

The time has come to consider in more detail all the breathing exercises on Strelnikova, which are as effective.

Her hands

It is performed within the warm-up. First, you need to adopt a standing posture: the elbows should be bent, hands stretched in front of him, as if showing them to the audience. While arm exercises need to keep along the body. In the moment of a breath we should immediately clamp his hands into fists, and when you exhale they relax. Here all actions are performed with your fingers and hands remain stationary.

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For this exercise, breath in Strelnikova also necessary to adopt a standing posture: the palm of your hand need to log into fists and fixed to the body in the region of the belt. When will be the breath, hands suddenly drop down and spread your fingers. It is important to ensure that the shoulders remained in tension, and his hands formed a straight line. At the moment of exhale, you need to take an initial position.


First, you need to take a direct position of the body, arms should be parallel to the body. Then make the bends to the floor below when lowering the head back acquired a slightly rounded shape. When approaching the floor to make a quick energetic breaths. At the time of the exhale raise the body back, not straightened with this to the end. During the breathing exercises Strelnikova perpetrated on the slopes should have an angle less than 90 degrees.


First you need to take the standing position, the legs are fitted so that the feet were shoulder width apart. The hands bent in elbows and pressed to the body on the sides of the brush point downward and be located at chest level. When taking a breath, doing a small squat, simultaneously rotate your body. At this point you need to immediately make a grasping motion with his hands.

This exercise is for breathing is performed with a constant change of directions in turns, breaths should be involuntary at the time when the body will return to its original position. The correct execution of sit-UPS will create the effect of «springy» knees, with the need to ensure that the back all the time was direct.

Hug the shoulders

For this exercise, to breath taking standing position, arms should be bent at the elbows and placed a little above your chest so that your forearms were parallel to the floor. At the time of inhalation are performed grasping actions with the right hand directed towards the left shoulder. With proper exercise at the moment of crossing the line hand should get a triangle. Given that all the time in between hands will be parallel, one of them will always be higher than the other.

This point should be given special attention as to align his hands. The exhalation should be done in the reverse movement, however, should not be allowed to hand back to the starting position. The combination of forearm and shoulder should form a shape resembling a square. After reading all the nuances of this exercise for breathing, subsequently it can be harder, throwing your head when you inhale.

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Big pendulum

This exercise breathing exercises incorporates the basic steps of the exercise «pump» and «embrace your shoulders». At the moment of exhale, you need to make a slope to the floor, the next time you inhale a person must embrace yourself for the shoulders and at the same time, tilt your head back and bend at the waist. To exhale is allocated between sighs and movements.

Head turns

Taking direct body position, begin to rotate the head first in one, then the other side, and at every turn it is necessary to produce noisy breathing. Air should enter the lungs between the inhales, but this should not lead to slower pace. The neck muscles should be relaxed, because the corners remain involved only the shoulders. When the correct performing exercises breathing exercises the body will still.


For this exercise you need to take the standing or sitting. Underlying the action are the head tilts to one side, in appearance they resemble the desire of the ear to touch the shoulder. However, ensure that movement was not too sharp. At the time of tilt need to make a sharp intake of breath, followed by exhalation free. If everything is done correctly, the shoulders won’t reach to the head, will be involved only muscles of the neck.

Small pendulum

This exercise resembles the previous one except for one thing: the head should not tilt to the sides and front to back. In the moment of the first breath you need to tilt the head to the chest, and the second to tilt back. The basis of the exercise lies committing sharp breaths combined with passive exhalation, between which there should be no large pauses. All actions need to be made very quickly and at the same time pretty smoothly.


Unlike the above exercises breathing exercises here, the original position will be different: the body must be located so that the right foot was a step ahead, as a result, the body weight is evenly distributed. This exercise is based on the actions of the body, leading to the transfer of weight from one foot to the other that will resemble a sort of rolling the torso back and forth.

With each following breath, you need the supporting leg slightly to reject back, as if she crouches, and at this time you need to slightly raise the tip. To exhale is allocated a period during rifts. This exercise should be done gradually, legs must stay «springy».

Special recommendations for the location of the hand is not: allowed to keep them slightly bent at waist level. There are also alternative options for this exercise: taking initial position, it is necessary to put forward the left leg, then the right will remain behind. For greater efficiency it is recommended to use both.

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Actions envisaged in the framework of this exercise, respiratory gymnastics, more like walking in place. The steps are made forward and backward.

For the front steps: when taking a breath pre-bent at the knee raise the right leg to the stomach and however need to lower the body on the left leg. At the moment of exhale, you need to take the original position, everything is done at the same pace. After this exercise again, but with a change of feet. Then your left foot need to pull upward, and the right will be used as support. The owner here has received little attention: they are kept relaxed, they can depict movement, as in normal walking. Back during exercises should keep a straight line.

For the rear step is completely similar to the front. However, there is one feature: during operation the active leg it should be bent at the knee and take you back. In other words, from the outside it will seem as if you want the heel to touch the buttocks. Within this breathing exercises you must perform both exercises.


Breathing exercises Strelnikova is a pretty effective system of healing which is based on the effect created by oxygen saturation. This fact has been known a long time, so it subsequently started to use when creating many health of exercises.

However, breathing exercises Strelnikova is unique, so it is still relevant today. Under this system of healing there are several dozen exercises in which the emphasis is on correct performance of breaths. And they are complemented by the actions committed by hands, feet and other body parts. This combination is performed synchronous movements improves health.